Album “Nowosielski in Silesia. Sacred Art “

City Museum in Teixe With extraordinary joy and undisguised pride Gifts Still hot “spread fresh water” – Christina Cherny’s book, “Nowosielski na Śląsku. Sacred Art”.

publish album Co-published by City Museum in Tychy and Szpalanka Lab. This is amazing The third part of the series monograph The Great Sacred Achievements of the Krakow Artist in Poland. first two volumesWhich define the editorial standards and final form of graphic design for the entire course are: “Nowosielski in Lesser Poland. Sacred Art “(Krakow 2015) And “Nowosielski – Sacred Art. Podlasie, Warmia and Mazury, Lublin “(Białystok 2019).

This is amazing Posts rich in pictures Discusses the Sacred artworks of one of the greatest Polish painters of the 20th century: IconsAnd iconic barrierAnd multi-colorsAnd interior design And liturgical equipment – Both realizedIn addition to those already Not Foundor saved Just in project form – from the field upper And Lower Silesia. Works by Jerzy Nowosielski decorate the interiors of templesHow do: Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit in Tichy (Żwaków District), Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity of the Holy Mother of God in Wroclaw, Orthodox Church on St. The Apostles Peter and Paul in Jelenia Góraso is Pictures Located In the collections of the National Museum in WroclawAnd Museums in ChorzoAnd bitumAnd KatowiceAnd OpoleAnd Tishi And estochova. An essential part of the bookApart from the story about the fate and operation of the facilities, the furniture of the temples in Jelenia Gora and Wroclaw, there The history of the creation and documentation of the greatAnd Coherent work of the Creatormulti-colors And Church interior design. from the Holy Spirit Tichy.

High level of substantive contentAnd Reflect the current state of research in the art of NowosielskiThe insightful researcher reassured his life and work, Christina ChernyAnd author The text, among other things Biography of the artist “Pat in the temple”.that went to Nike Literary Award Finals.

The sacred art of Jerzy Novosilsky did not live to see it To this limit trustedAnd Comprehensive documentation And Translation. Works by Nowosielski for the purpose of cultOperating outside the commercial art market, in the liturgical space, stayed Long Beyond the interest of researchers It is outside the control of the institutions established for the care of cultural heritageAs a result certain objects have been subjected to gradual deterioration, repainting, or unskilled restoration. A full study of Nowosielski’s sacred cognition allows it to be covered more effectively by scientific and conservation care.

yes A solid study of the work of a painter of this standard in the field of religious art It will certainly be of great interest to readers – not only art historiansAnd Museum ScholarsAnd touristsbut me Silesian population.

The project was co-financed under the “Ars Quaerendi” award from the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.By Kristina Cherny and Grzegorz Eliasevich – authors of text and images for publication – and From the budget of the city of Taichi And Kompania Piwowarska in TychyAnd Supported by the Krakow Municipality.

Christina Cherny (born 1957) – art critic and historian. In the 1980s, her texts about art in the pages of indisputable magazines accompanied the independent culture movement. In the 90s, she collaborated with Krakow TV (it broadcasts “Krakow Art Album” and “Szateria”). Until 2018, she was associated with the Institute of Art History at Jagiellonian University. It deals with Polish art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the problems of sacred art. Published in many cultural periodicals, specialized magazines and exhibition catalogs. She has edited selected works by Mieczysław Porębski for Wydawnictwo Literackie and articles, interviews and letters by Jerzy Nowosielski for Wydawnictwo Znak. Posted inter alia: “It’s not just about art. Conversations with Professor Mieczysław Porębski “(Wydawnictwo Dolnośląskie, Wroclaw 1993); “Art Reserve” (Znac, Krakow 2000); Kantor – Painting and theater. A guide to the artist’s work “(BWA in Bydgoszcz, Cricoteka, Bydgoszcz 2002); “Nowosielski” (Znack, Krakow 2006); “Pat in the temple. A biography of Jerzy Novoselsky” (Znack, Krakow 2011; WAM, Krakow 2018); Tadeusz Kantor. A Walk in the Line ”(Krikotica, Krakow, 2015); “Nowosielski in Małopolska – Sacred Art” (Małopolska Foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Krakow 2015); Nowosielski – Sacred Art. Podlasie, Warmia and Mazury, Lublin ”(Podläsi Museum, Białystok 2019) ; “The Suffering of Figure. Jerzy Czerzewski. Drawing” (Volume 1–2, IRSA, Krakow 2019). For her writing on art, she has been awarded, among others, before with the Kazimierz Wicca Prize (2012); The book “Pat in the temple. Biography of Jerzy Nowosielski “was a finalist in the literary prizes: Nike, Gdynia and Gryfia (2012). In 2017, she defended her doctoral thesis at Jagiellonian University entitled “The Concept of the Sacred Art of Jerzy Novoselsky”. Currently, she is associated with the IRSA Culture Support Foundation, working on later volumes of Jerzy Novoselski’s Monumental Sacred Art Collection and editing the Tadeusz Różewicz Correspondence. For her activism in the anti-communist opposition in the 1970s, she was awarded a Knight of the Order of Bologna Restituta (2008) and the Freedom and Solidarity Cross (2015), as well as the Silver Medal “Zasłużony Kulturze – Gloria Artes” (2019).

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