Zbigniew Wodecki: It’s been five years since his death. ‘Motivation for success’

“Despite the extraordinary will to live and the efforts of doctors, the stroke caused irreversible injuries. We left on May 22 in a hospital in Warsaw. His wife and children were with him. He will be buried in his beloved Krakow” – wrote May 22, 2017 on the official website for the artist.

Everyone was deeply saddened. and those who knew him from such folk songs as “Tell Me Yes”, “Begin with Bach”, “I’d Like to Go Back to Where I Was”, “Chupee” or “Isolde”; and today’s adults who sang with him in their childhood in the 80s a well-known song from the cartoon about Maja the Bee; And watchers of a popular program “Dancing with the Stars”in which he was a juror; As well as those who knew her diversity and saw her musical genius. One of the most famous artists of the Polish scene, Zbigniew WodeckiHe passed away five years ago at the age of 67.

“My profession and passion that touched me – I can say – genetically it is a constant motive for success – to show off, pass a diploma, exams, please, applaud. Then the man achieves success and this is a new beginning plowing (…) because life is a great test, he said. Zbigniew Woodicky for PAP in 2015.

All his relatives, friends and colleagues claimed that he was a workaholic and had inexhaustible creative powers. He never forgot that achieving success is as difficult as maintaining it. Not everyone realized how much the apparent freedom he performed on stage cost him.

“If someone does not have a stage fright, I think he is a weak artist because he has no imagination” – he argued.

The artist, who died five years ago, said these words on the occasion of her album “1976: A Space Odyssey”, published in collaboration with Mitch and Mitch Ochestra and Chorus. The album, recorded with musicians of the younger generation, based on the songs of Zbigniew Wodecki, forgotten by his youth, was called “his debut after forty years”.

“Thanks to the young people who discovered my first album. It was completely unknown – it did not exist at all. Our album from forty years ago, which, after all, has now appeared again, is doing very well” – he said optimistically.

However, he had several albums in his production. Recording them with various methods and conventions, he was not afraid of experiments, subjected himself to technical tests, did not escape from well-paved paths that could undoubtedly guarantee further success. He did not tolerate the commercial approach to music, he hated the words “hit”, “hit”.

“Now everyone is scoring hits and kicks, and I am damned” – he admitted.

Music journalists, friends, and colleagues from the art industry invoked his colorful personality, ability to brilliantly tell jokes and hold deep conversations, and creative energy – which sometimes forced him to give up sleep and rest for the sake of hard work.

Peter Metz He explained in an interview with PAP that someone who knows Zbigniew Wodecki from the two or three times greatest is someone who “has no idea how great his class is”. “But this is the case. Perhaps this is evidence of his crazy universality. He can sing to almost any audience with the same success. And this is room for a few” – summed up the journalist.

Magda Omar She called Wodecki the “king of life” to emphasize that he was “one of the most dangerous artists I have met”. Andrei Grabowski Note that Zbigniew Wodecki did not need announcers for his concerts. He was the best at advertising his own songs and leading the show with great success. “He was very funny, people laughed during his concerts, listened to his wonderful performances of songs, played his wonderful violin. They listened to him playing the trumpet, listened to his stories about himself and his life, about his childhood” – recalls the actor.

Zbigniew Wodecki was one of the most important figures in the Polish world of music. When many listeners think of him, they see a talented with long hair who plays the violin, hears his melodies and folk songs. He was not just a singer and musician. Also known as composer and arranger. He called himself “the singer-musician”.

His musical family came from Aziska in Silesia. My father founded the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, and then the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Krakow, where he was the first trumpeter. Woody’s mother was a singer whose voice was a coloratora soprano.

All his life, he was associated with Krakow, although he often lived in the capital. He was eagerly involved in social campaigns near Wawel, incl. He raised money at Rakoike Cemetery to restore damaged graves, participated in an anti-smog campaign, and opposed the closure of the technical high school.

