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She seduces with beauty

In my humble opinion, the new 308 looks…fantastic. At the front are thin Matrix LED headlights with vertical “fangs” for daytime running and an impressive grille with a new brand logo on the hood. The license plate went down so as not to disturb the interesting design of this part of the car.


At the rear, LED lights in the form of diagonal claw markings attached to a black strip that runs through the trunk lid, make a great impression. The wide silhouette of the car at the bottom narrows significantly towards the top. On the side, the thin ribs coming from the headlights and taillights look interesting, gradually disappearing at the height of the door. On the front fenders, where you’d expect turn signals in the past, the 308 features the Peugeot badge, as well as 18-inch alloy wheels.





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The new 308 is 11 cm longer than its predecessor and 2 cm lower, while the wheelbase has grown by 5.5 cm. The concept car is the richest version of the GT Pack, which hides a 225-horsepower plug-in hybrid drive system under the hood. I’ll talk about how to drive the 308 in a moment, and now I’ll focus on the interior.

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Inside, it’s also not boring

Just like the 308 that flatters with an attractive design on the outside, it’s even more impressive on the inside. The dashboard design is really interesting. The ventilation holes are located at the top. The central touch screen is 10 inches and does not protrude above the instrument panel. The screen is of high quality and a pleasant interface. Can be configured with widgets. In some situations, its operation is slightly slowed down due to the animation of transitions between different screens. He did not always respond to the command the first time – for example, turning on the seat massage soon after starting the engine turned out to be impossible, and it was necessary to wait ten seconds or so to activate this function. Android Auto and Wireless Apple Car Play are available on board.



An interesting novelty in the 308 is an additional horizontal display placed under this main screen, called i-toggles. It contains a number of shortcuts to the most important functions in the form of icons that you can customize to your liking. This useful feature is standard on 4 levels out of 5.


The driver has a so-called i-Cockpit 3D. The steering wheel is small and flat on top and bottom, and the digital indicators displayed on the 10-inch screen above it – a solution that’s been used in French-branded cars for years. In 308, this arrangement works. Yes, the low steering column slightly limits the driver’s right legroom, but this column is enough, which I can’t say on the model 2008Where my knee was trapped. Plus, the top of the steering wheel blocked a good portion of the watches for me, no problem here.

The 3D effect watches are impressive, although somewhat lacking in terms of clarity. This function can be turned off in the options. This view can also be configured in several ways, adjusting the layout and content of the data presented to your liking.


In the GT Pack variant, we get great AGR seats with heated and massaging standard. In addition, the driver’s seat is electrically operated. Back to Massage – You can choose from several modes and three intensity levels. For 4 thousand. The gold test car had effective Blue Naboo leather upholstery.



The quality of the materials inside was of a high standard, and the ambient lighting looked great after dark.

For an additional 5.5 thousand. Golden test 308 has a panoramic electric sunroof. It is a pity that at this price the roller shutter itself was controlled by the force of the hands, in addition, it was very difficult to move it. The glass panel, which protrudes above the back of the ceiling, looks impressive from the outside.

Modern design combined with high-quality materials and finishes, great multimedia and comfortable massage chairs meant that the minor annoyances mentioned above didn’t stop me from feeling satisfied in the interior of the 308.

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The new 308 is equipped with the AQS system that controls the quality of the incoming air and the Clean Cabin system that cleans the air by passing it through the filter system. Information about the quality of the air we breathe is continuously presented on the central display.

Space – could have been better

In this category, the 308 is unlikely to take first place in its class. Although the new generation is 11 cm longer, it does not save space in the second row of seats.


Let’s start with the fact that taking a seat is not easy. The roof line is quite low, so when entering, remember not to hit your head on it. Legroom is average and posture is not improved by the hard plastic trim at the rear of the front seats. With a height of 181 cm with my head resting on the headrest, I felt my hair on the ceiling, I add that I do not wear a mohawk. The barrel is 412 liters, and the hybrid version is 361.


