Meet the new “Queen of Life”. Julia von Stein designs coffins and paints corpses… (Photos)

A new participant, Julia von Stein, will soon join the Queens of Life cast. A woman from Tarnow and her parents run a funeral home, where she designs coffins and paints corpses. Are you looking forward to her TV debut too?

Throughout the years of television broadcasting by the program life queens There were many colorful characters, and some of the participants received the status of celebrities. It was thanks to the controversial show that Poland heard about Dagmar Kamierska and her relatives: Konan’s son and friends of Edzia and Jacek, as well as the turbulent relationship between Gabriel Seweryn and Rafał Grabias. The program also promoted characters such as, among others tattooed Adrianna Eisenbach, Aesthetics lovers Laluna is unique if monica chwaguyi, who eagerly reported their luxurious life on Instagram.

a program life queens It has already had twelve seasons and still arouses a lot of emotions among viewers. No wonder the producers of the TTV show do their best to ensure that fans of the format do not run out of impressions and regularly introduce new participants – recently, for example, one well-known for her love of dogs and real estate joined in. cast. Elijah Baserbinska.

It turns out that we will soon be able to follow the fate of TTV The new “Queen of Life”. We are talking about one Julia von Stein. Viewers will undoubtedly remember the new heroine of the show, all thanks to her extraordinary career. Julia checks out In … the funeral industry.

Julia von Stein every day Lives in WarsawHowever, she regularly visits her hometown of Tarnow – she runs a funeral home with her parents there. Julia is professional Coffins design. In the family business, she is also responsible posthumous cosmetics, that it anointing the corpse And other procedures Prepare the dead for the last flight.

The new “Queen” runs an Instagram profile, of course, where she only appears occasionally for moments of her life. Giulia is undoubtedly a fan of luxury brands and fast cars. She can also boast of many famous friends – on her profile we can like pictures in the company of others Klaudia Halejcio or Honorata Skarbek. Von Stein also sometimes shares content related to his online career. For example, I recently offered a trip Funeral.

Meet Julia von Stein, the new ‘Queen of Life’. Will you succeed in stealing the hearts of the public?

You can laugh, but it’s good industry, so to speak.. Everyone will turn down a calendar at some point, so the request is

They should change the name of this program to Królowe Pathologii on TVN

Can’t you really show someone valuable? He is behind the eminent scholars, doctors, scientists and philanthropists. Please respect your readers.

He lives in Warsaw on a daily basis, so how does he paint the dead in Tarnow? booklet? Is this how technology has moved forward?

Foreign armies in…

6 days ago

Tanatoplasty is a profession that requires tact and responsibility. People die for various reasons, and some diseases make their bodies and faces very disfigured. The relationship between the deceased and tanatoplasty and the family of the deceased is very intimate, and the professional skills of the cosmetic dentistry procedure – cosmetic and psychological – largely depend on the comfort of the relatives of the deceased at this difficult moment. For many families, what the deceased looks like after death is very important and any professional in this field can truly work miracles. The term primitive corpse drawing, not to say blunt, means that Bodelik doesn’t know what to write about, while calling the new heroine a Queen of Life and Death proves that she shouldn’t practice this profession because she is. He does not understand its essence and that its essence is respect for the deceased and his family. lower.

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She was the most beautiful girl in school.

She is the queen of the dead hahahahahahaha

But for me it is a famous person, from the funeral works, when you start the calendar, to practical life. I don’t know this lady. Damn it from wtz.o.

Have you noticed…

4 days ago

That all of these ……………….. have the same traffic? Even the fingers of the phone are arranged in a distinctive way.

While in high school, Katarzina bragged about her “famous” cousin Gerd Steinhof… I recommend you check her identity on Google. financial problems

Katarzina is from Tarnow and not one Julia.

The best and most natural is the new Alice. Great grandmother. Won’t you listen anymore Patrick buys me when he puts it in the oven and it doesn’t quite glow hahahaha Dagmara is Dagmara without Jacek she would be weak and Kasia – kind of crazy but at least a loyal grandmother.

That this Mercedes C-class luxury? Laughing in the room. Like the yellow shade of this lady’s blonde.

A truly royal occupation.

Folks, this is for you!!! Because it excites you!!! If you don’t understand the business show, sorry!!!

The body will not complain…

He lives with other people’s misery and will still be showing off about it on TV. drama

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