The thriller, which was almost entirely recorded in Olsztyn, has appeared on the Netflix platform

On May 11, a Polish movie appeared on the Netflix streaming platform, many of which were filmed in Olsztyn. In addition to beautiful views on the screens, we will see many famous names.

Polish gangster comedy

Karim’s story. Love Story” is a gangsta comedy with a love theme.

Two friends, Krime and Wacha, can earn a lot of money. Of course, this will be their last “leap”, which is to prepare them for the rest of their lives. It turns out, however, that the man for whom they got the “contract” is the father of the girl Karim falls in love with.


On the screen, we will see Cesare Łukaszewicz as Krime, Michał Koterski as Wacha, Wiktoria Gąsiewska as Kamila and many other famous actors: Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Cezary Żak, Agnieszka Więdłocha, Gabriela Muskała. We’ll also see Piotr Witkowski, known for his lead role in “Procedera,” produced by Global Studio and Piotr Węcławski (“Vienio” from the legendary Molesta).

The film’s director is Mikhail Fjerzin, and the script is based on a book by rapper Marcin Gutkowski (“Kali” from The Company), which himself distances himself from the final version, and explains this by his early departure from the script. production stage.

Film producer Janusz Iwanowski remembers creating the film as follows: “While reading the book ‘Krime Story’ I called Kali several times to ask him if the situations in which he described it had really happened. I didn’t feel like believing that children of respectable families lived this way,” Kaley said. It is the description of a true story that the police or any other services have yet to reveal.”

Reviewers: Silly movie close to parody

Reviewers agree that the film’s weaknesses are unanimously agreed.

First of all, they accuse him of lack of a coherent and consistent plot, chaos, strict dialogues, and aesthetics of the music video. They point to the failure to use the potential of the hero (a deeper psychological trait that will surely make his actions easier to understand) and the breeding of absurd leads (they mention, for example, a serial killer of young women here), which they are not. Very closely related to the parts “Krime” or “Love” (because here they see the impermeability of both themes), and they are not really needed, because their results are few.

Especially near the end, the movie “Friction Against Parody”.

As Łukasz Adamski wrote at “This movie does not claim to be anything and was made by honest filmmakers who apparently had a great time on set. (…) This movie doesn’t make much sense, but It’s well shot and played enough to be fun. Without a strong sense of guilt.”

In the Polish cinemas “The Story of Krime. Love Story “has a great success. The cinema premiere was held on February 11, and during its first weekend, the show attracted 75,000 viewers. Exactly three months later, I came across Netflix.

Pictures were taken in Olsztyn

Although the book was set in Silesia, many photographs were taken in Olsztyn, including the Old Town and Bačeca Street.

During the production of the film, producer Janusz Ioanowski announced:

It’s a Tarantino-style movie with only a plot. Because Tarantino’s films, undeniably genius, rarely have a plot, and often have great scenes – Gazeta told Olsztyńska in August 2019.

– We are very grateful to the city of Olsztyn, because we were received really well. The people who come to our plan treat us very kindly. We’re at work, but we feel like we’re on vacation – said Janusz Ioanovsky, noting at the same time that Olsztyn “remains undiscovered as a filming location.” It was influenced by the Masurian lakes and landscape, but also by the capital of the region itself.

This is not the first movie made in Olsztyn

The filmmakers love Warmia and Masuria and there is probably no need to explain why to anyone. Forests, lakes, and the climate of eternal feasts have attracted many people for many years. We are pleased that the producers also noted the potential of cinema in the capital of the region.

In 2017, Piotr Domalewski’s Silent Night was filmed in Olsztyn, Stawiguda and Gietrzwałd, which marks Adam’s unexpected return to work abroad at Christmas. The main character was played by David Ogrodnik, known from “Life Feels Good” and “You Are God”, and his partner Agnieszka Suchora, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Tomasz Ziętek and Maria Dębska.

Silent Night won Golden Lions in 2017, Eagles in 2018, Hollywood Eagles, OFF Camera and Vistula in 2019.

In 2019, “As Possible” was shot in Olsztyn – an Irish-Polish drama directed by Piotr Domalewski, who is also responsible for the script. This is the story of a rebellious teen, 17-year-old Ola from Olsztyn, who, after her father’s death, has to go to Ireland on her own to take his body to Poland. The main character was played by Zofia Stafiej, nominated for the “Eagles” award for acting in the “Discovery of the Year” category, and we can also see Kinga Preis and Arkadiusz Jakubik on the screen.

The film was awarded the “Golden Lions” in 2020, and in 2021 the film “Eagles” received awards at the Polish Film Festival “Vistula”: Grand Prix of the Feature Film Competition and the Audience Award in the category of Best Polish Film.

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