Inside the clinic is like an art gallery. Unusual project of studio Pulva

The interior of the ProfMedica clinic in Pozna was designed by Studio Pulva. Instead of the sterile utilitarianism typical of similar buildings, we find a relaxing and visually stunning space with art in the spotlight.

  • Patients are welcomed at ProfMedica in Pozna by a three-storey high lobby with a striking and dynamic sculptural composition.
  • Unique interiors, in which concern for human well-being acquires a holistic perspective, is the work of Pulva Interior Design Studio.
  • Over 600 square meters a number of specialized offices have been established with the necessary infrastructure, comfortable patient waiting areas and comfortable social spaces for the clinic team.
  • Two artists also played significant roles in the project: Tomasz Górnicki and Katarzyna Zygadlewicz.

Prof. Medica is a specialized clinic that deals primarily with the diagnostics and comprehensive treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system and nervous system. The facility is associated with more than 70 doctors of various specialties. In order to create conditions for them to work at the highest European level, the builder of the facility – A. Robert Juszkat – Decided monument in ul. Drużbicki in Poznan the new headquarters. This is where we visit today.

Unique interior designs

The external dimensions of the building were designed by the studio Architects KM rubaszkiewicz It attracts attention with its cube shape, black walls and fully glazed front elevation. However, real surprises await in the interiors created by Adam Polewicki and his team Studio Pulva Alexandra Young, Kaja Korba, Julia Solomakha, Sandra Warzen.

What is unusual about this type of project is that the investor’s desire was not to maximize the usable area, but to have a unique visual effect. This goal has been fully achieved. From the moment we entered, we could feel the amazing size of the building.

The three floors of the building are intersected by an interior atrium around which a functional plan has been laid. Over 600 square meters a number of specialized offices have been established with the necessary infrastructure, comfortable patient waiting areas and comfortable social spaces for the clinic team.

holistic design

– Our main assumption was to get an impression of visual coherence and comfort, i.e. values ​​far from standard solutions and unfriendly sterility with which we associate healthcare facilities – confirms Adam Polwicki. – Since the beginning of the conversations with the investor, we have focused on thoughtful simplicity, subtle lighting solutions and the introduction of art as a key element that gives this space a distinct character – he adds.

All the threads mentioned here are entwined in a stunning three storey high wall behind the reception desk. An amazing sculptural form was created here, by a prominent artist Tomas Gornicki Interpret the shapes found in rocky landscapes. The dynamic tectonic movement of solids during the day is emphasized by bright sunlight through the skylight, and after dark – by the light emanating from the cracks of the installation. The counter itself also became part of the project, which additionally underlines the monumental nature of this project.

comfortable balance

– As the main wall of the lobby is the focal point of the project, the remaining elements of the space contain minimal messages and stimuli – says Adam Polewicki. Relevant and selected materials and textures are kept in a warm and calm range of earth tones. But at the same time, the interior of the clinic contains very subtle details. Many items are clearly designed for scale.

The walls on the ground floor with frameless doors for the offices were completely covered in lapis, which unified the surfaces and emphasized the sophisticated nature of the project. The paintings of the great painter have become an important complement to the waiting area Katarzyna Zygadlewiczwhich enrich the space with touches of more intense color and attract attention with its graphic, value and texture.

A thoughtful combination of colors and finishing materials is further emphasized by carefully planned lighting. This great attention to detail required the coordination of many industries at the installation level. There are no random decisions here, so we’re looking at the whole as a delightfully coherent form.

Every project in Studio Pulva is a formula that focuses on people, emotions, life and nature. We are confident that such interiors are necessary, because they provide people with not only a specific function, but also a sense of inner harmony and peace – assures Adam Polowicki. Clinic design is one of those interiors in which the commitment and determination of all parties allow to reliably reflect the design vision and create a truly unique space. Public facilities at this level – and not only in the field of health care – should be seen in all Polish cities.

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