3 countries give up Covid restrictions. It’s easier to go on vacation here

The closer to the holiday, the more countries drop epidemic restrictions. Three vacation countries are opening up to tourists and offering rules that will surely make it easier for tourists to come for a summer vacation. It is located around very popular destinations – Greece, Morocco and Malta. What facility do they offer visitors?

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Morocco has always been one of the most closed countries in the world. Now the country’s authorities have changed their decisions and decided to ease restrictions.

What changes are currently taking place in Morocco? The rules for entering this country changed on May 17th. Until now, passengers traveling here had to be fully vaccinated and tested negative for coronavirus before travelling. This should have been done 48 hours before the flight. Now the situation has changed.

Tourists can choose whether they want to enter the country on the basis of a vaccination certificate or on the basis of a negative PCR test result. The test can now be taken 72 hours before travel.

Fully vaccinated people no longer need to be tested, and unvaccinated people can go to Morocco. The restrictions – as stated in the official announcement – do not apply to children under 12 years old.

You are going to Morocco remember that!

  • Persons vaccinated – a certificate of complete vaccination against COVID-19 must be presented,
  • Unvaccinated people – must have a CPR test 72 hours before travel, and show a negative result on entry.

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Malta is keeping its finger on the pulse in terms of easing restrictions. Although Croatia or Greece decided to lift all restrictions, the Maltese authorities are treating the matter with caution. In order to avoid quarantine, it is still necessary to present one of 3 documents here: a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19, evidence of coronavirus disease or a negative coronavirus test result.

But as of June 6th, there will be some changes. Parents will certainly be happy with them – Malta is raising the age at which no coronavirus test is required (12 years). Another facility for those wishing to vacation in Malta is the waiving of the obligation to fill out the PLF Domiciliation Form.

It should be noted that masks in Malta are still worn on public and air transport.

Are you going to Malta? Remember that!

  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate,
  • negative corona virus test result,
  • Document on COVID-19 disease.

Changes from 6 June:

  • COVID-19 testing will not be required of children under 12 years of age,
  • Revoke the obligation to fill out the placement form, i.e. the site form.

Tourists can now travel to Greece on the same terms as before the pandemic. The state authorities decided to completely open the borders to travelers. As of May 1, no documents such as vaccination certificate or negative coronavirus test result are required to be submitted. However, some restrictions will be in place for some time, such as wearing protective masks. The government has already announced that these restrictions will be lifted on June 1. However, there are some exceptions – masks will still be valid on buses, trains and hospitals.

Are you going to Greece? Remember that!

As of May 1, 2022, the following documents are not required:

  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate,
  • Corona virus test result is negative.

Changes from 1 June:

  • Cancellation of the obligation to wear masks in confined spaces, airports and planes,
  • The exception will be hospitals, nursing homes and public transportation (buses, trams, trains).


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