Hajeda Panda / Гайда Банда. Under the musical banner of the border region – two

Hajda Banda / Гайда Банда is a Polish-Belarusian band performing traditional dance and vocal repertoire from Podlasie and Western Belarus. Polka, operex, kojawix, and waki from both sides of the Białowiea forest are made with youthful energy and artistry drawn from old country music masters, such as Edmund Proschek, Wiktor Wokoike, Stanisław Rosa, and Wira Grigorok. The group was founded in 2021 on the initiative of violinist Daria Putskaya as an artistic continuation of the “Gaude Polonia” grant of the National Cultural Center. The team collaborates, among other things, with the folklore studio of Belarusian Podlasie “Simeroa” from Stuvidzod and the Belarusian Youth Association in Warsaw.

What is new in the interpretation of the Banda dialect of traditional music? Daria Putskaya revealed her dream of creating the “Big Podlasian Ensemble”. In this area, the orchestras did not consist of 6 people, so the group of musical instruments is unique in Hajda Banda – two fiddles, harmonious cymbals, bass and hoop drums are played. Kasia Dudziak adds:

– what’s new? we! We are new to this music. It seems to me that this border region is forgotten and that only Daria’s research has revealed the richness and diversity of this music! Thanks to them, we have material for at least three albums … Moreover, whenever traditional music is taken up by contemporary people who did not grow up on it, they put it through themselves and through their sensibilities. And we? We are still young enough to allow the whirlpool of fun we want to engage in this music.

Mateusz Dobroolsky draws attention to the Belarusian thread in the team. As it turned out, people who hitherto dealt with different musical traditions were associated with Polish-Belarusian border music, which until now was practically unknown to them.

– The more we sit in it, the more important this thread becomes. Anyway, the barrier to entry into Belarusian culture is great for people from elsewhere in Poland. There are many things that are much more difficult to explore than people who seek, for example, in Kurpie music. Rather, it is a different language. Tomorrow we will go to Bielsk Podlasky. We will perform at the 29th Belarusian Song Festival. We applied for a competition of local bands that perform local traditional music. I am more waiting for what will happen there than what will happen here. I have participated in the new tradition more than once, I can imagine what this audience will expect, and how they will react. There will be traditional teams from all over the region … For me, this is innovative: we, people from outside Podlasie, from outside the Belarusian minority, are entering this culture (the team returned from the review with 2nd prize! – Editor’s note).


Daria Putskaya: Content should follow the music

It should be noted that last year, Daria Putskaya was awarded the “Golden Gel” – the laureate for the best instrumentalist of the New Tradition, while Katarzyna Dudziak, along with the band Rube Świnie, won the second prize in the “New Tradition” music competition. Popular 2021! How do members of Hajida Banda view this year’s edition? Is there anything in particular that caught their attention?

There is certainly a big difference when it comes to the restrictions on the spread of the coronavirus. I’m glad the new traditional is back and we can meet the crowd! – says Kasia Dudziak. This was maintained by Daria Putskaya, satisfied with the fact that she interacts with the audience live. Personally, the artist is getting closer and closer to traditional playing (she is moving away from the jazz forms that take place, for example, in Krzikopa, with which she appeared at our festival three years ago).

– I’m glad Nowa Tradycja invites you to dance bands like ours – adds Pawe Iwan, cymbalist. – We feel better at dances. Because even though we rank this music, it’s 90% traditional. I’m glad that doesn’t change. As Kasia said, you don’t have to change much in this music. She’s beautiful!

– What has changed for me is that there is a war. I have a feeling that’s why what we’re doing is so important and it’s good that this year New Tradition is focusing on what’s going on musically on the East Wall, because reality calls that – adds Mateusz Dobroolsky, drummer for the band – it’s necessary to showcase the achievements of Belarusian and Ukrainian culture. These are the winds of history.

to express:

Daria Putskaya – violin and vocals

Kasia Dudziak – bass, vocals

Nika Gorchuk – Violin & Vocals

Mateusz Dobroolsky – drum hoop

Pawe Iwan – Cymbals, Singing

Kuba Zimończyk – Three Row Harmony

Roman Wojciechowski 663.jpg


Roman Wojciechowski with the Sources Music Award 2020!

As the Radio Popular Culture Center, we try to support initiatives that allow traditional music to emerge in a broader context. Today, we encourage our listeners to support the fundraiser for the release of a popular album Roman Wojciechowski Band. The company is scheduled to release the album root music (Special Award from Audio Source 2020). More information can be found on Music Rooted’s social media.


Program title: Sources

Conducted by: Magdalena Tegshma

Announcer: Alexandra Friesca

Release date: May 19, 2022

Release time: 15.15

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