With the new generation 308, diesel or gasoline engines did not disappear from the offer, which is very good, because the wider the choice, the better. It is not surprising that a hybrid group appeared.


We are talking about an additional hybrid, which allows you to charge the car at home and drive tens of kilometers on the current alone. There are two power versions to choose from – 180 and 225 hp, and the battery has a capacity of just over 12 kWh. The gasoline engine is a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder, it is interesting that in acceleration from zero to hundreds, this most powerful version is faster by only 0.1 seconds and reaches 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds.



How does 308 Hybrid work? After about 5-6 hours of charging from a regular 230V socket, Peugeot has become a 100% electric car for about 50 km. The interior is happily silent, and the driver has 110 kilometers at his disposal, which is more than enough for dynamic driving around the city. In the test, with an outside temperature of about 15 ° C, I was able to drive a little more than 50 km on a single charge without any problems, and to the maximum, during a quiet drive outside the city, I traveled 61 km. However, if you’re driving in the cold, turn on the seat and window heaters as well as the air vents, expect a range of maybe half that.


When the power runs out, the 308 switches to hybrid mode and uses a gas fuel source, which can be refueled for a total of 40 liters. The car still runs on electricity quite often, and during quiet driving, the gasoline engine turns off temporarily. When at such a moment we press the throttle harder, the Peugeot will sometimes need a longer reaction time, which will be announced after a period of traffic. In daily use, this hiccup is considered rare and not bothersome.

In order to increase the amount of energy recovered, we can use the B mode of the gearbox, but the so-called single pedal is out of the question – the 308 does not slow down as much after the gas is released as for example Nissan Leaf.


Driving Experience

In addition to great performance, the new 308 surprised me favorably with good sound insulation of the interior and suspension comfort. Despite the tires with a very small profile (40), the car coped well with unevenness. The car immediately responded even to the slightest movement of the steering wheel, which positively affected the feeling of accurate driving. The brake pedal was more sensitive, which made it difficult for me to decelerate evenly. Even the slightest pressure on it led to a significant increase in braking force. Until the last day of testing which lasted for about a week, I couldn’t get used to it. In terms of performance, it is also worth noting the high top speed of 235 km/h for the plug-in hybrid.


After dark, the matrix LED headlights do a great job, which shine all the time like a “long” and, if necessary, dim the appropriate part so as not to dazzle other road users. This pleasure is only available in the two richest versions.


The new 308 has a full suite of safety and driver assistance systems. They all worked properly, although I lost the ability to quickly turn off the lane maintenance system, which was sometimes too pissed off on roads without clear lines. At the end of 2022, new functions will appear as part of Drive Assist 2.0, including semi-automatic lane change when overtaking. As befits a modern car, from the application level we can plan for cabin cooling or heating, or program battery charging. The image from 360 cameras is very high quality, and when reversing when approaching an obstacle, the viewfinder can automatically focus on the back of the car, which is a useful solution.




We will pay less than PLN 10 to fully charge the battery at home, which means that in favorable (warm) conditions we will cover 100 km with less than 20 PLN. In the event of a power outage, the city is content with about 7-8 liters of gasoline per 100 km, while on the road it is possible to get 4.5 liters, and at a speed of 140 km / h – 8.2 liters / 100 km.


Peugeot 308 – Prices

The price list starts with a 3-cylinder petrol version with 110 hp with manual gearbox for just under 100,000. zlotys. For all the others, you need to prepare a 6-digit sum. For the pleasure of driving an electric hybrid car, which, however, makes sense only if you can charge the car in your garage, you will have to spend at least 146700 PLN. If you want a car in the most powerful version, equipped with everything possible, then the amount will be close to 200,000 PLN. zloty.



Stylistically, it puts most, if not all, of its competitors on their shoulders. In terms of space, it doesn’t spoil yourself, but it has a few other advantages that make driving it a pure pleasure. Especially on electricity.

Price List:
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Thank you Peugeot Polska for making the car available for testing.

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