ajzol “ajzol Serious”: uncle for children

2021 was a great year for the team JWP / BC It would not be an exaggeration to say that these are some of its victors. Ero on a tablet with PMM . head It was good, and on a subsequent second solo album – even better. cut With his album, he just emphasized that hardly anyone picks such fun tunes and has a knack for playing with words. sewers His style is simpler, but distinctive, and the form of production does not weaken him, and he is armed with effective solo personnel “Back from the road to nowhere” It’s still a sure thing in the car and party dashboard category. And among the dear Lord’s masters, we also have the King of Turntables Falcon Providing high quality foundations the mouse.

Of course there is too ajzolIt has been intentionally deleted so far. It was known in the capital that where Łysy, there is a mix, rappers are also closer to the musical choices of younger rap generations. And he had to wait for his album until 2022. Here we have a problem, because the question “was there for what?” Unfortunately this is not rhetorical.

Title “Ajzol Serious” Placing such a serrated piece immediately after the minute-long introduction is misinformation. Enter the phrase “I no longer cry and have a fake smile like the Joker / When you call, ask me if everything is OK / And even though I look at you a little sad / It’s all right, because I’m stronger than I was a year ago” and we expect it to be Personal, bitter, bitter. It’s not in this piece – while the screeching and howling hunters share all their feelings, they take so many corpses out of the cabinets that we’ll have a dissection room here, the fenders are kept the old-fashioned way, and don’t leave paint, perhaps a little painted. Hence it is not “serious” at all.

Half the problem, it doesn’t have to be serious, as long as it’s good. and singles – especially those with rhythms the returnees – Suggest it might be. “Stork” Aside from keeping the full bass in check and the funky sounds of the drums, he’s shown that the bass has an ear for cleverly written, supportive extensions and knows who to call in order to match patterns. “3 holes in 5 kolskie” Full of plastic details, a chubby “property” from the ’90s and one of the coolest pieces this year.

In cooperation with trump at “everyone has it”Because the mixed people style of reporter is always desirable in rap. And that it was. Besides, the host is either transparent and free of power (There is a letter G.), impossibly boring in nature (Quality Time), awkwardly hilarious (c “Bald Brazzers” We’ll be back) or simply break the minor record. Just like drilling “S (z) wagger” It could be a number young pitcher kidding with Casa Misani or complement to “Darek” Popperyes “lust of lust” It seems like Major SPZ on the beat Newlight $.

Łajzol gets hurt by a whole lot of cold and very sweet electronics in music (weak Ero in “Excellent gum” Looks like he lost a bet.) This rapper is entering – yes, professionally produced – candy with the boy band refrain, which would probably work a little ironically on the old-fashioned mixtapes of teenage boys from COMENDS if 2115But here they look terrible. Totally without moderation and without feeling overwhelmed – all “gę”, “drrrrr” and “pow pow pow”. There are three or four times as many. Youth Level: Fishermen of the Vistula River. You really don’t need a scent to make like this “Familia Ging” It smelled like linden.

whether “Important idea” Would it be a better number if he hadn’t played it on EDM, and had Hedgehog written another clip instead of letting Walczuk talk about “making his bed sheets a money pillow”? I think so. But can Bald Brazzers be saved? No, it wouldn’t be the trumpet beat, those low drums, the perfect California vibe with a screech, all that great. On the other hand, the lines, ‘magic wand to be washed’, this rat-stretched ‘Late V’, in a totally hot rap about sex, take us somewhere Scooby-doo Leroy. There is no exaggeration in this. “Only mine knows where your G-spot is” Blender would have sung 25 years ago and even then no adult should be entertaining.

I don’t know if JWP’s mockery box quality control has failed, or if the upheaval in life doesn’t allow the album to be what it was meant to be. It’s just a guess. I know that ajzol has previously shown that he can play new raps, and that he feels the melodies intuitively. Jetlagz made with Kosi has always been fresh and not usually stupid. And here he ended up with the “Uncle Kids” option and he’s so weirdly swept into the world of “gangster”, automation, side arcade, and pissing, he knows what the hell. Because it’s not even about whether “Ajzol Serious” album is good or bad. The worst thing is that it’s a terrible kid’s album.

Łajzol “ajzol Serious”, pub. 2020


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