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Vehicle insurance is a topic that every car owner has to contend with. We usually complain that they are expensive and greatly increase the cost of car ownership. This is why we often search the web for the cheapest offers and ways to reduce these costs. It turns out that there is a simple and reliable way to do this, which brings with it a number of additional benefits.

Discount on safe driving is real

There are many ways to reduce the cost of auto insurance. The most effective is damage-free driving, which results in the biggest discounts on insurance. Insurance companies’ algorithms also take into account a number of other factors, such as the age of the driver or the time we got our driver’s license. A few years ago I read that in the future our leadership style will also be put under a microscope and it seems that the time has finally come. Today, effective monitoring of driving style is made possible thanks to the smartphone that almost all of us own. Modern companies are beginning to take advantage of this fact.

Volkswagen Financial Services has been offering the InMobi app for a long time, which was developed in collaboration with the famous Yanosik. Allows you to get an additional discount on your insurance in exchange for monitoring your driving style. InMobi has now acquired a very important and useful function, namely navigation, which makes the application even more useful. The app will not only guide us effectively from point A to point B but will also inform us about traffic jams or accidents. How does it all work in practice?

InMobi with event navigation and reporting

Getting started with InMobi is very easy. All you have to do is download the app from Play Store (Android) or AppStore (iOS) and install it on your smartphone. Then register a new account and provide details about your vehicle. This can be done in the easiest possible way, that is, by scanning the QR code on the registration certificate. In the following steps, you must specify when our current policy will expire (the application will prepare an offer for us 30 days before it expires) and give appropriate consent to receive said offer. Although Volkswagen Financial Services is responsible for the app, the InMobi app can be used by any car brand owner, not just Volkswagen. The company will prepare an insurance proposal for everyone, and from the beginning, just for the fact of using the application, we will get a 5% discount on the OC / AC / NNW package and assistance.

After the first launch of the application, it is worth spending an extra two minutes to configure it. Now that we have our own navigation system based on data provided by Janosek, the choice of options is very wide. In addition to route planning, the InMobi navigation system can inform us of a number of road hazards and accidents. From accidents and road works, to speed cameras and police patrols, to sectional speed measurements. InMobi can work in the background thus monitoring our driving style and allowing you to get a discount on your insurance. However, given the same navigation capabilities, it can be successfully used instead of Google or Apple Maps.

Advantages of legal driving

Driving safely and smoothly will benefit us the most. InMobi encourages you from the very first steps to improve your driving style and get an additional discount on your insurance, which can be up to 20%. This is an additional value, regardless of the discount we get, for example for a no-claim ride. 20% is quite a lot, and taking into account the entire cost of insurance, it can be translated into several hundred zlotys in savings. It is worth reaching for such a bonus, especially when looking at today’s fuel prices at gas stations.

What may be equally important for customers, the policy can be purchased remotely, without the need to visit any office or agent. The whole process is done online, the payment can be made easily by BLIK, bank transfer or credit card, and the documents will be sent to the email address provided.

How is driving with the InMobi app?

InMobi’s navigation works very well. The address search is very accurate and the route calculation does not take long. After a few seconds, we have a ready path that shows the distance we have to travel and predicts how long it will take to cover it. The app takes into account a number of factors, including traffic, which makes estimates very accurate. On the main screen we also have the most important information, i.e. your location in the first place, but also the speed limit in a particular section, the speed of your vehicle and the closest threats. If necessary, we can also report an accident on the road to warn other drivers using InMobi and Yanosik.

Realizing the benefits for driving according to regulations means that when using InMobi, we subconsciously try to ensure that our driving style is evaluated as much as possible. This has a number of benefits, such as reduced fuel consumption. Thanks to clearly visible speed limits in a certain section, we are also an insured omen against high fines. The current rate is unforgiving and a moment of forgetfulness can cost you dearly. Yes, navigation will warn us that there is a patrol on the road, but you never know if someone actually noticed that unmarked police car behind us and filed a report ;-).

In terms of navigation, you can’t really comment on how InMobi works. And how is it in terms of evaluating our leadership? To get a discount on insurance, we have to select the appropriate number of routes with InMobi. The individual route cannot be shorter than 2 km.

The app assesses our driving in many aspects, such as respecting speed limits, and finishing with an assessment of acceleration and braking. Quick maneuvers lower the rating, but as you can see in the attached image, InMobi gives us a chance to improve. The map shows where I hit the gas pedal very suddenly and thanks to that I know in what situation it happened. However, this is not a disqualifying factor, because the overall rating is still very high and I got the Gold Cup. My record is a score of 7.7 in a short city tour, so maybe there’s still a little room for improvement.

Therefore, if you also want to fight for an additional discount on car insurance, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the InMobi application. With InMobi, you use it all the time.

The article was written in collaboration with the InMobi brand.

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