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In summer, the cities are hotter and the party is bigger than ever – and it was shown twice this week. This is amazing “Summer in Belvedere Bay“The most beautiful”City beaches locations“This year, they are finally returning to selected and fascinating event locations across Germany.

We celebrated the opening matchBelvedere vodkawith two events: Monday in Berlin with a garden party funny banks and on Thursday, May 19, 2022, high above the rooftops of Munich, at the scene of the event.Upside down“In trendy Werksviertel.

And with guests like actors Moritz Bleibtroboss Linder Haussmannan actress Della Piasco and actors David Cross (Currently both can be seen in cinemas in Leander Hausmann’s “Stasikoda”), Sarah Brandner and Marilys Pia Weiferhofer And Soleen Omarthe actor Jan Friedmanmodel and influencer Andre Hamann as well as wonderful Musical duo “Alcatraz” aka Aaron and Leo Altaras on turntables.

The weather has improved, too: In hot summer temperatures, guests enjoy their drinks on the rooftop terrace and enjoy stunning views over Munich.

Moritz Bleibtreu / Belvedere Summer Bay Season 2022 at Upside East in Munich May 19, 2022 / @Photo: BrauerPhotos / Goran Nitschke for Belvedere Vodka

Moritz Bleibtro He was excited about Essar’s inauguration: “I’m in Munich by chance. I came from filming in Marseille on my way back to Hamburg – taking a break from my city trip. In this regard, it turned out well and I thought, “In such good weather, I’d like to come here.” It’s good to see people’s faces again and it makes me happy.

Do I miss partying during the pandemic? “Vacation is not the fun of socializing, which I lost a lot of. It’s good that something like this today – with great care and attention – became possible again. ”

He always likes to come to Munich: “I was born here. And here in the city, I feel incredibly comfortable. What does his visit to Munich mean to him? “Have dinner at the” Franziskaner “and visit the Viktualienmarkt. Munich is also a great city to work in. This fall, I’m going to shoot a feature film again in Munich. I shouldn’t reveal any more. In Marseille, pose in front of the camera in the series “Transatlantyk” On Netflix: A WWII Escape Story. I play translator and philosopher Walter Benjamin.”

What will summer bring? “First, some relief which I am very happy with. I wish you have a happy holiday. “

Leander Haussmann, Deleila Piasko, David Kross / Belvedere Summer Bay Season 2022 at Upside East Munich May 19 2022 / @Photo: BrauerPhotos / Goran Nitschke for Belvedere Vodka
Leander Haussmann, Deleila Piasko, David Kross / Belvedere Summer Bay Season 2022 at Upside East Munich May 19 2022 / @Photo: BrauerPhotos / Goran Nitschke for Belvedere Vodka

Met an actress at a party Della PiascoWho was on camera with Bleptro in Marseille as the lead actress in the Netflix series “Transatlantic”. Now she can be seen in cinemas in the film “Stasikoda” by Leander Houseman, who later appeared in the opening, and actor David Krause, who also appeared in the film.

Della Piasco: “I will be shooting in Marseille until the end of June, but now I have a few days off and am looking forward to visiting Munich.

What makes a summer party special for you? “Good conversations and of course the weather must be right. “

It’s good to finally see other people again and enjoy the summer on the rooftops‘Cheer up Sarah Brander.

There was also a model in Munich Soleen Omar: “I’m so excited for the summer party season and so thankful and happy that you can now be in the crowd and party again.What do you think of the most important elements of the event? “Good drinks because that’s how you can stand the heat and of course good music.

To hit the wonderful brothers Aaron and Leo Altaras under her pseudonym.AlcatrazHe was dancing wildly until late at night.

We always love being in Munich, especially since my girlfriend lives hereAaron said. Brothers recipe for a good party? “Nice weather, great drinks, nice people and of course a DJ set – just like today.Both brothers are successful actors as well: Aaron is best known for his role in the TV movie ARD They Are Not All Killers, based on memories of Michael Degen’s childhood and youth.

The young man played the role of Michael Degen in the adapted movie, and he also played in the Netflix series “Unorthodox” in 2020, and from 2021 he participated in the series “Legal Affairs”. He played his younger brother Leo, among others in the feature-length TV movie “Zniewolony A in the series ‘Strong Team'”.

My new feature film “Servus Papa – See You in Hell” will be shown at this year’s Munich Film FestivalLiu said.

