The “Surmin-Kaolin” mine attracts crowds. It’s dangerous to get in there

Nowogrodziec is a small town in Lower Silesia. It is located in the southwestern part of Lower Silesia and is inhabited by just over four thousand people.

Nowogrodziec was damaged during the war, but despite this, you can still admire many of the city’s architectural landmarks, including the Baroque parish church on Late Street. Pawe and Piotr, town hall from 1795, plus defensive walls.

The city is a local service, commercial and industrial center. One of the economic points is the “Surmin-Kaolin” mineral deposit.

Tan kaolin is mined, which is a sedimentary rock that contains mainly kaolin, as well as quartz and mica. It is used, inter alia, in the ceramics industry, in the chemical, rubber and paper industries, as well as in medicine and cosmetics.

The mine is well known in Lower Silesia and almost everyone has heard of it. Contrary to appearances, the reason for its popularity is not only kaolin, but also heaps of white sand and a turquoise lake. This area attracts a lot of people. However, few people know that this fantastical place is as beautiful as it is dangerous. It is an active area in the mine and you are not allowed to enter it.

Although the information boards indicate the ban on entry, many people simply ignore it, and crowds, including families with children, visit the mines. Visitors are not only irresponsible. They often destroy industrial infrastructure and leave garbage behind.

According to “Gazeta Wroclawska”, accidents have already occurred in the mine area. Among other things, the quartet collapsed into soft terrain. Special equipment was needed to pull it off. Besides, there was almost no tragedy in this turquoise lake. The man melted. We managed to save him.

However, there is no shortage of tourists, and previous events are not a warning sign for them.

Tourists eagerly visit the heaps of white sand and the turquoise lagoon. However, it is an industrial area and hardly anyone realizes the dangers lurking there.

Most people forget that the white sand area is not a beach and that it is not safe to walk on it. According to “Gazeta Wrocławska”, all through pipelines that transport water. There are often empty spaces that are hard to see. It is almost impossible to get rid of them on your own.

In addition, the area has quick sand and places where it can simply collapse to the ground. There is also a tube through which water flows with sand under high pressure. Under it, a smooth, sloppy floor is created, which can attract a person to it.

Bathing in the azure lagoon isn’t the best idea either. Water is pumped with sand and other materials generated in the treatment processes into it. Although it is not chemically dangerous, its bottom, which can absorb a human, is a significant threat. However, there is no need to rely on the help of a lifeguard. It is an illegal swimming beach.

Despite many warnings, there is no shortage of people willing to visit this famous place. They come to this special industrial area to shower and take a picture against the backdrop of white sand and ride quad bikes. Miners are powerless, because the place associated with the extraction and processing of raw materials is a place of rest for many people. However, entry into the mine is forbidden, and staying in it is associated with the loss of health or life.


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