Robert Lewandowski has been hitting the target for years, and now also on the coin. Unique collection of Gdańsk Mint

The cumulative coin market has recently experienced a real boom. In addition to aesthetic impressions, the possibility of collecting souvenirs that can be passed on from generation to generation also brings profit here and now. In times of political turmoil, rampant inflation, rising prices and dwindling savings, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find effective forms of capital investment. So it is worth looking for effective solutions. Such a form of investing money has been, is and always will be precious ores. Not only because of its resistance to inflation, but also because of the systematic increase in value in times of economic slowdown.

This is important when it comes to valuing contemporary coins, made of gold and silver of the highest quality. Investing in bullion is one of the safest ways to protect your finances, also due to its high sales liquidity and worldwide recognition.

In Poland, the Gdansk Mint has been issuing collector coins for more than a decade. The company’s activity refers to the tradition of minting in the capital of Pomerania, which dates back to the 13th century, and its offer includes many unique coins and a whole series, which brings their owners not only the pleasure of ownership, but also financial advantages.

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A group with an outstanding athlete

Collectors who decide to invest in coins with the image of Robert Lewandowski can be prepared for this. When we deal with such a unique series, it is worthwhile to buy the whole set, because every coin can gain value. Not only the first in the series, but also the second and subsequent ones.

The Road to Dreams will consist of seven parts and a total of 56 coins will be issued in different shapes. The series begins with silver coins of 999, weighing 2 ounces and 1 kilogram, called “Talent”, which indicates the beginnings of the football player’s career. The following programs will be broadcast at annual intervals: “Winner” (2023), “Record holder” (2024), “Krol Strzelko” (2025), “El Capitan” (2026), “Player of the Year” (2027) and “The Champion” ( 2028). The chain consists of gold and silver coins of the highest quality. Since they are collector elements, each will have a very limited voltage, which is an undoubted advantage in terms of increasing value.

The pre-sale silver coin “Talent” has a cost of 2 ounces, 1799 PLN and will be issued in the amount of 3000 pieces. If you want to buy the one kilogram version, you should be prepared for an expense of 14,999 PLN. However, it must be emphasized that the minting of this coin was limited to only 200 pieces.

“It is a great honor to have this unique coin created by the Gdansk mint!” – Robert Lewandowski wrote on his personal Facebook and Instagram, introducing “Talent”.

The coins issued by the Gdansk mint are not medals, but a complete means of payment. Those with a picture of Robert Lewandowski have a denomination of New Zealand dollars and a government guarantee of the Pacific island of Niue, which is headed by the President of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The mint offer also includes the Central African Franc, Ghanaian Cedi and Tuvalu dollar. According to Polish law, only Narodowy Bank Polski has the option to issue zloty coins.

Killers gain value

It brings profit to collectors already, among other things the “Assassins” coin that opens the “Assassins” chain. It is made of 999 ounces of pure silver. The collection is dedicated to the world’s most famous historical killers, around whom legends revolve.

The back of the coin shows three Assassin figures dressed in distinctive costumes, fully armed, and ready to fight. They hold gilded daggers in their hands. High relief perfectly emphasizes the design details. The face of the central part shows a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Along the edge there is information about the denomination (New Zealand dollars), the issuer (New Zealand), and the year of issue (2019). The whole is decorated with beautiful Arabic patterns, in which two khanjars are combined. The minting of coins is limited to 999 pieces, and its current price is 2499 PLN.

It is also worth paying attention to the second coin of the “Assassins” series – “Templars”, which was first shown at the beginning of 2022. Here, too, we get a work that has been revised down to the smallest detail. The obverse features a gilded sword held in the hands of a monk. At the bottom of the coin is the motto of the Knights Templar: “Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam!” , which means, “Not we, Lord, do not give us glory, but to your name!”. The price of the coin is PLN 1199.

For lovers of the Far East

Coins issued by the Gdansk mint are small works of art. No wonder collectors are so eager to get to the whole series. Another example is the “Legendarne Krainy” group. The first coin in this series – “Atlantis”, was completely sold out. Currently, it can only be purchased on request (price PLN 1299). Now the second coin, ‘Shambhala’, is on sale.

According to Buddhist mythology, it is a land that can exist on two levels: mental and physical. These two dimensions are captured by both sides of the coin. The opposite appears Shambhala as a place in the mind where one can find a spiritual path to enlightenment. On the other hand, the obverse shows the mountains and flowers that indicate a physical path to Shambhala.

The series “Champions of China” is also very popular. Topics related to the Far East are loved by collectors, and coins related to this topic sell quickly and increase in value. To date, two silver 999 coins have been issued: Guan Yu (PLN 2499) and Liu Bei (PLN 1199). Both were limited to 500 copies.

One of the most famous historical figures in ancient China, Guan Yu, who lived between 162-219 BC, was a prominent general who displayed courage, honesty, and wisdom. Liu Bei, in turn, was a Chinese warrior and politician, and the founder of the state of Shu Han. In 214, he took control of western Sichuan. Five years later, he captured the Han River Valley and declared himself emperor in 221.

The first coin from the next wonderful series “Myths”, which depicts the story of Daedalus and Icarus, also impresses with its appearance. $5 was minted from an ounce of pure silver. On the contrary there are elements of the story about Daedalus and Icarus. The gilding on top is a symbol of the sun that influenced their fate. And the irregular shape of the coin makes the sea look unusually rough. On the other hand, on the obverse there is an allegorical image of the labyrinth – its construction was one of the most important works of Daedalus. The pre-sale cost of the coin is 1499 PLN.

Just looking at these selected examples, it is safe to say that in the case of the chain of the Gdańsk Mint wallet, there is no shortage of good capital allocation. More coins can be found on the Gdańsk Mint website.

11 reasons to invest in coins with a photo of Robert Lewandowski:

  1. Robert Lewandowski is the most prominent Polish athlete, great football player and great Polish ambassador in the world. The Mint’s series of coins honors its great merits and achievements.
  2. The minting of each coin is strictly limited. Small sets of 2 oz coins – 3000 pieces, 1 kg of coins – 200 pieces is a great feature. Robert’s fans number in the millions all over the world and coins are certainly not enough for everyone.
  3. The unique design of the coin expresses the most important feelings associated with the road to victory; Passion, strength and determination. Includes an innovative 3D accessory that imitates a ball. The coin was created by the best Polish medalists.
  4. The first coins in the Gdańsk Mint series often gained value, as evidenced by: The Last Wish 2 oz (increased in value by 400%) and 1 kg, Rusalka, Jupiter, Spartacus, Big Bang, Guan Yu, Assassins, Cyberpunk, Mesopotamia.
  5. The New Zealand dollar is the currency of many valuable coins and is used as a currency. It is minted from the finest quality 999 silver with a very high 3mm engraving.
  6. History shows that ores are particularly resistant to inflation and are considered one of the safest forms of investing money, and their value is increasing systematically.
  7. The Road to Dreams series follows Robert Lewandowski’s path to the pinnacle of Olympic football.
  8. Great interest in coins makes it likely that they will sell out quickly.
  9. The idol of millions of children around the world and thousands of future footballers has also been forever inscribed in the pages of history as a series of coins. This coin will become an excellent family heirloom, preserved from generation to generation.
  10. Robert Lewandowski joined the close circle of the great Poles: Joseph Piłsudski and John Paul II, who were commemorated with a coin during their lifetime.
  11. Football-themed coins, such as those for Euro 2012, are always very popular, which affects their value.

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