Scout Model Biman Amin He came with his girlfriend Sandra Abfelbeck: “I did
He once visited the Belvedere Vodka production plant near Warsaw. There is also a great Belvedere restaurant in Warsaw and I ate there with a model agent
. “What does a great summer party mean to him?”Good drinks, good company and a rooftop terrace. “

Julia Czechner / Belvedere Summer Bay for the 2022 season at the Upside East in Munich on May 19, 2022 / @Photo: BrauerPhotos / Goran Nitschke for Belvedere VodkaSoleen Omar, Sarah Brandner/Belvedere Summer Bay 2022 season at Upside East in Munich on May 19, 2022/Photo: BrauerPhotos/Goran Nitschke for Belvedere Vodka
(Left) Julia Schachner (Right) Soleen Omar, Sarah Brandner/Belvedere Bay Summer 2022 at Upside East in Munich May 19, 2022/@BrauerPhotos/Goran Nitschke for Belvedere Vodka

doctor and model Julia Schechner (Elias Mubarak’s ex-girlfriend) came with her boyfriend Jeremias: “Great fun to see the city come alive in such beautiful weather. A good drink won’t hurtI laughed. “The perfect start to the next weekend.

Exhibitors and influencers Andre Hamann He was happy with his first summer party in his new home: “I moved from Hamburg to Munich three months ago for professional reasons. Because of all my work, I haven’t had time to party yet and am very happy with a great evening tonight. But I’m also excited about the local lakes and beer gardens. Especially beautiful nature and mountains, because this year I am in a triathlon and I am already training for it. “

the actor Jan Friedman He came dressed appropriately – in a Hawaiian shirt – and, indeed, in a summer tan:I only got back from my holiday in Fuerteventura for a few days and could really enjoy the summer there. It’s good to start the summer parties all over again.

Also present at Izara: Actors’ Rooftop Party Daniel Christensen And Castro, Duke of Avom (Both are known from the crime novels “Eberhofer”), an actor Nicholas Wolfa musician Queen LizzieWhich, especially for this event, returned to Munich from her new home in London, and she is a designer Natasha Greeninfluential Julia HauptModels Clara Buchner, DJ ZoomLikesupervisor Barbara Osthoff And a lot.

Thanks to the events, “Belvedere Vodka” really aroused the anticipation of the beautiful “Summer Bay Sites”. This was also the case in Berlin at the beginning of the week: the Australian from Berlin gave his choice of musical accompaniment to the garden party in the Spree Mickey Woodbridge. He also gained international attention by working with Depeche Mode and Rihanna. At the Belvedere Bay Summer Concert, Mickey performed with Staatsballetttänzer Lucio Vidal employment.

Plus TikTok Superstars elevator boystop model Francesca KnoppModel and artist Zoe Helali They were also actors Khidr Ramadanmusician or instrument Alyssa CordesLike social media stars Nils Kessel, Toby Yu or spiritslike artists Andy Kasher And Seven Parkersmediators Spring Chef And Miyabi Kauai And the actress Zsa Zsa Inci Buerkle among the guests.

Marvin Fucherst, Queen Lizzie, Raphael Maustri-Meggs, Marvin Mario, Konstantinos Karasavedis/Belvedere Bay at the summer 2022 season in Upside East in Munich on May 19, 2022 / © Photo: BrauerPhotos / Goran Nitschke for Belvedere Vodka
Marvin Futurhurst, Queen Lizzie, Raphael Maestre Meijs, Marvin Mario, Konstantinos Karasavedis/Belvedere Summer Bay Season 2022 at Upside East in Munich on May 19, 2022.

The party crowd celebrated with a fire on the banks of the Spree – surrounded by the natural ingredients of Belvedere Vodka: water, fire and Polish rye.

Connoisseurs and party-goers can now escape everyday life in the salons all summer long while enjoying delicious vodka. Enjoy the pure holiday ambiance – right in the middle of the city.

Moderators Barbara Osthoff, model Beymann Amin and girlfriend Sandra Abfelbeck/Belvedere at the summer 2022 season in Upside East in Munich on May 19, 2022 (Photo: Martin Schmitz)
Presenter Barbara Osthoff, model Byman Amin and her friend Sandra Abfelbeck/Belvedere Summer Bay Season 2022 at Upside East in Munich on May 19, 2022.

In Munich, this year’s “Belvedere Summer Bay” is located in the wonderful outdoor space of the restaurant “Herzog” on Lenbachplatz – and this restaurant is now open.

Andrea Vodermeyer, © Photos: “Brauer Photos for Belvedere Vodka” Martin Schmitz

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