Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness

Note – spoilers

Multiverse potential

Although we’ve already had a little germ from the existence and functioning of multidimensionality in the Marvel Cinematic Universe several times (with a special focus on “Spider-Man: No Way Home”), this was the first time its operation was explained to us, And we were able to visit at least a slightly different dimension than 616 where the movies are set. And reopens many new doors.

I’m convinced that since it’s already been said that travel can actually work, and that Chavez’s America itself is as capable of leaping across universes as you think, we’ll probably have some surprises about that soon. Get ready for the heroes to appear as a guest we haven’t been happy to see on screen for quite some time. So what about the return of Robert Downey Jr.?!

Fantastic 4 and X-Men

One can only begin by broaching the topic that clearly caused the biggest “storm” (intentionally in quotation marks). When Stephen Strange landed at one point in another dimension and was called to the guest quarters responsible for controlling such incidents (by the way – the name Illuminati is a cool idea), the hearts of all Marvel fans surely burned.

Fantastic 4 and X-Men

For several reasons. We got Agent Carter as Captain America (like in “What If?”), and finally Reed Richards (played by John Krasinski, which everyone probably counts on) and Charles Xavier appeared on screen. what does that mean? We can only bet that the recent inclusion of the X-Men universe in the MCU has now taken it to the next level and we may see the same actors again soon.

Wanda went to rest

Let’s agree… The principle in force at Marvel (regardless of whether we’re referring to movies, series, games or comics) is clear – if we don’t witness the death of a particular character, it should be assumed that she didn’t die at all. Such an assumption of immortality! We have also seen exceptions in such cases. I am referring here, of course, to Wanda herself, who is allegedly committed suicide, and wishes to destroy Darkhold, Pandora’s Box, once and for all.


And that’s it – it will be her catharsis. But the problem is that we have by no means experienced the same moment of death. Sure, the old building has collapsed and the previous Avengers themselves were supposed to be inside, but…we’ve seen more brutal scenes in this movie than in possible ruins, so I’m sure the formidable Olsen will appear more than once in the movies – but not yet Little. We will take a break from it.

Dr. Strange will be back

Thanks to the ending, as well as one of the scenes after the credits (actually the scene in the middle), we can be sure Doctor Strange is back. First of all, his third eye finally appeared. Exactly the same that Stephen had from another dimension when he was taken over by the aforementioned Darkhold Point. Does this mean that our sorcerer will go to the wrong side of the force?

evil stranger

not nessacary! One can take the impression that on the occasion of the scene between the credits, to which I will return soon, the Avenger himself lives as if in good relations with an additional sighting device. It’s a very complex situation and at the same time a topic that will be enough for production to close this trilogy about Strange. One thing is for sure – he will come back, and maybe not alone.

Will Clea get her video?

By that, I mean, of course, Clea (forgive the hurricane-tongue for the difference), who appeared after the movie ended. When Charlize Theron came on screen, I admit I initially felt a little lost. I didn’t quite remember what character she was playing, but after calming down, I completely remembered who she was talking about – one of Marvel’s most powerful witches!

Stephen and Clea

Clea herself in the comics is one of the inhabitants of the Dark Dimension (and at a very high level), and at the same time a good ally of Stephen Strange himself. And I guarantee that this character is so interesting that it deserves its own production before continuing the adventures. She might have rushed with this movie, but a series of several episodes about his upbringing could be a real hit. Once again, Disney will have a chance to experiment with genres. I’m waiting a lot and I hope that happens. They definitely won’t leave it as is.


There will be a lot going on. And although the film itself was created in such a way that it does not reveal much directly and unambiguously, we can safely assume from the autopsy that nothing happens here without a reason. I’m convinced that the events of the movie will have a huge impact on what lies ahead when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Regardless of whether you like the movie or not, we’ll come back to it more than once.

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