What is the best time to go to Albania? Restrictions, passport and currency in Albania

Albania The country of Southeast Europe, which is located in the wonderfully beautiful Balkan region. Albania has access to the Adriatic Sea to the west and the Ionian Sea to the southwest. The proximity to the seas, mountains and perfect climate make Albania a great holiday choice. Lovers of a quiet beach vacation, families with children, but also those looking for stronger impressions and parties until dawn know this. In one sentence – everyone in Albania will find something for themselves.

So what is worth a visit when we have decided to visit this Balkan paradise?

Albania delights with many attractions at every turn. It is worth starting sightseeing in the capital of Albania, that is, Tirana. The city once meant so little in the world, and today it impresses with its cultural mix and diversity. Its color goes back to painting the buildings at the behest of the current authorities, who want to get rid of the post-communist gray from the city. It is the colorful buildings that are the facade of the city and can become the first point to get to know this city.

Delving into the history of the city, we can see the remains of the preparations for war. Bunkers are another feature of Tirana. Khoja built them for fear of a great war. There are a lot of them around the city, the main one being Bunk’ART, located on the outskirts of the city.

The construction of this place began in 1972, after three years its finishing was completed, and after a few more years, the cellar was electrified and equipped with its own ventilation system. Although the bunker was originally intended to be used for a known purpose, to defend against bombings, now there is a very interesting place there – where all art events and exhibitions are held.

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If we want to get to know the history of Tirana better, it is worth paying attention to the monuments of this city. In the center, on the famous square, Skanderbeg Square, is the oldest building in Tirana, the Etham Beja Mosque.

It took 34 years to build, and many of the decorations inside the building are truly enchanting. Its interior is decorated with rich frescoes and stucco. In 1948, the mosque was added to the religious list Cultural attractions in Albania It is a first-class monument.

Man does not live in the capital itself, so if we decide to visit Albania for a longer period, it is worth going to several places, such as the source of Bue Eye. Perhaps this is the most famous Albania sourceWhich is the beginning of the Bystrica River.

However, it does not flow from the mountains, but rather from underground. Its popularity is due to the very beautiful turquoise color. Crystal waters, beautiful natural conditions, this is a day trip for those who love to be surrounded by nature. Another highly recommended Albanian attraction is Butrint, the ruins of an ancient city whose area has been protected thanks to its location in Compitar and Butrint Park.

These ancient monuments are included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. In summer, it is worth going there early in the morning to visit without crowds and at a slightly cooler temperature.

Of course, what would Albania be without beaches and the sea? When we get tired of sightseeing, we can just take advantage of the country’s natural bounties and simply relax on one of the many beaches Albania has to offer us.

The most beautiful are in Kasamel, Saranda and their surroundings. Ksamil is often chosen by tourists because of its beach – shiny sand and turquoise sea, what more could you want?

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We can reach Albania By car or by bus. From Poland by car we can choose a route through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and finally end up in Albania.

If we decide on this type of trip, then remember to buy the vignettes for driving on the highways to the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. It is better to buy vignettes In branches of PZMot (Polish Automobile Association).

If we prefer to travel by plane, we choose a trip to Tirana. We will reach the capital of Albania by plane from … the Polish capital, from Warsaw. If you are wondering if you need a passport to enter Albania, don’t. According to the information provided by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2009 Polish citizens can enter Albania on the basis of a valid identity card or passport.

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Remember, however, that both documents must be valid for at least three months from the date of departure from Albania. The only question remains What is the best time to go to Albania?

It turns out that July and August are not the best months to visit this country, but the months from April to October. During this time, it is very warm and at the same time it rarely rains there.

With the prevailing weather conditions in Albania during this period, we will rest on the beach, bathe in the sea, but we can also go sightseeing without worrying about the heat.

The currency in Albania is the Albanian Lek. However, there is no problem if we do not come to Albania with this currency.

It is enough to have a euro or a dollar with us.

In major cities, it is possible to pay in euros or in US dollars in stores, restaurants or hotels. We can also exchange Euros or US Dollars for Albanian Lek at local exchange offices.

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