Elvis Presley created Priscilla Presley’s style, the effect of toxic marriage or great love

If Elvis Presley is king, then Priscilla Presley is undoubtedly the queen. She was known for her vintage style, signature hairdo, and strong makeup. She met the rock and roll legend when she was just 14, and their relationship was under the close supervision of her parents until they married in 1967. The 31-year-old heartbroken married 21-year-old Priscilla, who quickly became one of the most famous women in the world. In the world. The ex-wife of a world famous singer has permanently entered the pages of history as a style icon, but few people know how her image was manipulated by the star. Discover Priscilla Presley’s style and marriage secrets.

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Priscilla Presley – Biography

She was born on May 24, 1945 in New York. Her father, James Wagner, was a pilot who died in a plane accident when Priscilla was still an infant. After her father’s death, her mother, Anna Lillian Iversen, married Paul Beaulieu, a US Air Force officer stationed in West Germany with Elvis Presley. In 1985, she appeared in a scene 100 star night At Radio City Music Hall in New York City. She ran a store for five years, then decided to become a model. At the age of fourteen, while in Wiesbaden, she met her future husband – Elvis Presley, whom she married on May 1, 1967 in Las Vegas. On February 1, 1968, she gave birth to her beloved daughter, Lisa Marie. In the spring of 1972, she left her cheating husband and drug addict, and in October 1973 they divorced. After him, they maintained a good relationship, they raised a daughter together, who lived with her mother in Los Angeles and often visited her father in Graceland. After breaking up with Presley, Priscilla became engaged to karate coach Mike Stone and had a son, Navaron Anthony, with him.

Priscilla Presley – Components of Style

With her black beehive hairdo, thick eyelashes, and winged eyeliner, Priscilla instantly became a style icon. For her wedding to Elvis, she wore an elegant silk chiffon gown with neckline and embroidered sleeves. She combed her hair high and completed the design with a layered veil. Presley’s dress is one of the most famous wedding dresses in history. When Elvis and Priscilla separated in 1973 after six years of marriage, the woman decided to recreate her image. Her signature hairstyle disappeared, and she began experimenting with a new look, starting with dyeing her hair red and then switching to blonde. In the mid-2000s, Priscilla starred in Jeremy Scott’s ad campaign with Tori Spelling. The campaign was a form of Scott’s love ode to the camp melodrama, where the star’s ex-wife fit right in. Priscilla’s early appearance became a major inspiration for singer Lana Del Rey and actress Lily Collins, who appeared at the 2019 MET Gala in a Presley-inspired outfit from the 1960s.

Priscilla Presley – How did your husband influence her style?

Elvis Presley was 24 years old when he first met Priscilla. She was only 14 years old at the time. The fact that she was a minor did not prevent Elvis from making her a secret lover. According to star biographer Rex Mansfield, Elvis preferred to have a younger girlfriend because she was young enough that he could somehow mold her and even “train” her to become his ideal woman. He not only controlled her behaviors and opinions, but also her wardrobe. In Priscilla’s opinion, he liked her more in a “tacky” outfit that was supposed to be feminine and clean. He had been expecting a perfect picture from her the whole time. If she doesn’t have enough makeup, cuts off her nail polish or slacks, he berated her for her lack of perfection. Since love blinded the girl at the time, she did not find his behavior toxic or offensive, she loved the fact that a star like Elvis would take care of her. “At the time, I loved that he cared about me. He was very stubborn and knew what he wanted. He would often say he didn’t like me in a certain color, and brown just didn’t work for me, or I looked horrible with green because it’s a boring color, without a spark. I was a kid. Then at the age of sixteen, I accepted her and listened to his advice. Only when I matured and began to follow my own path did I begin to understand what I like, and not what I like ”- says Priscilla in an interview with Watchman. In a 1985 interview with Barbara Walters, a woman recounted how Elvis had made her wear flashy, low-cut clothes with lots of makeup when she was still a child and she didn’t feel comfortable with it. However, the biggest disappointment for Priscilla was the refusal and sudden cooling of relations with her husband after the birth of their daughter Lisa Marie Presley. According to memoirs entitled Elvis and meElvis had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that he still viewed her as a young girl rather than a mature woman who had just become a mother. She also describes how tiring living with a star was because she had to look perfect all the time, and her husband never saw her without makeup! Priscilla admits that she has become his own living doll that he can dress as he pleases. “He taught me everything. How to dress, how to walk, how to put on makeup and comb your hair, how to act and love your style. Over the years, my father and husband became almost God.” Priscilla admits that she never stopped loving Elvis, but had to end a toxic relationship to find herself.

Priscilla Presley – What are you doing today?

After the separation, Elvis’ ex-wife received some property, alimony, and a percentage of future income. In this way, she founded the boutique Bis & Beau, which was also advertised by Elvis himself, whose clients were business stars. Three years later, the store closed, and after the death of the king of rock and roll in 1977, Priscilla decided to turn the Graceland home into a museum dedicated to her ex-husband. To date, it is one of the main sources of income for women. In the following years, she undertook a number of commercial initiatives, including launching a perfume line, producing Hollywood films and organizing concerts dedicated to Elvis’ work.

Priscilla also tried her hand at Hollywood, the most remembered role in comedy bare weaponAmericans know her mainly from the series Dallas. Her fame as Elvis Presley’s wife earned her many offers of collaboration, but she chose only those that mattered to her. You can hear it in the dubbing of animated films, in pantomime shows, and on a number of charitable and environmental initiatives. She was also one of the stars that starred in the American version Dancing with the Stars.

Today the star is 77 years old.

Met Gala May 2022, Priscilla Presley

In recent years, Priscilla Presley has not been a regular in beauty salons. In July 2020, a family tragedy struck her – her grandson Benjamin Keough committed suicide. Since then, Priscilla has been caring for her daughter who was devastated after she lost her child. She is also heavily involved in protecting animal rights and combating pet bullying.

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