Teen mom Farah Abraham slams the ‘scary’ way she talks to the MTV crew in a new clip of the show

TEEN Mama Farrah Abraham has come under fire for the “scary” way she spoke to the MTV crew in the show’s relaunch clip.

In the season two finale, producers told Farah that she couldn’t be a part of a competitive reality TV show.


Farah, 30, got into a fierce battle with co-producer Larry in the clip.

He happily ended up telling Larry that he was “white trash.”

When the video surfaced again on Reddit, fans said, “This girl is awful. The way you talk to people is horrible.”

Another fan commented, “She’s so hateful. I’d be ashamed if my kid acted like that.”

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The third presented: “Girl, you are rude and naughty with the slightest bit of provocation.”

However, one fourth fan remarked, “I stopped watching Teen Mom OG years ago because I couldn’t stand watching them bully.”

A fifth fan agreed, “Okay! She’s offensive in every sense of the word to everyone around her.”

New family member?

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A teenage mother shocked fans when she claimed that she was planning to adopt a child.

Farah announced that she plans to “adopt Ukrainian children” in an Instagram report in the face of opposition to the “bad parenting” of her daughter Sophia.

The former MTV star posted a long post about how Ukraine turned out to be “stronger than Russia as a whole.”

Farah wrote: “No Ukrainian deserves to be tortured because of who he is and where he lives.”

She then accused “militaries in uniform” of attempting to “cause mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder and torture”.

“I pray to God that the trauma of all rape victims around the world will be healed,” concluded the reality show star.

Farah is the mother of her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Sick leave

Teen Mom fans were unhappy with Farrah’s content and mocked her parenting skills, reminding the MTV mother of her daughter’s age.

One fan commented, “Sofia is a beautiful young lady. I hope they distance themselves from the toxins of Farah and her family.”

Recently, fans split when it happened that MTV’s mother allowed her teenage daughter to wear a pair of high heels.

One Reddit user reposted the photos and asked, “Sofia’s wearing high heels… isn’t she a little small for that?”

Fans and critics responded in the comments section with mixed reactions.

One critic said, “These things look like a broken ankle waiting to happen.”

Another critic stated, “My only problem is whether it’s bad for her developing bones…Besides, that’s whatever.”

Other fans were by her side when one fan said, “She looks great and I love the way she expresses herself with my outfits, including the shoes…”

Another fan wrote, “I wish I had this outfit when I was 12.”

“poor child”

Farah was caught in another clip of her “brutal” treatment of Sophia while she was ill.

In the new Teen Mom movie, the seven-year-old was described by OG as “stupid” and “pagan” for not wanting to go to the Easter party because she felt too sick.

In the clip of season six, episode four, Farah breaks into Sophia’s bedroom, where the child is lying in bed in pajamas.

She told Sophia to get dressed for the Easter egg hunt and got her out of bed.

When her daughter refused to cooperate, Farah told her she couldn’t come – and Sophia’s reaction was to put a chair by the door.

Then Farah grabbed her wrist and pulled her up the stairs and asked her to get dressed.

I don’t know why Sophia should act like a pagan, she cried, pushing her daughter up the stairs, go there.

Sophia is too stupid to get ready. This is not my problem now.

Her mother, Debra, tried to sort things out, explaining that Sophia was feeling unwell.

Farah cried, “I gave her the medicine, she did it already. It’s funny how he acts. I don’t know what bothers you the most.”

The reality show star left her daughter at home to meet her boyfriend Simon.

fan clearance

Panicked viewers flooded Reddit to expose Farah’s paternity to “poor” Sophia in the video.

One of them was angry: “You called her daughter pagan and stupid. It’s the worst ever. I hope Zofia writes her diary someday.”

Another added, “I didn’t realize she was sick until they finally said it. Like wtf. No wonder she acted!”

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– She called Sophia stupid. It’s disgusting. Farah is completely unable to handle the child. a point.

A third wrote: “She has always been brutal to everyone around her. Disgusting.”

Farah described the MTV producer as


Farah says she is planning


Although Farah is already facing a reaction to her mother with her daughter Sophia


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