Finnish professor, American musician, artist from Kazimierz. Various incarnations of Michał Stachyra

Michał Stachyra is currently one of the most famous artists associated with Kazimierz Dolny. The UMCS art graduate has made a name for himself as a talented mural artist. His most recent work is the “Superpoeta” figure – Krzysztof K. Baczyński, which he applied to the wall of Primary School No. 2 in Puławy last week. During his career, he worked, among other things for CD Projekt, making sketches referring to Cyberpunk 2077. But Stachyra are not only great paintings, but also deliberate provocations, playing with art and its audience.

Plaster discovery

– My first mural was a hoax. Inspired by Italian frescoes, at the Biała Gallery in Lublin I organized a 100-year-old “Discovery of a Mural”, which I painted myself. Then she adopted an alternative psychiatrist, working as the Finnish conservation professor, Mika Soininen, says Michai Stachera.

Many people then fell for the correctness of this work, as well as for the character of the professor, with whom it was impossible to talk because he “knows” only Finnish. The same photo showed a group of paramedics cheering to see a nurse.

I like to provoke people to think and play with the recipient. Make people realize how easy it is to make a mistake in assessing what is real and what is not – the artist explains.

Mike Cox, another fictional character, had a similar project. Stachyra played a rock star from the USA, a Polish artist who came to Poland to meet his fans.

The media received invitations with his fictional autobiography. People were cheated again, and Mike Cox signed autographs and signed records. Provocation once again demonstrated how easy it is to create and spread a false message.

A treat for artists

Also worth noting is the “Psychological Clinic for Artists”, where our interlocutor played the role of an art psychotherapist.

His clinic was first launched in 2006, but the message is still valid today.

Artists often do not find their place in the labor market. They feel lost and cheated. When they do something for money, they feel guilty and turn into frustration. Hence the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe clinic – explains Michaeus Stachera. The project itself, despite the seriousness of the case, had its own comic character, reminiscent of the schemes of Monty Python.

A similar kind of subliminal humor can be found at Zacchita in Warsaw, where Stachira held a Catholic funeral for Saddam Hussein with a picture of the Iraqi leader, candles, flowers and carved into an open casket. The work was awarded the Audience Award. The whole goal was to encourage the public to think about Christian tolerance and political responsibility.

The artist from Kazimierz also tries to draw attention to the problem of the lack of contemporary art in the public space of cities. In order to provoke the audience, he himself climbed onto an empty billboard, stuck it with butaprine, and for an hour created a kind of “live advertisement”.

Once again, he had posted a stand in front of a billboard with an advertisement for water and copied it with paints. This original outdoor painting was to draw attention to the problem of the urban landscape littered with an excess of advertisements and banners.

So as not to lose artistic sensitivity

Today the artist mainly focuses on sharing his experiences with others. His foundation KZMRZ organizes lessons for children in schools, organizes trips to art exhibitions, jazz concerts, etc.

However, the most important are the workshops where children learn how to create their own art, create paintings, murals and music.

I feel like it’s time to start sharing my experience. My 10 year old daughter is very important. I would like to create an artistic environment for her in which her peers understand art. I think that in education, in schools, art and music are neglected. There is little chatting with young people about films and exhibitions, and no trips to cultural institutions. There is a setback. That is why I consider it my duty to encourage, create and recognize art.

As he admits, during his classes, children often sit behind drums or synthesizers for the first time and pick up a trumpet or saxophone and discover their passion.

– I believe that everyone can be an artist. Everyone was 7-10 years old. Unfortunately, this sensitivity often dies after that. It is important not to lose this sensitivity. More than once, I’ve seen a child see an instrument for the first time and create great music with it almost instantly. It is needed to work at the base level, which is a flash point. I just want to be inspired – says Michai Stachira. And it is not only about art, but also about purely artistic skills. In the institution’s workshops, children often come into contact with a thermometer, tape measure or other instruments for the first time.

It’s Pulawy time

So far, artistic activities have been carried out mainly in Kazimierz, but our interlocutor would like to extend his educational activity to Puławy.

– I plan to establish an art school in this city. For children, teens and adults. I would like to be a link between people and the world of culture. Because of the war and the epidemic, I think everyone is mentally tired. I like to offer therapy through art, creating my own music, music videos, and murals. This is my idea fix – explains Mikai Stashira. – I want to spread art and inspire the local community and teach it to communicate through artistic activities.

Stachyra intends to convey to Puławy what has been successfully accomplished at Kazimierz Dolny. One such idea is to organize a dinner for the residents, an open table outside, where the residents of Puławy will be able to sit and eat together and talk.
Another concept is the intergenerational dance at Plac Chopina. The role of DJs will be played by old people from Warsaw, the music will connect generations, and encourage Puławy residents to have fun together. There are more ideas by artist Kazimierz. Some of them are connected to well-known public facilities in the city center. We’ll find out if we can implement it later this year.

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