Dorota Masovska responds to critics of her new song “Butterflies”: I’m baking sausages during this fire.

Dorota Masovska, singing the song “Butterflies”, caused a wave of criticism among rap listeners. The writer noted the negative comments in the post on Facebook: “I will not argue with this fire, especially since it is this kind of total crazy fire that burns firefighters and fire hoses, as well as the water that extinguishes it” – she wrote.

– I took a bathing suit, sandwiches, slippers, and net on butterflies / Even though I had a lot in my stomach / That Hitchcock could picture butterflies / Thrills on that basis” – rap Dorota Masłowska on new song titled “Motyle.” The single featured under The SBM A banner was produced by rapper Solara and directed by Alexandra Terbisca.

Once again, the author of books such as “The Polish-Russian War under the White and Red Flag” or “Other People” tried her hand at music. In 2014, under the pseudonym Mister D, she released the album “Unpleasant Society”. She has now recorded the new song under the pseudonym Dorota and was presented by SMB Label – a hip-hop label that collaborates with rappers such as Mata, Beyas, Adi Novak and Baduz.

In less than a day, Dorota’s YouTube video was commented on nearly five thousand times. The controversy was sparked, among other things, by the script, performance, and choreography. “I don’t know what happened behind the scenes that such a thing happened under the wing of one of the best brands” – wrote one Internet user. “How do I listen to this? songs I already know why youtube paws has stopped. Well done ”- another commented. However, there were also positive opinions:“ People are chasing after it because they thought there would be another mata or something. And the assumptions that it is an alternative do not understand. That number is good, something else.” [pisownia oryginalna]

Masłowska: This fire is my birthday candle

In the Facebook post, Dorota Masłowska noted the critical opinions of listeners: “I will not engage in an argument with this fire, especially since it is this kind of total crazy fire that burns firefighters and hoses, as well as the water that extinguishes it. I bake sausages (vegetarian), because I celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Polish-Russian War This fire is my birthday candle I watch it light up I think 20 years ago I heard the same word for word (maybe spell it a little better) It’s sex, luxury, petty, what kind of play, there’s a lot of Talented people who can handle it and it’s very ugly. Then it got mixed up on the older audience, 20 years later the same set of chess pieces coming out of young people’s heads.” – I wrote.

The artist stated what she was criticized for: “Unwarranted, unfair promotion, superstitious belief in the power of oral intercourse as its accelerator, sexual basis for promotion, but also complicating it a bit, disgusting unattractiveness of the promoters, old. Fat. I vomited.”

“It’s like microplastics in our bodies to me,” Masovska wrote. “The dark and tragic heritage that emerges in the minds of teenagers, mostly girls. Conservatism, violence, anti-freedom, and the terror of nothingness.”

Chaciński: Young rap will enter kitsch soon

According to journalist Partik Chasinski, the mass execution in the comments “may have a promotional dimension, but a brief synopsis does not make you optimistic,” Polivonia wrote on his blog. As he claims, “Young – mostly male – brought up on the work of Bayas or Mata or Kenny Zimmer may be open to rap, which departs from hip-hop norms, but not so much as to suppose that the writer wrote some literary form. Miniature, a sample of The language known from her books, and that she dared to tell the story to the rhythm ”- we read in the entrance.

“Where did this collision come from? If I try to explain it to myself, I come to the conclusion that SBM operates in the new medium of music—light, easy, fun. Yes, perhaps unpleasant for seniors, because it uses language a little different from the old medium, Because young people have different approaches to the language (I have papers for this claim too), but in the end he focuses on making it a nice and somewhat agreeable shoe ”- Chasinsky wrote.

Main image source: Radek Petroska / PAP

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