European style harmony of life. Come to the Open Day of the Estates Beauforta 2 and Constellation in Pogórze

The constellation in Bogorze near Gdynia (vis.)

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A comfortable place to live is not only a comfortable and functional apartment. It is also the closest environment where you have everything on hand for your daily needs. It is also a wisely arranged space that will be your oasis. Here you can “recharge your batteries” after a hard day. Here you will enjoy the time spent with children or friends – you decide whether it is calm or active.

These places, full of harmony, are the residential estates Beauforta 2 and Konstelacja w Pogórze near Gdynia, created by Euro Styl. You can learn about the area and see examples of apartments during Open day on Saturday 28 May from 10:00 to 16:00.

Beaufort real estate. Walk around the estate 2022

Imagine that when you open your window wide in the morning, the clean air by the sea wakes you up and the view of the beautiful and varied greenery. No need to hurry, because you will take the child to the kindergarten “near the corner” and the older child will run to the nearby school.

You can get to work comfortably by car or by bus. And when you return after a hard day full of duties, you will relax not only on a comfortable sofa in the privacy of your own home, but also in one of the charming green corners of the neatly arranged common areas of the estate. You can look after the children playing on the playground from a comfortable seat or by sitting in an armchair on the spacious balcony.

If you prefer active recreation, you can use the nearby public sports complex, use the poles on one of the many walking paths or by bike along the comfortable path to the nearby beach, from which you can enjoy the elevated development of kite surfing. . If you do not want to cook – you will have an Italian restaurant located in the vicinity, or in several minutes you will have delicious fresh fish in Rewa or Mechelinki.

Poforta 2 real estate in Pogorze near Gdynia (vis.)

Poforta 2 real estate in Pogorze near Gdynia (vis.)

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Comfortable and innovative

Adjacent to the estates Beauforta 2 and Konstelacja, located on a large area between Derdowskiego and Kościuszki Streetsa map, close to the already completed Euro Styl project – Boforta Housing Estate. The timeless aesthetics and architecture of these projects give the rapidly developing neighborhood a modern and friendly feel. The investments are characterized by low-rise three-storey buildings, and the proper arrangement of the buildings will provide the residents with a sense of privacy.

– Thanks to the large windows, the apartments will be illuminated with natural light. Spacious balconies, where you can easily place sunbeds or deck chairs, and home gardens belonging to buildings located on the ground floors will become private oases of calm and relaxation. Functionally designed apartments will give their owners the opportunity to create a dream and a comfortable space – he says Anna TosinskaDirector of Sales at Euro Style.
At Osiedle Beauforta 2, Euro Styles customers can choose 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments from 36 to 89 square metres. Konstelacja offers 2, 3 and 4-bedroom apartments from 37 to 79 square metres. It is 275 cm high, 15 cm more than the standard, and its finished walls are whitewashed.

Balcony windows will also be larger than standard windows, giving more natural light to the interior. The buyer of an apartment in Constellation will also be able to decide if he wants a higher interior door, which, combined with the apartment’s exceptional height, will allow for the original arrangement.

Constellation in Bogorze near Gdynia.  Inside the apartment (towards.)

Constellation in Bogorze near Gdynia. Inside the apartment (towards.)

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Your living space

The vast spaces between the buildings have created the possibility of innovative and functional space design, where each inhabitant will find something for himself. The neighboring properties offer many opportunities to spend your free time and relax in the lap of nature.

A short walk from the Beauforta 2 properties and Constellation, right next to the Beauforta property, is the Municipal Entertainment District with lighted, multifunctional sports fields, outdoor gym, outdoor gym, crossfit, spider-rope, climbing wall and skate park. There will also be plenty of places to encourage outside activities in the area of ​​new investments.

On the Beauforta farm 2, there will be, for example, springboards, a skateboard, a climbing platform, as well as playgrounds for younger children. There you can relax in a quiet gazebo or in a hammock in the green relaxation areas.

The diverse plants that fill the spaces between the buildings will create the perfect enclave for relaxation. There will be ecological rain gardens here, supporting rainwater retention. A flowery meadow and decorative greenery will be created. With neighborhood integration in mind, herbaria and flowerbeds are designed, where residents can grow herbs or strawberries and wild strawberries.

Poforta 2 real estate in Pogorze near Gdynia (vis.)

Poforta 2 real estate in Pogorze near Gdynia (vis.)

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The constellation will also attract with its astral marine world with courtyards filled with plants characteristic of the seaside landscape and alleys shaped like towers. There will be marine games: sextant, compass, compass and a hemispherical-shaped climbing wall. Sitting on the benches inside, you will be able to see the stars of the northern sky drawn under the dome. The time on the estate will be measured by the sundial.

The proximity of our three investments and their natural intertwining thanks to new streets, bike paths, sidewalks and walking alleys will allow residents to move freely within apartment complexes, for example to shops, service outlets or kindergartens located on the ground floors of the buildings. The synergy of practical functions and a variety of leisure and activity options will not only facilitate daily functioning, but will also make life on the property of Beauforta 2 and in a constellation full of harmony – sums up Anna Tuszyńska of Euro Styl.

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