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Rock and metal have always had the spirit of pursuing one’s dreams, regardless of adversity, perhaps even as a result of them. A message of hope and refusal to succumb to unfavorable circumstances can be found in the text of many metal songs, not to mention music-related products dedicated to metal, such as funny. “D is stubborn in choosing one’s destiny” black jack. However, such an attitude has never been true, and at the same time very touching, as in the case of rocks “The Anvil: The Story of the Anvil” And, in fact, the entire history of the Canadian band.

If someone does not know this wonderful document (and it is worth watching even if you are completely not interested in any metal), let’s recap: the 1984 anvil is standing on the threshold of world fame. They start playing alongside the biggest bands in the rock world, wiping their ribs from the biggest music arenas. But something is not Bengali. But something is missing.

And go ahead – we’re moving twenty years into the future. vocalist Steve “Libs” Kudlow (not only “Vary”, but also “Kudlov”) is a driver in a company that deals with catering to children and a drummer Rob Reiner Work on the construction site. They struggle with financial problems and homelessness, all the time asking a mischievous fate why they were condemned to such a life of misfortune instead of saving coke-filled coke and coke coffers. But in the end, they face an opportunity: a European tour. Of course, Anvil wouldn’t have been Anvil if everything on this tour had gone so far as to be optimistic. I won’t reveal the plot further, I can just add that in 2008 this documentary won the Audience Award at Sundance – and that’s just not my opinion – if you don’t shed a tear while watching it, you are simply heartless, soulless that are Skeleton Peoples.

However, the fact that Anvil never became the biggest heavy/speed/thrash squad in the world wasn’t just due to the conspiracy of evil and dark forces or simply lack of luck. With all my sympathy for these guys in all honesty, sincerity, and goodwill, Anvil wasn’t a particularly good team. Maybe their album is from 1982 “metal upon metal” It was very successful, but it was relatively far from the largest. And recordings from the second half of that decade, as well as later, only confirmed that the band simply lacked “that thing.” Add to this the constantly low budgets for later recordings and the unfavorable atmosphere, since the beginning of the 1990s, for such music…

Except Getting to the Shore: The New Album – Nineteenth – The Anvil, Impact imminentIt’s quite the classic anvil. Even classic metal on metal. In places a bit of psychedelic garage rocks, like this “Pack of tea” (I recommend reviewing what “tabag” and “teabagging” mean colloquially.) “Effect is Imminent” is a feast of simple, straightforward metal songs, which actually make up a perfect metal playlist, that you’ll get into painlessly, even if we’re not used to wearing a katana with a Wodos screen (if you don’t know, let it google).

With fireworks like exaggeration “someone who hates” and manowarowka “Take a lesson” The man even wonders for a moment why these men don’t stand the way they are today wild running or thigh, though – let’s be honest – these do not stand on a particularly worthy base today. However, at first, when the pattern number comes Shadow of the Ghost Everything becomes clear.

The numbers are too common, the sound isn’t particularly original, and “Caution” – although on this album in blasphemy form – is not the lead singer of dreams. You just feel this “lack of this thing” all over. With all my sympathy, the road to Mineral Parnassus has never passed through a cut like this Another gun fight or neutral “rain of fire” Which it is likely that those with more titles in the genre, ironically because of Anvil’s lead, wouldn’t have taken the playlist even if they were filler.

Certainly, this is music that can only be taken with a grain of salt. The problem is that even keeping all the lineage, even if we all listen ironically to it, Anvil is simply not a good band. And it wasn’t. They are wonderful people, ethical scientists with total credibility and enthusiasm on the street, and it is impossible to deny them. And the fact that there’s a group is kind of an unsuccessful live version Spinal tapof course very nice, but unfortunately that does not mean quality.

Looking around for information about this album, I read it in 1981, after I left Eddie Clark From Motörhead, Lemmy offered Kudlow a job to be a navigator for his band. Kudlow refused because he wanted to gain fame with his own money and his writings. Something like that you can’t help but respect, right?

The “imminent impact” anvil, Sophie


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