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Our planet’s oceans may or may not have the ‘final frontier’, but they used to be home to the best dinosaurs Earth has to offer. Anyone who has seen Jurassic Park or documentaries from the Mesozoic era loves it Walking with dinosaurs Simply put, underwater dinosaurs are totally ripped apart.

Maybe that’s why the new Apple TV Plus prehistoric planet The show begins with goats in the first episode of “Wybrzeże”. Latest documentaries incorporating cutting edge CGI (attracting talents who have worked on projects like 2019) the king lion And Boba Fett) with stunning habitats to create a realistic exploration of life above and under water 66 million years ago, take it or take it.

During this period of the Cretaceous period, life was simple and ruled by dinosaurs. And who better than the ocean dinosaurs to represent the grandeur of a species, as the great Sir David Attenborough himself tells us? The star of episodes like these (and epic) jurassic world sea ​​world jumping) is Mozor, among the greatest marine animals of all time. But there are many kinds of fun here and there TaurangezurWho with his sharp sticky smile makes you think of the terrifying Loch Ness monster.

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The beauty of these underwater creatures is that they kick ass in almost every way. They are bulky, fluid, and almost uncontrollable. Every time Sir Attenborough mentions that the area we’re watching is “home to ocean predators,” you know you’re having a good time, even if you don’t know how to do it. Since the physics and size differ so much for these creatures, the rules as we know them at such times seem inadequate.

Giant lizards only open the mouths of small fish prehistoric planet To organize a lesson we never expected (Hoffmann’s Mosasaurus fans know what’s going on). This means seeing a wild reptile resting on the surface and making faces before immediately arguing with a younger male. This is the pinnacle of entertainment guys!

prehistoric planet It is not immune to some of the problems that plague these types of documents. While the series was – produced by Jon Favreau and producers planet earth By your promises of “the latest advances in palaeontology,” you’ll soon be immersed in the dramatic clichés of the literary genre. In the world prehistoric planetEach vignette is epicly dramatic. You can tell how the tides will change, based on the response of the bulging orchestra. As Attenborough’s jagged and often relaxed narration reminds us, “not many of them reach the distance,” just as little dinosaurs we see flounder, run, and tumble in weather encounters, barely surviving another dinosaur day.

Rex swimming with his kids

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Two Touaregs swim together in a misty seascape

Photo: Apple TV Plus

But with these cliched moments also come great cinematic moments: a dinosaur emerging from a dust cloud after a fight or an ammonite converging in shallow waters for mating and lively illumination. When we notice that mature dinosaurs are doing quick work with baby turtles, it seems like an absolute miracle that turtles made it to the coastal waters where they were born, let alone our age.

Coasters don’t just focus on aquatic dinosaurs; As the title suggests, we spend a lot of time in a place where the land meets the sea, and the choice is smart. It doesn’t just show the agility of the animation prehistoric planet – CGI is a mixed bag and Aquatic Dinosaurs are one of the toughest shows due to the ocean waves and the fact that it’s very hard to fully absorb – that’s indicative of the scope of the series.

prehistoric planet It reminds us that terrestrial and marine ecosystems are interconnected when we notice bird-like dinosaurs flying over the oceans before taking cover in trees. With so much to cover, the series breaks it down into five-episode biomes, and breaks those chapters down into brief reviews for a small, educational narrative about the dangers of the dinosaur world.

after any moment Tyrannosaurus Rex It may be the largest predator on earth, and when it swims with its young, it is vulnerable to it Mozor exactly like us. Coastlines are a good starting point for the rest of the series, from the quieter, flickering lights and simultaneous bioluminescence that two creatures might associate with, to the fact that the planet’s largest predators are often found when their rival ungulates are drowning. their skulls. Attenborough says the oceans are one of the richest habitats on Earth. The “coasts” are just beginning to be explored.

prehistoric planet Premieres on Apple TV Plus with “Coasts” on May 23. There’s a new episode every night for the rest of the week.

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