Aunt Listel: I am glad my breasts have decreased after pregnancy. May it stay that way

It may surprise you, but Ciocia Liestyle, or Agnieszka Wolszczyk, doesn’t like being in the center of attention. This is actually surprising in the case of one of the most famous Polish influencers. Since I participated in the final of the show top model, Jacob Cosell, it got more and more raucous about her, and when their daughter Michalina, named Messia, came into the world, they almost became a celebrity. Agnieszka does not intend to cut coupons from popularity. It just does what it is supposed to do, and maintains a balance between everyday life online.

How did Aunt Listel find herself in motherhood? How did the birth of a girl affect her relationship? Finally, will there be a wedding? On the “Yes We” podcast, we asked Aunt Liestyle about this and so much more. We are calling!

Aunt Listel on the “Yes We” podcast She told us about the birth and how her first weeks with her daughter passed. It turns out that she remembers Messi’s birth well. “It was so much fun,” he says. “I was calm, and Cuba was more nervous. If I was sure all my births would look like this, I could be pregnant and giving birth all the time.” The more you can count on the full support and commitment of your partner. Jacob Kossel is completely crazy about his daughter, and he was and remains a huge support for his partner. “Cuba has always said he wants to have children and has always been in good contact with them – says Agnieszka. He played with his friends’ kids like a teenager. So I knew it was good dad stuff. (…) Cuba does everything with Messi. At first, we had this split where I would feed and he would take care of the rest. For the first week, I didn’t even touch the nappy. It has been a great help to me.”

Aunt Liestyle and Jakob Kosel officially confirmed that they are together in April 2020. Of course, they did it on Instagram in their cute and fun style. They show their parents the same way. There is a lot of laughter and tenderness in the photos and videos they post on social media. Agnieszka makes no secret that Cuba absolutely adores Messia. She claims that she will become the real “daddy’s little girl”. She also fell in love with being a mother. How does she raise her daughter?

“I try not to repeat my father’s mistakes and give Messiah everything that is lacking in me. It was not because of bad intention, but because my parents were brought up differently. They were brought up believing that something cannot, and something cannot fall, because what people say. I would not Be that way with us,” reveals Aunt Liestyle in “Yes We.” She adds that together with Kosel, whom she calls her “roommate,” they want to build a world full of love for their daughter. “Beautiful, calm, secure, who will be able to be herself in her, do whatever she wants and ignore what others say. We hug and kiss her so much, because we want her to feel safe and know that she can always count on us. To allow her to grow in a feeling of unconditional love. “. That is why Agnieszka tells her daughter that she loves her every day.

We asked Aunt Listel if her relationship with Jacob Cosell has changed since Michalina appeared in their house.

She replied, “At first, there were a lot of tensions, because we had to get along with our baby. But we managed to work through it all which is good. We had a division of responsibilities and we still had…) Teddy Bear sleeps in bed with us, Actually from the start.She slept maybe four nights in a bed but she woke up a lot and had to be carried.And when she lies between us now we pet her from time to time and sleep but as a relationship we do well, because the bed is not the only place you can cuddle “(He laughs).

On September 6, 2020, Kosel asked Wolszczyk to marry him. Exactly on her birthday. She agreed, although she did not know if they would marry. He explains: “It’s not that important to me. The feeling and connection between us is more important. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind and want a nice dress – maybe white, maybe not. That engagement was so cute and so cute., point and no. I have pressure to go further. It’s It’s great for us and that’s enough for me.”

Aunt Listel also told us that she was aware of the attractiveness of her partner, the model. But he does not pay attention to the fact that someone is looking after him on the street. accustomed to. She claims to feel more confident with Kosel. She had no problem with this because she loves herself.

“I lost weight very quickly after pregnancy and I weigh a lot less than before. A couple of months ago I finished breastfeeding and now it’s a little bit up to me. But I love my body no matter what it looks like. I don’t have a problem with that somewhere in there. A little more and less in place. else [po ciąży – przyp. red.] My breasts have decreased and I hope it stays that way. I loved it as it was, but now it’s easier for me to buy a bra or a blouse. I thought for a long time about reducing my chest. But seeing anesthesia was a strange thing to me, and I found it too much. I will not be under anesthesia just to reduce my breasts. So I had no choice but to accept it. I have such a statue and that’s it.

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What else did Aunt Listel reveal in our podcast? You will see for yourself!

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