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NFT tokens are gaining in popularity, have entered the mainstream and more and more people are becoming interested in them. NFT token is computer code, and just like cryptocurrency, there is the same technology behind it i.e. blockchain – says Jakub Putyło of Concise Software and crypto expert at The only difference between NFT tokens and cryptocurrencies is their uniqueness. Each symbol is unique, and cannot be copied, cloned, mined, or printed. Each code has a unique and unique number.

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NFT code as Land Registry

As the specialist explains, an additional advantage of tokens is their limited number, which translates into their value, especially when interest increases. – The owner of an NFT token is the owner of the digital object or digital good that this token represents – the broadcast guest explains. – It can be compared to the land registry or car registration certificate. NFTs are unique and confirm ownership of a particular good. So it can also be used for investment and multiply savings.

Digital ownership is often not respected. An example is images on the web, which are sometimes used without their rights. – There are legal regulations that state that if a person uses a digital good without having rights to it, he risks being punished – says the specialist. – But it’s very hard to enforce. And here NFT codes appear, which will make it easy to check whether a person using a particular digital good, whether it is a photo or something else, has the right to it.

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Easily available icons

It will be possible to verify this very quickly, because, as the guest of the four assures, all information about NFT tokens is stored in the blockchain, which is transparent and accessible to everyone. – You can view all transactions there and get information about selected NFT tokens – says Jakub Putyło. – You can check what they are related to and who owns them.

– NFT tokens are readily available. It is enough to set up a wallet for cryptocurrency, connect to this wallet a website, the so-called place on the market, where we can buy NFT tokens, and we can buy, for example, a work of art – explains the interlocutor, Mateusz Kulik. – In fact, you can buy anything and we are only limited by the imagination of Internet users. We recently heard about an influencer who sold a virtual love for 1 million PLN.

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Icons also in real life

You can also buy graphics, music, various items, and accessories from popular games, gifs, tweets, etc. We can also use tokens for purchases in the real world, such as real estate. – There are already several companies that deal with this: we buy a token for an amount and this token is part of the property – explains the expert. Real estate is often used for rent, so this token gives you the right to get paid because you own a building or apartment.

NFT tokens can also be obtained for free, and this often happens when the company wants to exist and gives them away. – The responsibility of the person receiving the tokens is to engage in various actions, such as searching on Facebook or recommending a tweet – says Jakub Putyło. This is how companies build their community in the virtual world. At first, these are not amazing values, but after a year it turns out that the project has become popular, its price is rising and this token may already have a certain value.

However, as the expert emphasizes, before any investment in NFT tokens, you must gain knowledge on this topic. “Everyone should do their own research before dealing with tokens,” he advises. It’s a good idea to prepare for the deal and know as much as possible about it before taking any chances.


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a guest: Jakub Putyło (Business Development Manager at Concise Software, crypto expert at

Date of issue: 02.12.2021

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