Ellen DeGeneres supports Mila Kunis. She donated 30,000. Dollars to help Ukraine

Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher In early March, they organized a fundraiser for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war. The star couple contributed $3 million for this purpose and encouraged recipients to donate. The Czerwniowce-born actress and her husband set an ambitious goal – they intended to raise $30 million. It turned out that the generosity of the donors exceeded their expectations – even as many as 36.6 million were raised. “We are incredibly grateful for your support. And while it’s not a solution to the problem, I know our combined efforts will help many people in an uncertain future,” she recently thanked Kunis fans on Instagram.

As it turns out, she had her share of amassing this impressive sum Ellen DeGeneres. On an episode of her show that aired on Tuesday, she handed Millie Kunis a check for $30,000. dollar. “I admire what you’re doing,” DeGeneres said. “I think you’re an amazing person. What’s happening in Ukraine right now breaks my heart.”

Kunis did not spare the host with warm words, as she hosted the author’s talk show several times. “You have always been very nice to me. Not many people realize how uncomfortable it is to visit these types of programs. You are probably the first person who comes to him and can talk to him normally. Participation in this program has always been a sincere pleasure.” Thank you ‘ said the actress.

The popular talk show will end after 19 years on the air. DeGeneres shared this information in April. “Today we recorded the last episode, which will air on May 26. When we started in 2003, there were no iPhones. Social media wasn’t there. Same-sex marriage was illegal. We watched the world change — sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Under these circumstances, my goal has always been to get together and laugh for an hour, forgetting about problems and drama. Being invited to your homes has been the greatest privilege of my life,” the Twitter presenter wrote at the appointment. Jennifer Aniston, Billie Eilish, and Pink will be guest stars on the final episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The program once loved by millions of Americans will end in the shadow of a scandal. In July 2020, information about the “toxic working environment” appeared on the website of the popular talk show group, which led to a serious image crisis for DeGeneres. Former employees also accused her of harassment and intimidation, as a result of which the production company WarnerMedia decided to open an internal investigation. He later reprimanded the host in a statement sent to his colleagues assuring them that “necessary steps will be taken to resolve these issues immediately.” While the enthusiasm over the accusations against DeGeneres has subsided somewhat, cracks in the image of the former America’s favorite remain.

Meanwhile, someone from the announcer’s inner circle revealed in an interview with “The Sun” that shortly after the last episode of her original show aired, DeGeneres will be going on vacation with his wife, Portia de Rosii, and a few close friends. for Africa. The destination is Rwanda, where the star recently opened a special facility for gorillas that helps protect animals from poachers. “Immediately after the end of the program, they will go to Rwanda. Eileen needs to take a break from television and think about the next step in his career” – revealed a friend of the star.

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