Helper is the Star Wars we need? Sith martial arts and series inspiration

the assistant It is the first Star Wars project to be completely disconnected from the Star Wars saga and the time period in which it occurs. The story takes place in the era of the Great Republic, a period that is an expanded multimedia project of Lucasfilm. We have stories set in this period told in comics and books. the assistant It will be the first production from the Grand Republic. The events of the series take place 100 years before the events of phantom danger.

Assistant – what does the title mean?

The word “helper” or “helper” (because we have a heroine in the middle of the chain) in the universe means that a person learns the dark side of the force. Just as the Jedi had Padawans, the Sith had helpers. Leslie Hedland, showrunner and creator of the series, doesn’t say if the title refers to him literally, but does make it clear that a certain starting point for it is Mace Windu’s words from the prequels that the Sith couldn’t reappear without knowing the Jedi, for which Yoda told him it’s hard to see the side Darkness to force. Hence, Hedland began to ask herself: What was it like, and who exercises the dark side of the force? How could this develop into a situation in Phantom danger? Thus, it seems to confirm it the assistant It is a story about the Sith.

“How could we get to the point where the Dark Sith Master crept into the Senate and none of the Jedi could sense it?” What happened? What scenarios led to this event? This is how I describe the excitement of my series to my friends, especially those who aren’t in Star Wars.

He asserts that the world looks different 100 years before the events of the first part.

“Once upon a time” becomes something more futuristic. In creating this world, we convey the concept of George himself. The more you look back, the more interesting, elegant and interesting everything seems.

There is a comparison with the times of the Roman Empire, which was technologically and culturally advanced. It was a bright period, after which things went well and the dark ages began. The Great Republic, as indicated by the Creator herself, is a golden age of the galaxy.

Sith worship from Knights of the Old Republic / Photo: Press Materials

Assistant – Inspiration

She realizes that George Lucas was inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Western and Samurai films during the creation of Star Wars. However, her inspiration is a little different. He admits that he was inspired by martial arts cinema, also a subgenre called Wuxia. Little Brothers Shu or Kinga Ho classics – drink with me if a touch of zain.

In these films, warriors had missions that were very personal. She was remembering those people who believed they had suffered injustice and wanted to fix it.

Leslie Headland is also a giant Star Wars fan who has read all the books and comics from the ancient canon called the Expanded Universe (now Mythology), which she will prove in her show. It is also inspired by books, games and comics which are very important to the fans. Here’s what Lucasfilm’s header says about her:

– She’s a giant Star Wars fan. Leslie knows everything. Read a million books from the European Union. It’s based on things that haven’t been touched on the screen yet.

Hedland herself admits that, like many fans, she started with … fan stories, that is, fan stories set in the Star Wars universe.

My first experience with writing was making fan stories. At that time, the book inspired me heir to the empire Timothy Zane. The RPG sessions I played with my friends inspired me. After them, I would go back and write, answering the question, “What if my character was a different story? What would you do next?”

Hedland admits that it was all her idea. During the first conversation with Kathleen Kennedy and the Lucasfilm crew, I asked them to set up the story in a new period that had not yet been shown on screen. Interestingly, it was only during the conversation that presented viewer insights that Hedland learned that Lucasfilm had a multimedia plan to deliver a storyline with the Grand Republic.

Photo courtesy of Egmont

Helper – Villains Heroes

As confirmed by history the assistant It is said from the perspective of the scoundrels.

If you want to tell the story of Star Wars from the perspective of the bad guys, the best time to do so is when their enemies are outnumbered. They are the losers here. That is why I chose this age.

He admits that he has a lot of freedom because he doesn’t have to deal with characters related to the Skywalkers. You find it intimidating to create something related to the original trilogy.

There isn’t enough money to convince me to do something in Luke Skywalker’s time. My answer is “No thanks”. It is very severe. There are a lot of icons and a lot of emotion associated with these characters.

The Acolyte – The series premiere date has yet to be decided. The project was created for Disney +.

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