Alexandra Wyniak described her relationship with Maciej Seleski as a ‘golden cage’

  • Dear Alexandra Wyniak and Maciej Sileski crossed in 1997. She was 22 and he was 31. A year later, they became a married couple
  • The relationship of the actress and director lasted for two years. Woźniak then claimed that her former partner was hindering her career. lesicki has never commented on her accusations
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When Alexandra Wyniak met Maciej Sileski, she was already divorced. I first married in high school to a high school friend. The marriage lasted three months. In interviews, the actress explained that both of them were immature when they decided to get married. She added that Their relationship was turbulent from the beginning, her lover cheated on her and apologized to her, so she forgave her and gave her another chance.

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Alexandra, Vniak and Maciej Sileski: It wasn’t love at first sight

In 1997, Alexandra Wyniak appeared in the sitcom “13 post”. She was 22 years old, appeared regularly on the big and small screens, and was a student at PWST in Warsaw for a short time.

“I could not stand the unpleasant atmosphere and rivalry that still prevailed in the university. There was no doubt about the friendship and camaraderie … I realized pretty quickly that this wasn’t the place for me and decided to pull myself up before they kicked me out – I remembered that years later.

As much as she wanted to be an actress, she thought she should get into another profession just in case. She developed an alternative plan and decided to study German, which she gained solid foundations for when she was the daughter of the Polish consulate staff in Berlin. She graduated from two faculties: German Philology and – Postgraduate Studies – Applied Linguistics.

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In the process of acting, Alexandra Wyniak met 31-year-old director Maciej Sileski. His movie “Sara” with Bogusaw Linda and Agnieszka Włodarczyk debuting on screen has just conquered Polish cinemas.

“I will never forget that First, Maciej asked me if I was able to work non-stop for nine months. Without thinking long I replied: “Of course!” Then I realized how much responsibility she took on me ”- said Woźniak in an interview. She was already a TV star at that time, and she owes such a prestige to the role of Kasia in the sitcom“ 13 post ”.

In 1999, the media reported that Alexandra, Winniak and Maciej Sileski are a married couple in their private lives, and they were united by love at first sight. Meanwhile, the actress joked in interviews It took them nine months into the pregnancy for them to realize their feelings.

The lovers lived together, made serious plans for the future and, if the media were to be believed, got engaged. After two years of relationship, the couple broke up, and Woźniak announced that she would not be in a relationship with anyone for the next ten years. The tabloids speculated about the reasons for the end of the romance, and the actress and director remained silent.

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Alexandra, Vniak and Maciej Sileski (2001)

She described her relationship with Maciej Seleski as “life in a golden cage”.

Alexandra and Winniak had to take several years to break the silence. In a 2016 interview with Show magazine, the actress stated that her relationship with Maciej Sileski had a negative impact on her career.

“The event that had the greatest impact in my career after ‘The Thirteenth Post’ was not Kasia’s role per se, but rather the fact that I partnered with the series’ director, Maciej lesicki, during filming. The series aired, During my relationship with Maciek, I didn’t play anywhere, because I was meant to be the inspiration for one person and only play for her…Every weekend I’ve been taking care of Maciek’s sons since his first marriage. And those are the only two roles I let her in. Babysitter role inspiring. I left because I couldn’t live in a “golden cage”– Alexandra Wyniak explained.

She added that the filmmakers community had received information that:

Effect? Several producers with whom she had a very positive relationship began treating her like air overnight. Castings won from above are banned.

Two years later, in an interview with Plejada, Alexandra Wojniak asserted that her relationship with Maciej lesicki was pressed into a stereotype: a young actress bonds with, uses and abandons an experienced director in her career.

“No one talked about the fact that during our relationship I did not play anywhere, because Masek expected me to be unique. I was like a golden cage. Few people know that I take care of his children, that I invested in his house where we lived together and left most of my belongings to him after we separated.”

Maciej lesicki has never commented on the words of his ex-partner.

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Alexandra Wyniak (Two Riversides Film and Arts Festival, August 2021)

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