Sebastien Ogier – movie about the WRC champion

The end of the last full season Sebastien Ogier In the World Rally Championship, it didn’t go exactly as planned. But the result was exactly what the French wanted.

Three rounds before the end of the 2021 WRC season, with a 44-point lead overall, Ogier and his assistant Julien Ingrassia had to make a decision. what should be done?

may safely? Do not risk?

There is no one left

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That’s the mentality a driver needs to win one World Rally Championship, let alone seven. However, being aggressive, in a sport where centimeters and seconds are crucial, can have both positive and negative effects. tense enough Finland Rally and very monotonous Spain RallyThat suddenly teammate from Toyota, Elvin Evans And reduce the difference in the “general classification” to only 17 points. Until the end, it’s only left Monza Rally
Forget the centimeters, the final round of the 2021 season was decided in millimeters! It seemed dangerous for a moment, but the French managed it Achieving the goal during the garden of Monza in Italy The experience of winning seven league titles helped them win the eight championship. The stallion did great at times when others might choose more careful tactics. He and Engracia deservedly won another league title.

The new and fascinating document – now also available with a Polish translation – shows Ogier’s career in an unprecedented way. It’s easy to focus on your successes and ignore your failures. In “Sébastien Ogier: The Final Season” a completely different narrative is chosen. Take the 2011 season for example…

Sebastien Ogier and Julian Ingracia celebrate their 2017 World Rally Championship title

Ogier and Ingrassia have had a lot to celebrate over the years

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Having joined the Citroën Factory lineup, what a team partner Sebastian Loeb, the stallion did not give way to him and demanded equal treatment in terms of contract. He didn’t understand it, but he didn’t give up. Compromise was not an option. Even if it cost him his career. In the end it cost him a place in the team.

“I dared to confront the icon of Loeb,” he says in the film. “People often told me that 2011 wasn’t right for me. Everyone was trying to get me to talk about the bad things. But I only remember the positives. Shape me.

This was the season that made him a real driver and shaped him as a very fierce competitor. He left for the Volkswagen Motorsport team, with whom he will soon reach the top.

When the driver and car are exactly the same

Once Volkswagen created the Polo R WRC, Stallion used it with fatal success, winning four championship titles in four years. In those seasons, he showed a natural instinct that affected his childhood with his idol Ayrton Sina. Like the Brazilian, Ogier’s style was not always liked by his rivals, but no one could defeat him in 2013-2016. Well, no one could get close to him.
Sebastien Ogier at the 2016 WRC Rally Spain

The stallion was unstoppable on the wheel of the Polo R WRC

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Now, when writing the following pages of history, Ogier’s character has evolved. This was evidenced by the sentiment that accompanied Volkswagen’s departure from the WRC at the end of 2016. The German auto giant’s decision to end the WRC program gave Ogier the opportunity to prove he could also be quick in another car.

And soon Seb won four more championships – two each with M-Sport Ford and Toyota. Adventures couldn’t be more different: Malcolm Wilson’s family business versus the world’s largest automaker. In 2017, the transition to the M-Sport team was fraught with danger. Toyota was already tempting the French at the time by reaching a potentially more lucrative contract…

However, the stallion saw Wilson’s unique look and knew. The Fiesta WRC was a car it was made for. He was right. Rightly chose. Earning more titles with the British team, Ogier and Wilson cemented their friendship and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Admittedly, his return to Citroën in 2019 wasn’t quite what anyone would have liked, but Ogier finished the competition full-time in impressive style. His two years with Toyota perfectly spent the next chapter of his unique racing career.

Sebastien Ogier at the 2018 Rally Portugal

The stallion can count on the incomplete support of fans

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After ending his full-time career, Sebastien Ogier only competes in select pools, devoting much more time to family life. Despite this, he is still fast, as he proved at the start of the 2022 WRC season, Second place in the Monte Carlo Rally.

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Sebastien Ogier 8 times! How did he win the WRC Championship?

At Monza Rally, Sebastien Ogier sealed his eighth WRC championship in nine years!

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