Kalish. He wanted half a million zlotys as compensation from Korea for harassment by a priest. The court issued the verdict

On Monday, a court in Kalisz announced its verdict in a civil trial against the Archdiocese of Calis for compensation for the harassment of Reverend Arcadius H. Correa to sue Bartomeg Bankoviak, one of the brothers who has been molested in the past by a priest. The court decided that he would receive 300,000 PLN in compensation.

A civil suit for compensation to brothers Jacob and Bartomij Bankoviac for child molestation by the father. Arkadiusz H. of Pleszew ended Friday in the District Court in Kalisz.

Brothers Bartomeg and Jacob Bancowiak of Blesio filed a civil action with the District Court of Kalisz for compensation of one million zlotys. Their case gained media attention after the screening of the film by the Sekielski brothers titled “Hide and Seek” in May 2020. The document presented the history of the sexual abuse of boys by Reverend Arcadius H. From the Diocese of Calich. The boys who were molested are now adult males. Bartomeg is 33 years old, and Jacob – 38. The priest used it in the years 1999-2000.

Jacob formally withdrawn his claims. Bartomeg fought for half a million zlotys.

The court issued the ruling on Monday. Bartłomiej Pankowiak was awarded 300,000 PLN in compensation for the damage he had sustained. The verdict is not final.

Big Brother withdrew his allegations the day before the trial began

The day before the trial, the older brother withdrew his allegations. “He justifies his decision by the fact that he is tired of the procedures and deeply disappointed with the position of the Catholic Church in Poland. He does not regret his commitment, but does not see the efficacy of what he has been doing so far – explained his representative.

Bartłomiej Pankowiak demanded that Korea pay half a million zlotys. The compensation – he told – would like to be spent on what he did not do and what he gave up in his life because of traumatic experiences. – I would like to play the violin again, go outside. I want to make up for 20 years of my lost life, meet my friends, take them to a barbecue, and learn English. Certain areas of my feelings were brutally troubled in my childhood and I lived in stasis.

“To say that the parish is not to blame is really weak”

Party representatives delivered their closing speeches on Friday.

According to the victim’s lawyer, Artur Nowak, the Diocese of Kalisz is to blame. We live in a secular country with civil law. The transformation of the sea of ​​ecclesiastical symbols is an absolute misunderstanding. The case is clear. Saying it’s a parish, not a diocese, is really weak and I wouldn’t argue with that. What I am not sure about is the amount of compensation and I leave it to the court. What happened to this young man is the greatest drama. He missed it all because he met a monster on his way. He said not on the street, but in his house.

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Congregational Commissioner: This is an ideological declaration, not a lawsuit

The representative of the Diocese of Kalisz, attorney Marek Markievich admitted and stressed that the crime of pedophilia is disgusting. – It’s common because we have boy choir operations, in film school, on TV, and it’s very good that it happens. Nowhere is it just mentioned that entire institutions are to blame. For example, no one has heard of the Pozna Philharmonic being sued for its director or television over a music program. He pointed out that the treasury is not responsible for its institutions, although the minister appoints managers and controls them more than the bishop of priests. According to the lawyer, the case became legally prohibited not only in terms of the criminal liability of the priest, but also in terms of civil liability. – This is not a lawsuit, this is a kind of ideological declaration. He said it should not lead to legal effects at all. The lawyer emphasized that “the parish priest is not responsible for the parish’s duties.” – That is why I have repeatedly said that this lawsuit does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure, and contradicts the Church Code and the Concordat, which were entered into the Constitution. We are not looking for any escape, but only point out that this structure has the same wisdom as in the relations between the state treasury and corporations. The person who could be responsible for the actions has not been prosecuted. Markevich said it is not the diocese that should be sued, but the bishop.

And the lawyer demanded that the lawsuit be dismissed, stressing that the allegations had expired.

In the Holy See, the criminal proceedings of Father E are still pending, and the Diocese of Calisses is not a party to it.

The court suspended the case. Judge: This is the failure of the whole society

After the Sekielski movie aired, Father Arcadius H. The case of harassment of minors was investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office in Blesio after Bartomeg Bankoviak filed a notification.

The court of Belizeo sentenced the clergyman to three years in prison and banned him from working with children and youth for 10 years. According to the court, the accused committed the act deliberately and knew the age of the victim and realized that it was a prohibited act. Expert psychiatrists and a psychologist specializing in sexology found that the priest had disorders of sexual orientation in the form of a deviant tendency of children, and this – as summarized by the Blesio court – means that the accused can control his behavior. According to the court, the accused’s motive was the gratification of his sexual desires.

The clergyman’s defense appealed. The District Court in Kalisz in October last year overturned the ruling and halted proceedings in the pastor’s case. According to the court, the priest’s case expired on May 20, 2015. – This case is the failure of the whole society. In justifying the ruling, Judge Marek Baiger said that the perpetrator of the act of aggression would not bear criminal responsibility.

Kalish: The court overturned the sentence of Reverend Arcadius H.28.10.TVN 24

Forgiveness but not acquittal

The court determined that pardon does not mean acquittal. In the justification it was asserted that the priest was the alleged perpetrator of the crimes because he confessed, and thus the affected parties are still in civil proceedings to obtain damages from the Kalisz curia.

According to the court, the statute of limitations in this case could have been avoided. He asserted that the altar boys, their parents, the bishop of the Calisses diocese and the parish priest of Blesio were aware of the case. – Everyone was pleased that the problem was solved by transferring the priest to another parish. This kind of policy has been going on for a very long time. Today, social situations are different, such matters are not hidden under the rug and are revealed to the public. It is a failure of society as a whole, consisting in the fact that the perpetrator of a disgusting, highly morally reprehensible act, committed at the expense of a 10-year-old child, will not be criminally liable – emphasized Biger.

Father was an organist, priest – “friend of the house”

The victims’ father worked in the church as an organist, so the family learned more about the priests working in the parish. It was often the Reverend Arcadius H. He visits the boys’ home, and he is treated like a friend. The clergyman was the first to interest Jacob, and when he went to school in another city, he had to start molesting Bartholomew. The description of the victim states that he will return home in the evening, with the consent of his parents, lock the boy in the room, turn off the lights, and then be molested.

At first – says the aggrieved Bartomij – it all started with innocent meetings. – and I increased my confidence in H. by buying gifts from him and showing some kind of love to me at that time – I know today that this love was false. He explained that the gifts were not bought without reason, and the gifts were an excuse to keep his behavior secret.

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