Moniuszko’s music at the ORGANy PLUS + Kultura . Festival

May 24, 2022 at 2 pm

Material from the year 2020

During the spring release of ORGANy PLUS, the machine is in Centrum św. Jana’s voice will sound twice. Watch what these unique organs looked like right after the rebuilding was completed.

Four concerts filled with the sacred music of Stanisław Muniuszko, the unique sound of the reconstructed organ in the churches of St. Trinity, St. John Bosco and St. John’s Center Jana and romantic music played on historical instruments – these are the main attractions of the ORGANy PLUS + festival, which will take place on May 27-30.

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This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the death of Stanislaw Muniuszko, the great Polish composer of the Romantic era. On this occasion, bearing in mind the experience of Moniuszko year three years ago, the organizers of the festival Body Plus + / Spring I decided to present the sacred work of this artist.

– Moniuszko’s year helped to accelerate the work on refining the source of the music also in the context of religious works – says the professor. Andrzej Szadejko, Artistic Director of ORGANy PLUS + Festival. – We are very happy that thanks to the cooperation with PWM, many of them will sound during our concerts for the first time in a new form, but as close as possible to the original form. We will give an overview of the different musical forms practiced by Moneuscu, from the magnificent symphonic compositions to the small and intimate arrangements of the choir with organ accompaniment.

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a. Doctor Hub. Andrzej Szadejko, Director of the ORGANY Plus + Festival.

Photo: Edyta Steć /

The masses and sacred songs

We will open the festival A strong dialect between Gdask and Vilnius indicates the close cooperation between Gdask and its partner city – Vilnius. On Friday, May 27, at 19:00 traditionally in the Franciscan Church of the Holy Trinity in Gdansk, artists Philip Cieszyński In device and connectors Beata Sheng And Mikai Kosoris, as well as the choirs of the Academy of Music. St. Moniuszko in Gdańsk: The Women’s Choir “Gaudium per Canto” and the Mixed Choir of the College of Choral Conducting, Church Music, Art Education, Rhythms and Jazz will present works from the Vilnius era, incl. Two blocks for a choir and a female organ.

May 29 at. 19:00 In the church of St. Maria John Bosco, a collection of sacred songs will be performed. Young singers: Nikolina Gosor – soprano, Karolina Borovczyk – Alto, Adam Procnicky – tenor and Dominic Mazan – will be accompanied by an outstanding and experienced organist from Silesia, President of the Katowice Music Academy – Władysław Szymański, who will embellish the vocal performance with Moneusko-era organ installations.

During the ORGANy PLUS festival we will also listen to the organ in St. Trinity.

The device will ring in St. JANI TWICE AS PART OF +ORGANY PLUS

The next two concerts will be held at St. John in Gdansk. Or not Sunday May 29, at. At 7 pm in the international cast, we will hear the composer’s great works. These will be the Gate of Dawn invocations, hymns, Aeternam Mass hymns and the funeral procession in an entirely new arrangement based on the original material prepared by Polskie Wydawnictwo Nutowe. Among the performers Slovak soprano Ingrida Gabova, German alto soprano Marion Eckstein, Polish tenor Sebastian Mach and German bass baritone Maximilian Argmann. The soloists will be accompanied by the Goldberg Baroque Ensemble from Gdansk, which has expanded to include instrumentalists from Lithuania and Germany playing romantic instruments, and a choir from the Gellert Ensemble in Leipzig. The concert will be hosted by Andrei Zadejko.

The final touch will be a solo concert dedicated to the works of the Sacred Chamber of Stanislav Muniuszko (Monday May 30 19:00).

The composer wrote religious works out of the need of his heart. That is why it is the deepest expression of his artistic soul – emphasizes the professor. Andrzej Szadejko. – Apart from the chorus and the organ, Moniuszko often included one quintet. We’ll hear such an original group of performers during Monday’s concert.
Performed by Lithuanian organist Vidas Pinkevicius, who will also improvise in the author’s style and two groups – Polish Goldberg String Quintet and German Gellert Ensemble under the direction of Andreas Mitschke of Leipzig – a beautifully extended Latin requiem in D flat major, is one of the composer’s last works.

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