Eurovision 2022: cheating happened during voting? TVP refutes the allegations

At Eurovision, each country transmits the results of the jury voting and the results of the viewers. The combined votes give the final results of the competition.

Still during this year’s Eurovision final, which was held in Turin, European Broadcasting Union It was announced that irregularities had been detected in jury voting in six countries. Unfair practices were committed by: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, San Marino, Romania and Poland.

Voting fraud was revealed after the jury trial in the second semi-final round. After the irregularities were discovered, the EBU implemented a precautionary measure, which consisted in the delivery of alternative votes – generated by the algorithm based on the results of jurors’ voting from other countries in the region.

The Polish jury was disqualified, and an alternative procedure was performed during the finals. For this reason, the European Broadcasting Union has not disclosed the excluded juries. It only issued a short message that the EU has the right to remove votes if it believes there has been tampering.

In the official statement of the European Broadcasting Union, we read that this year’s Eurovision was a great success, but during the second semi-final, irregularities were revealed in the votes of 6 countries, including Poland.

As reported on Saturday 14 May, the independent pan-European voting partner of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) detected incorrect voting patterns in jury voting from six countries participating in the second semi-final: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, San Marino. Voting fairness, whether by the jury in each country or by viewers voting by phone or SMS, is fundamental to the show’s success. We will report the correct results to each live show. Therefore, any rule violations are taken seriously.” .

In the second semi-final, it was noted that four of the six judging panels placed five other countries in the top five (they could not vote for themselves), one panel placed the same five countries in the top six, and the last six panels placed the four countries in the top six First. Four of the six nations got at least one combination of 12 points, which is the maximum number of points that can be awarded.” .

The European Broadcasting Union also maintains that the votes of countries accused of state manipulation have been diverted to alternative, calculated results. The results of the competition have also been officially recognized so far. The European Broadcasting Union has not imposed any sanctions at this time, but hopes to clarify the matter with broadcasters. Unofficially, it is said that the EBU will not allow itself to take drastic steps such as removing countries from the competition, because not having 6 participants would be a huge loss to the competition.

“The EBU, its members and the reference group will continue to work closely together to ensure the safety and success of the event, which has been a unique platform for creative talent for 66 years and looks forward to continuing to entertain audiences around the world,” we read.

Meanwhile, the portal published a statement from Telewizja Polska on the matter. In a statement, TVP denied the reports. “Telewizja Polska categorically rejects all accusations against the Polish jurors as groundless and absurd. They voted only according to their own feelings and discretion, without taking into account any algorithm, even the EBU algorithm.. Assessing Ukraine as the highest, they expressed their independence and the lack of any connection between their remarks and the votes other countries made for Poland,” we read in the statement.

Telewizja Polska also notes that the voting system is quite complex, which can lead to some errors. EBU suggests improving this. “In the coming days, Telewizja Polska will explain the situation with representatives of the European Broadcasting Union, the organizer of the Eurovision Song Contest. A protest will be sent to TVP and a demand to improve the transparency of voting and the method for awarding points, in order to avoid unnecessary confusion this year. ”- he wrote.

By the way, we got acquainted with the composition of the Polish jury, which included characters associated with the Polish music scene or TVP: singers Christina GiżowskaAnd Dagmara JaorskaAnd Alexandra ZuidAnd Andrei Jaworsky And Mikowaj Josiewski.

After another statement by EBU, Telewizja Polska decided to make another comment. “We do not agree with the opinion of the EBU about the alleged irregularities in the voting. The same accusation can be made in relation to other groups of countries, both in this year’s competitions and in several previous Eurovision competitions. EBU conclusions from errors made by Eurovision organizers and withdrawal from Counts ”- informed the chandelier.

Notably, this was one of the moderate comments – San Marino accused the EBU of tyranny in action and lack of answers “to the main questions to make it clear”, while Romania threatened to withdraw from subsequent sessions of the competition. So what is the next step for Poland’s participation in Eurovision? If found guilty, the accused states will likely be fined. According to reports, they are not likely to be disqualified from the competition or suspended from the European Broadcasting Union.

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