The Polsat SuperHit 2022 was the best last weekend. 11 million viewers

At the “Platinum Party” on Friday We saw artists whose albums and songs were covered with platinum or diamonds, ie: Cleo, apple blossom, formation – composition Komodo, Cortez, Peter Kojovsky and Kaka Suchaka.

This evening was also marked by solidarity with Ukraine. a team Enej Together with the Ukrainian group Kozak System he performed the song “Brat za Brata”. members kozak system Fighting in front, the singer taped his parts into the trenches and projected them onto a big screen during the performance. We also heard Kamil Bednarek in a duet with him View Vynnytska In the beautiful poem “Copper Green Club” and Macej Malichuk In the still recent work “Menten’s servants”.

T.LOVE Jubilee Celebrated “30 Years of the King Album”. He said, “Although times are tough, we want to give you an energy pill.” Muniek StaszczykHe dedicated the concert to his recently deceased father. The band’s entire performance is a review of their greatest hits, including: “King”, “I love you”, “IV Liceum” or “Nie no nie”. The band received from Sopot chief for their musical achievements Jacek Karnovsky Special award, and from Telewizja Polsat the figurine “From Heart to Music”, presented by the President of Telewizja Polsat Stanislav Janowski Polsat Program Manager Nina Terentio. The audience rewarded the band with loud applause, “Stu Lat”.

Igor Herbut also heard the song Sto lat from the group LemON. It’s been 10 years since they won “Must Be Music” – no one had any doubts that their music would touch hearts. For this unusual sensitivity Igor Herbot He was awarded the “Heart of Music” crystal. He also prepared a surprise for everyone – he presented the song “Betki”, which was announced for the upcoming album.
Over 5 million viewers spent this evening with Polsat! On the first day, partying gained 11.5% in the 4+ group and 12.1% in the 16-59 group.

At Saturday’s “Radio Hit of the Year” party We heard the most famous radio songs, including: Vicki Gabor and Kaya, Siluya Grzyszack, Daria, Grzygorz Hechigo and Prisca. There were also memories. 40 years have passed since the premiere of “Józek I Won’t Give You Tonight”, which he performed on this occasion Beata and Bagam. David KwiatkowskiThe statuette of “Heart for Music”, winner of two singles double platinum and the most willingly played Polish artist on broadcasting stations, was awarded to the biggest hit of the past year. In return, Team T received a special award from Interia for winning the Internet poll “The Best of the Best”.Harry from us. An eccentric artist made a special mini show Ralph KaminskyWho also sang the first song “Palo Rifa”.

I judged that evening will add! “Doda or Dorota? The Rabczewska You Don’t Know” is the culmination of 20 years of artistic work Dorota Rabitciuska. “No one will succeed if they do not believe in themselves” – she recalls her career. Duda is an excellent example of this. In addition, it can surprise you beautifully. At the beginning of the concert, she sang 4 Dodas, symbolizing the breakthrough moments in their careers. We saw Duda from 1995, then 2000, 2004 and finally the present – mature, but still breaking all stereotypes, who would give everything for true love. During the jubilee, she sang her greatest hits in surprising duets: “Znak Pokój” z Justina Steczkowska“2 Tales” with his idol Beata Kozydrac“Don’t give up” from Mikhail Wisniewski And “I only have you” from David Kwiatkowski. She received her artistic achievements in her hands Stanislav JanowskiPresident of Telewizja Polsat Crystal “Heart for Music”.

Presenting the award, President Stanisław Janowski said, “Great respect and great congratulations for all you have achieved during these 20 years. We have a crystal heart for you with a very simple message. There is only one Queen.” In turn, he gave the artist the gold record for selling the song “Fake Love”.

On Saturday, more than 6 million viewers enjoyed Polsat, giving 17.3% market share in the 16-59 leveling group and 15.7% in the 4+ group.

The three-day event ended with Sopot Cabaret Hit, introducing Poland’s funniest performers, and the forest opera was filled with loud laughter! This exclusive collection includes: Kabaret Moralnych Niepokoju, Kabaret Skeczów Męczące, Nowaki, Ani Mru Mru, Jerzy Kryszak, 4 Fala, K2 and Paranienormalni.

6.5 million viewers chose Polsat on Sunday night! The station stakes during the cabaret show were 21.1% in the 16-59 group and 20.3% in the 4+ group.

The media sponsor of the festival was TikTok and it was the first such collaboration in Poland between a social platform and a TV broadcaster. On the Polsat channel on Tik Toku, on the first day of the festival, users can watch a unique concert in the style of Cleo pop-up. Amazed fans and passers-by were delighted, and the number of photos and videos of this small show filled all social platforms. On Saturday, Dawid Kwiatkowski gave a small concert available only on the TikTok platform.

Throughout the festival, Pulsat’s social media multi-media coverage was conducted by special correspondents seen by millions of users daily, Klaudia Halejcio and Damian Tkaczuk. The number of views of the festival’s content reached nearly 8.5 million views!

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