The world must prepare for 2050. It’s happening right before our eyes

Łukasz Piątek, What have you done today to make the world a better future?

Arietta Spora, environmental activist: Starting with an I-Human-Citizen-Consumer approach, I make the best decisions about everyday life. I try to buy, use and waste as little as possible. What can I give more than myself? educate people. Writing books is a good way to smuggle knowledge and talk about very important things in the context of the future of our planet, which perhaps no one has heard of yet.

Recently, your latest book was shown for the first time. “User’s Guide to the Future”. Which chapter of this book is the most important to you?

– Definitely a psychology one. It was written before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. At the time, I felt like I had a lot of fears on my mind. Later Russia invaded Ukraine and my daily fears turned out to be nothing compared to what was happening outside our eastern borders. And especially in these facts, the question – how to take care of yourself and not go crazy – becomes fundamental.

How do we do that?

Try not to overburden yourself, and do not try to solve all the problems of the world. Find one or two and take care of them as much as we have the strength and ability.

When did you see the need to care about the fate of our planet?

This awareness of the state of the planet came in stages. I think the biggest motivation was my work in the fashion industry. I had a clothing company and once realized how overproduction of clothing affects the environment. I knew I wasn’t going to change the entire world of fashion, so I started wondering what I could improve at home to lighten the planet.

Few people are aware of how fashion affects the environment…

– exactly. Everything is beautiful and colorful. For 10 years I haven’t asked myself why these things are so cheap. Who produces them? Why do we have so many new things and collections, and what happens to these clothes when we stop wearing them? Why is it deteriorating so quickly?

Have you ever heard that you are an “environmental worker”?

– I’m not a chained person, I’d rather call myself an “environmental terrorist”. When I went through the early stages of battling plastic, my friends were afraid I’d catch them with a plastic bottle. This is, of course, half a joke, half seriously. I just told them in the back of their heads while shopping that it’s better to look for a different solution than loading a pack of plastic bottles with water in the basket.

– Of course – some see me as a person detached from reality. It is Warszavka that fights for the planet, because it is fashionable now. This cannot be avoided.

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What can an ordinary Kowalski, who every day has more problems on his head than caring for the planet, do to take care of this planet at least to a minimum?

– The keyword is “less”. Buy less, use less, throw less, dash less. What I said at the beginning. Kowalski doesn’t have to introduce an environmental revolution in his life. Suffice it to realize that he doesn’t have to clog his fridge to its brim with countless products which, to some extent later, will be wasted anyway.

I get the impression that today’s environment is somewhat similar to diet. Every now and then new diets appear, which in the opinion of experts distort the previous ones. It is similar with ecology. On the one hand, we hear that electric cars are something that won’t lead the planet to disaster, and on the other hand, there are reports that producing and then disposing of batteries from these cars does more harm to the environment than an internal combustion engine. . It is said that we should stop using foil nets when shopping, and in a moment we read that a cotton shopping bag is more harmful than a chip bag, because in order to help the planet in any way, it must be used several times a thousand times, and no cotton bag in such a test Time will not do it. Perhaps people are tired of these contradictions.

The saying that producing a cotton bag is worse for the environment than using a plastic bag is a very general statement. The question is, in what context is it worse. How did someone calculate it and based on the data they evaluated? If we consider the environmental cost of producing such cotton bags, we need more raw materials. Cotton has to be grown, someone has to pick it up, then process it, sew it, dye it, ship it, and sell it. To offset the cost of the plastic shopping net, which requires less resources and energy to produce, this cotton bag needs to be reused 7000 times. Let’s make a date – hardly anyone in the world does this.

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On the other hand, we are used to the fact that these plastic bags are disposable, because it is very convenient for us. The problem is that there is no system for recycling these plastic nets. It is vented from the environment – forests and water. There they decompose causing serious damage to the environment and animals. In this regard, a cotton bag is better, and it will not kill any sea animal. I think we’ve all seen pictures of animals dying in agony, because their stomachs were stuffed with a plastic shopping bag.

– However, you are right – everything is changing and developing very quickly, so in fact we can get lost in the amount of this often contradictory information. There is no other way here than to educate yourself.

Can pulling plastic straws be considered a success?

– It must be emphasized that in the case of plastic straws, it was never intended to reduce the consumption of plastic and its release into the environment, since it represents a very small amount of this substance. It was about letting people know how often we use things pointlessly, because any beverage can be drunk without the aid of a pipette—no matter if it’s made of paper or plastic. Whatever it is, it is redundant. We don’t need to make that straw, just like that.

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The year 2050. Why is this date so important for our planet?

– Because it’s so close. At the same time, many things can and should happen by then. Because it seems like a distant future, and it’s only been 30 years. In the context of understanding the changes taking place on our planet, it is important to understand interconnectedness. So, if the glacier is melting now, how will it affect our lives in 5 or 10 years? Same thing with heats etc. We still have a lot to do, but the sooner we do it, the better this future will be.

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