At the age of five, he started his adventure with the violin. He attended the State High School of Music in W. Silinsky in Krakow. violin lesson Julius Weber. At the end of the sixties, he became involved in Piwnica pod Baranami. He also sang with bands Anawa (Playing the violin) black Pearl (on the trumpet). Play, among other things with Ewa DeMarczyk, Marek Grechota. He was a violinist for the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Krakow Chamber Orchestra under her direction. Kazimierz kord.

In one of the interviews with PAP, he mentioned that he started singing by chance. He debuted as a vocalist in 1972 on X National Polish Song Festival in Opole With the song “Yes, it’s you”. In the same year, he presented his first television show, “An Evening Without Stars”. Soon, his compositions and songs began to be appreciated by the festival jury throughout Poland. He has recorded a total of seven albums (including one EP), incl. “Women’s Souls”, “Alongside”. The last of them – “1976: A Space Odyssey” – was released seven years ago and gained gold album status thanks to Wodecki’s collaboration with the band Mitch & Mitch.

Wodecki is also known to the young audience – the artist eagerly participated in productions directed at children. He was an impersonator for the theme song of the Polish version of the popular evening show “Pszczóka Maja”. “Maja the Bee” holds these wings for many years and the fourth generation knows it, ”- he joked. He performed songs including. to the series Backpack full of adventure And to a fairy tale “Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer”. Vote for the movie “Disco worm”.

He did not avoid television. He has episodic roles in such titles including. “John from the Tree”, “Klan”, “Honey Years”, “The World According to Evil”. He became famous as a juror in the popular TV show “Taniec z Gwiazdami”. He was also a TV music presenter “The way to the stars”, “Your way to the stars”. As PAP said, even though technology, show business and entertainment has changed over the years, “the essence of theater remains the same: you have to know something and work hard on yourself.”

“The fact that I have been able to keep our business based on cloudy waters for so many years is certainly derived from the fact that I have been walking around the kitchen, in rooms, in school halls and practicing scales, thirds, octaves, bits by Bach or Beethoven. I have broken into many Stages and bands. I was in the environment of great people and real authorities all the time. When you lived in such a crucible, you had a better chance of spending your time and the right moment. Therefore, I hope all the young people work on themselves., They exercised and did not collapse “- he stressed Wodecki, who dreamed of promoting young talents and making them into real stars.

The artist willingly performed in Poland and abroad, but he did not always feel confident on stage, in front of the cameras. He stated that he was afraid of the audience. After 30 years of artistic work, he realized that “it’s no longer the zombie, who must be successful.” “30 years on stage is already a success. I can see people’s sympathy – real and real. It is difficult for us to separate from the audience and this is something that I dreamed of and became a reality” – he admitted. As he asserted, he was “very lucky in life to have had contact with the real authorities”.

“I started among the musicians who played in the Krakow opera and operetta, and then in the Polish radio ‘symphony’. I met great people from the industry. I played under the leadership of Stanisław Wiesowki, Jerzy Maxijuk and Kazimierz Kord. A pleasure to meet in my young life, I recorded my first album Lee with Marek Grechota and the Anawa band, and then there was Piwnica pod Baranami, Ewa Demarczyk, Piotr Skrzynecki, and the whole community. Stanisław Radwan, Zygmunt Konecny, Andrei Zareki– stated in an interview with PAP.

His work has been appreciated by many awards, including. Medal of Merit for Culture “Gloria Artis” and the Badge of Honoris Gratia. He was also a recipient of the Frederick Prize. He did not have time to perform the “jubilee” parties that he had planned for the fall of 2017.

We’ll be celebrating Wodecki’s work soon, during 5th Edition of Wodecki Twist Festivalwho calls him Zbigniew Wodecki Foundation and the city of Krakow.

The event will take place June 10-12. The sponsor of the festival is Interia, and the concert will be broadcast on Polsat TV.

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