Gifts for Mother’s Day at CCC

May 26 is an extraordinary holiday and a special occasion to show mothers how important they are to us. It is worth making this day unforgettable and giving your beloved mother a unique gift. The most interesting gift ideas are hidden in the salons of CCC and at

wide width women shoes From CCC will make choosing a gift for Mother’s Day easier. For all the mothers who love shoes, CCC stores have stylish high-heeled leather shoes, smooth leather loafers, high-heeled summer sandals or comfortable platform slippers. Availability of unique brands such as Russian Gino, Lasuke or BaduraIt is a guarantee of the best display featuring timeless classics, current trends, attention to detail and the best quality in workmanship. When choosing a gift for a mother, it is worth following the principle of classic minimalism, so that the presented shoes remain in her wardrobe during the following seasons and form the basis for subsequent fashion styles. Mother’s Day is also a unique opportunity to make moms’ dreams come true and give them the model of shoes they’ve always dreamed of – the latest catwalk trends that you can easily find at CCC’s show can be a defining factor here.

Gino Rossi, at a reduced price PLN 296.99
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Gino Rossi Price after discount 199.99
Russian Geno, price after discount 199.90 zlotys
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Badura price after discount 259.99
Badura, price after discount 259.999 PLN
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handbags There is not much in a woman’s wardrobe. CCC’s offer includes a wide range of models for every day, for evening outings or for work. Geno Rossi leather handbags will perfectly complement an elegant woman’s wardrobe. The harmonious combination of original forms, noble simplicity and quality of workmanship is the guarantee of the perfect gift that will add a modern touch to any design and will serve as a classic accessory for later seasons. For mom – lovers of trends, Badura models finished with gold chains are also perfect.

Russian Geno Price after discount 179.99
Gino Rossi at a reduced price of 179.99 PLN
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Badura price after discount 215.99
Badura, price after discount 215.99 PLN
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Russian gyno price after discount 239.99
Russian Geno, price after discount 239.99 PLN
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A classic and elegant accessory that is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It will be a timeless choice and a career choice Women’s wallet. The offer includes large classic models that accommodate all the necessary – and small – women’s treasures Leather card holdersWhich would be perfect for small bags. When looking for a fashionable accessory, it is also worth paying attention to those that have been kept in current trends Sunglasses by Gino Rossi O women belts. The CCC offer includes simple models for lovers of classics and minimalism, as well as more original solutions – complemented by decorative buckle or original texture.

Russian Geno Price after discount 89.98
Russian Geno, price after discount 89.98 PLN
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Gino Rossi Price after discount 69.99
Gino Rossi, price after discount PLN 69.99
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CCC has recently expanded its offer to include elegant watches And it can become a bull’s-eye when searching for the perfect gift. This ultra-chic accessory will successfully replace jewelry and add style to any design. Depending on your mom’s individual style, you can choose sophisticated classics from Gino Rossi or trendy Jenny Fairy and DeeZee models. Models on an elegant bracelet They will serve in a women’s wardrobe for years, making the perfect gift for lovers of classics and good elegance. z . models colored ribbon if Inlaid with cubic zirconia It will catch the attention of glamor lovers and will be a distinctive accent in everyday fashion collections.

Russian gyno price after discount 263.99
Gino Rossi at a reduced price of 263.99 PLN
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Jenny Fairy at a reduced price of 151.99
Jenny Fairy, discounted at PLN 151.99
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If you are not sure what gift to choose – let your mother make that choice. It will be a global and safe idea CCC Shopping Gift CardWhich you can top up with the specified amount. This solution will give you a moment to think and allow your mom to select the perfect shoes and accessories. You can buy a gift card at a stationery store or choose an e-card that you will receive without leaving your home! More details on how to quickly and easily buy a gift card can be found here:ówowa?#electronic

You will find Mother’s Day gifts in CCC stores, at and in the mobile app.

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