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The secret of TikTok’s success is that thanks to the constant flow of selected videos, it relieves the user of the burden of choosing the material they are interested in.

The effect of TikTok on 11-year-olds: a child can lie for hours with a phone in his hand, and the session is interrupted only to satisfy a physiological need. Parents should snatch their son away smart phone Almost by force.

While tik tok It has grown in popularity Elon Musk with their provocations. Because of this character, the world lost Tik Tok. This massive site beats Facebook and Instagram together in terms of popularity. TikTok has been downloaded more frequently in the past year than any other app. is the most visited website in 2021. The site has 1.6 billion monthly active users – more than TwitterAnd snap chat And LinkedIn Put together.

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TikTok advertises itself as a social media platform and successfully attracts users of the platform finish. On TikTok, you can like, comment and share, but these features are only about one thing: watching videos. TikTok is a streaming platform – and so is it NetflixAnd ByteDance (the parent company of TikTok) has doubled revenue in the past four years. Six months ago, Netflix was worth over $300 billion – today it’s $80 billion. During the last evaluation Byte Dance It was worth $360 billion.

The competition for streaming has been going on for several years, but no one expected the arrival of TikTok. Social media Based on movie publishing, the ‘Trojan horse’ appeared at a time when the US was obsessed with subscriber growth Disney +. The New King of Streaming didn’t win by the number of monthly subscriptions or cable TV packages, but ability to focus Young.

Continuous stream of images

Facebook and The Google They use a new weapon in their trade war: data. Data can be sold to advertisers to ‘feed’ Algorithms and making products and services more attractive and even addictive. However, the data itself is not enough. reactions It is the factor that gives form and utility to algorithms. Data can be compared to raw materials, algorithms to processing plants, feedback on value-added tools.

TVs receive little feedback, say once a week Nielsen Report. Netflix receives the information directly, but there is very little of it: what you’re watching, how long you’re watching, and whether or not you recommend the show. This data set can already be processed enough to become a powerful file Recommendation Algorithm. However, for a session in which we watch an average of two episodes, the amount of information from the average user is probably only six – so optimizing the algorithm is a slow and tedious work.

And now TikTok, where the session is 11 minutes and the video is about 25 seconds long. That’s 26 “episodes” per session and each episode produces a lot”Accurate information: Whether you re-recorded, paused, watched, liked, commented, shared, followed the creator, and how long you watched before continuing. These are hundreds of information, ready to turn into valuable products.

At TikToku, the large flow of user feedback translates into unique and personal content. Netflix offers several 1980s war movies, documentaries about chiropractors rehabilitating patients, people committed to educating viewers on issues of social justice, and slow-moving hounds and crocodiles attacking animals in a watering hole. Watching Netflix is ​​like going to a Femina to see “Drogówka”. Watching TikTok is a real midnight stroll in Old Prague.

A vast sea of ​​talent

Just as algorithms require a great deal of feedback, producing content requires a large pool of talent. Over a hundred years, video talents have accumulated in several geographical locations: Los AngelesAnd Hong KongAnd London And Bombay. everyone Human Resources Manager He knows that talented people live in every corner of the earth. However, geography still matters, and most platforms and talent just don’t find each other. Youtube And Instagram Hiring talent faster than any company in history…until the advent of TikTok. Fifty-five percent of TikTok users create their own videos on the platform. This is the pool of talent in the Himalayas: 870 million people, or 1,000 times more workforce than everyone employs Film and television industry.

For creators who use TikTok for more than just self-expression, the real money comes from referrals to a large audience. And when your audience is 1.6 billion users, 15 seconds of your fame on TikTok can be very profitable. The best creators earn as much as the CEO of the company on the list fortune 500 Or a Hollywood cult actor.

I don’t want to know what to choose for you

average american adult He makes hundreds of decisions every day – from what clothes to wear to how much coffee to take. Every decision is a burden on us to some degree mental capacities. As the day goes on, we get tired and stop wanting to make decisions. This is called “decision fatigue”.

The biggest mistake we make in marketing is thinking that having a great choice is a benefit. No, the ability to choose is a cost. Consumers do not want more choices, they want more certainty in the choices offered. TikTok has taken this to a new level by completely removing the burden of choice. Its content is ongoing Stream moviesWhere decisions are made for you. Your only option is: What not to watch.

This creates a spiral effect that connects people – especially young people – to the platform for hours. prefrontal cortex It’s responsible for making decisions and controlling impulses, but this part of the brain doesn’t fully develop until the age of 25, so kids can’t stop watching TikTok. Admittedly, the platform now reminds younger users to take breaks to go out or have a snack. This is an attempt to differentiate itself from Meta, which has established itself as institutionally unable to recognize or deal with the broader impact of its applications on society.

Fast Scrolling on TikTokIt’s a bit like browsing the Netflix thumbnails of the movie you want. Imagine that you need to focus for 40 minutes at a time. This can be a big problem these days. Parents remind their kids that they don’t want to watch full length moviesBecause it’s too slow. It happens that ten-year-olds, after being exposed to uninterrupted high-speed video transmission, find it difficult to do anything that requires concentration. The emergence of the field of academic research can be expected, which will investigate the impact of high-speed media on children’s behavior and the developing brain.

TikTok – Threats

The behemoth that often attracts the attention of young people shows no signs of slowing its expansion. However, there is a real risk that could derail the company’s growth as it aims to become one of the five most valuable brands in the world. First of all: the contest i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtubeand Snapchat and Netflix. Among these, Facebook and Instagram are in the best position to compete thanks to their massive data sets and millions of Meta users. TikTok dominates the world of short video streaming and has also gained a key to understanding the Holy Grail of social media: Kids love it. Zuckerberg Understandably concerned – Meta TikTok reported five times in its February earnings report.

Another danger to the site is the Chinese authorities, namely the threat Chinese Communist Party (CCP) It can make the platform cooperate – request to change the algorithm, for example to train young minds with important content United States of AmericaAnd capitalism or Chinese Communist Party critics. Possible regulation of his activities through regulations is also dangerous for TikTok. These are common risks among companies, although they are becoming less important as the cynicism and criticism of regulators grows. Effects of every action technology companiesj , which is developing very fast, is very dangerous because these platforms tend to bypass all the rules at a very fast pace of development. Indeed, TikTok appears to be causing eating disorders and depression, and may cause them to happen Motor and verbal tics among teenagers.

the threat Well-being of children and adolescents It should be a catalyst for quick and decisive action. he was not there. However, TikTok’s Chinese origins might make you wary American organizers And they will see the real threat. In short, as Josh Brolin put it in Sicario, the government’s job is to “overreact.” So far, Uncle Sam hasn’t done his job. So TikTok will become one of the most expensive companies in the world and at the same time another profitable technology company and addictive traits Will it exceed our ability to manage it? The answer is probably yes.

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