Harry Styles “Harry’s House”: You are at home

After gaining popularity with One Direction, Styles surprised the world with his first solo albums. Harry Styles’ debut album was full of stories (with stronger rock touches like “Kiwi”) that sparked associations with David Bowie, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones. “Fine Line” was a huge leap. Styles stopped caring about how he was received, so he indulged in more experimentation. The album can be described by the word “summer” – it was juicy (perhaps the fruity references in “watermelon sugar” and “cherry” are at work here), lively and energized.

“Harry’s House” is a mix of the previous two albums. Many critics say the new album is the least personal when it comes to Styles’ music. I belong to the last group of listeners who have noticed that there are actually less direct references to the author on the album, but there are nuances that create a sense of familiarity and are thought-provoking. Boy groups often use a marketing trick to make fans (mainly) feel like they’re singing songs about them. Styles is back in Harry’s House, but it doesn’t look like something forced or intentional.

Soft, light sounds reminiscent of the ’80s (references to car rides in “Keep Driving”, pools, breakfasts on the table on the balcony in “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”) are the perfect accompaniment to the ordinary, as told in an unusual.sweet way. You can stop there, but everyone who takes a closer look at this album will earn more.

In fact, styles sing more about others. Here we can find many references to Harry’s partner, actress and director, Olivia Wilde: in the funky “cinema”, the slightly psychedelic “daylight” and unexpected guitar sounds, or in the single “As It Was”. “Harry’s House” is a continuation of the story of love and sex, but the album, which appears to be “joyful”, also contains darker aspects. “Matilda” is about a girl from a family who “never showed her love”, “Daylight” is full of strong drug signals, and “Boyfriends” is an ode to a woman stuck in a toxic relationship.

“As it were,” though in a loud voice, shows the dark side of Styles: “I’m answering the phone / ‘Harry, you can’t be alone / Why are you sitting on the floor at home?’ / What pills do you use? “/ Someone rings the doorbell / But no one comes to help / Your dad lives alone / He just wants to know you’re okay.” The Beatles’ “Grapejuice” is another Harry song, in which he admits that alcohol is not for him – he sought it in the most difficult moments to plunge into even greater despair.

Although “Harry’s House” is an essentially quiet album, it’s not lacking in perfectly balanced dynamics. As the mood cools, patterns come out with lively melody or a stronger sound, rock introductions, and interesting harmonies, in which gentle sounds intertwine with cries.

“Harry’s House” is an album that allows you to get to know the patterns better through stories about his relationships with people, presents you with a reflexive mood, brings you pleasant and difficult feelings. Nothing but lie on the beach, close your eyes, and go to Harry’s house in the light of the spring sun.

Harry Styles “Harry’s House”, Sony Music Poland


PS Harry Styles will perform on July 18 at the Tauron Arena Krakow.

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