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Turkish Cuisine Week has just started in Turkey (Turkey)! During the series of events that will take place from May 21-27, the tourism market leader will present his cuisine to the world, with a special focus on their healthy properties and creative solutions, particularly with regard to food waste and sustainable development. Presentations by top chefs, as well as the menu specially prepared for the Turkish Cuisine Week, aim to introduce the invited guests to the culinary heritage of Turkey (Turkey) and all that Turkish cuisine has to offer.

Turkey (Turkey) celebrates Turkish Cuisine Week. A country renowned worldwide for its wealth of centuries-old cuisine will present its culinary heritage at an event that will take place for the first time on May 21-27. During the Turkish Cuisine Week, the best Turkish dishes of original quality and unique taste will be served. Turkish Cuisine Week is planned as a regular event that will take place every year. During its duration, guests from all over the world will be able to taste first-hand Turkish dishes (Turkey), which are prepared and served in an unconventional way by excellent Turkish chefs. The restaurants will have a specially designed menu that reflects the ancient cultural heritage of the country.

Turkish cuisine, known for its traditional recipes, has its roots in Anatolian history, but today it is known throughout the world primarily as a cuisine that responds to all trends of modern gastronomy. By contrast, Turkish recipes based on using whole ingredients, not food waste, attest to a deeply entrenched tradition of favoring the environment and sustainable development. Most importantly, Turkish cuisine is known for its vegetarian dishes made with high-quality olive oil, so vegetarians and vegans will also find many delicious options in its range.

An online culinary guide to a great Turkish cuisine

As part of its promotional activities to introduce Turkish cuisine to the world, Türkiye (Turkey) has launched turkishcuisineweek.com, a comprehensive online guide on Turkey’s culinary heritage. The site, whose role is to bring delicious Turkish flavors to the world, features original recipes and videos by talented and award-winning chefs, and informative materials for scientists and nutritionists. The turkishcuisineweek.com website, available in both Turkish and English, allows you to introduce a wide audience to the rich cultural and culinary traditions of Turkey (Turkey).

Cultivation of the Turkish heritage: “Timeless Recipes from Turkish Cuisine”

Turkish cuisine, harkening back to the past and traditions, promises an unforgettable culinary experience, whether at the breakfast table, on a busy street, or in an exclusive bar or restaurant. In connection with this richness and diversity, the culinary achievements of Turks are recorded in the book “Eternal Recipes of Turkish Cuisine” as part of the Turkish Cuisine Week, which takes place on May 21-27. This unique book focuses on healthy storage methods and food preparation techniques, and covers aspects of Turkish cuisine related to the environment, food waste, sustainability, and many other elements that make it unique.

Tasting centers entered the UNESCO list

Turkey (Turkey) not only has one of the oldest cuisines in the world with unique flavours, but is also known thanks to the member cities of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Gaziantep, Hatay and Afyonkarahisar joined the UNESCO Gastronomy Creative Cities Network in 2015, 2017, and 2019 respectively. The local wealth of these cities as well as other towns in Turkey (Turkey) is a source of enduring charm, and the rich history, different cultures and lifestyles are reflected in their cuisine, among others.

Turkey (Turkey): A global travel destination for a delicious adventure

Turkey (Turkey), founded by thousands of years of history and culture of different civilizations, is one of the best places in the world where you can experience a unique and delicious adventure. Turkish breakfast, consisting of many dishes, accompanied by aromatic Turkish tea served in tulip-shaped cups, is the mainstay of the Turkish menu and is really popular all over the world. Street foods like simit, fish sandwiches (balik ekmek), stuffed mussels, doner kebab, kumpir (baked potatoes) and kokoresh are an important part of daily life for Turks. Eggplant, a hallmark of Turkish cuisine that emerged in 16th-century Ottoman cuisine, appears in many recipes, including olive oil garnish, main course, and filling. Olive oil also plays an important role in Turkish culinary traditions, as it is used to prepare most vegetables in Turkish cuisine, thanks to which they retain their nutritional value.

Turkey (Turkey) is also a country with a well-established winemaking tradition, created thanks to the presence of very fertile lands. Urla, an important center for organic wine production in Turkey (Turkey), offers its guests award-winning organic wines made from grapes grown there for more than 6000 years.

On the gastronomic map of Turkey (Turkey), Istanbul stands out as a real gastronomic center, where you can find the best dishes from all over the world. In addition, it was recently announced that Istanbul will become the 38th international destination for Michelin – the world’s leading restaurant rating organization. On October 11, 2022, a selection of restaurants will be presented in the Michelin Guide, and the award-winning places in Istanbul will join the most famous in the world.

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