Barov Stellar: “Music and Painting are Like Siblings” [wywiad]

What is the relationship of the music produced by Barov Stellar to the series Weird things? What is the second passion for this exceptional product after music? How did one of his shows take place in Poland and almost never get cancelled? You can read about all this in our interview. We invite you to read!

The king of the electric swing

Marcus Furedermore widely known asAbout Barov StellarHe is an Austrian producer and musician who has charmed listeners for more than two decades with his unique blend of warm, danceable electronics with the famous swing of the 1930s and 1940s. The artist has released as many as 14 albums, the last of which is titled moonlight love affairsaw the light in late April. The musician, nicknamed “The King of Electric Swing”, will perform on November 21 at COS Torwar in Warsaw – on this occasion we were able to have a nice chat with the Austrian.

Barov Stellar – Interview

Kamil Daunarovic: When I listen to your new album moonlight love affair I think it was made by a happy person who sees the world in a positive way. I’m right?

Parov stelar: And how! I’m so glad you can read it from my music – it means it does its job. I consider myself a happy and full person and artist, and I want to pass on these positive emotions to others. If someone felt better when they played my track, it would mean a lot to me.

For the past 10 years or so, I have been faithful to the musical style that can be called swing electronic music. The pre-war period seems like an inexhaustible source of inspiration to you.

Parov stelar: Well, I have to admit that I love producing things from different areas of electronic music from time to time, but in fact, the ’20s and ’30s were the closest to me spiritually and artistically. I’m one of those guys who say “I wish I was born in a different age.”

So how do you try to “connect” to the beloved era? Do you listen to the music of those years, read pre-war authors and watch black and white films?

Parov stelar: Sure enough, when I see photos from that time and the atmosphere from them, I am deeply moved. At the same time, I realized that it was a difficult period for the people who lived at that time. Financial crisis, unemployment, emerging nationalities, etc. People lived their lives having fun in nightclubs. At that time, the first events in which modern folk music was played were organized. I will take a risk and say that the spirit of those times was reminiscent of the ’90s and the ravings of that time. I am trying to convey this atmosphere to the modern era.

But back to your question – Art what? He’s the artist I value most from the pre-war period. I also love watching German expressive films. Every now and then, I spend an evening with one of the titles directed by characters like Robert Wayne, Fritz Lang if Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau.

Parov stelar – shooting

Well, let’s go back to Moonlight love affair. The most contemporary piece on the album is shooting, Which reminds me of a song missing from the show’s soundtrack Weird things. Can you tell us more about this recording?

Parov stelar: It’s funny because most people mention this song and you’re not the only one who compared it to the soundtrack from the series Weird things. Interestingly, it is especially done by women. Well, this song started with guitar music. I find it very depressing and filthy. You know, I think I made it happen in three days. It was a quick, fun and very good process. I get the impression that this is a very interesting track that shows the sexual tension between a man and a woman.

And if you had to pick your favorite composition from your new album, which one would it be?

Parov stelar: Oh, that’s always a tough question. In such situations, I usually say “these are my children and I don’t want to choose one of them, I love them”. Well, so be it. I really like what you mentioned shootingBut the pieces are also close to my heart Dirty Mariposa And blackbird.

I also designed and painted the cover for moonlight love affair. Can you tell us a few words about it?

Parov stelar: You know, the truth is that I started drawing long before my music career started. I even worked professionally for some time as an illustrator. I studied art in Berlin and Austria, so, as you can see, art for me is more than just music. This is listening. This is also watching. I try to draw for each song, which of course can’t be displayed spotify.

If we talk about the cover for moonlight love affair Then we see two girls or two women who are blindfolded. And I always say that the most interesting things in art are the unseen. You can suspect what’s behind it. This is the most valuable thing to me.

cover photo moonlight love affair

During the pandemic, you even presented an exhibition of your artwork in your hometown.

Parov stelar: Well, I’ve been drawing for 30 years, so some of my work has piled up. For me, music and painting are like siblings. This is a very powerful symbiotic process. When I draw, I immediately hear music or the sound of the drawing. And sometimes when I make music, I see a picture of it that I have to draw next. So they both interact. It seems to me that it works like fire water. Both of these elements need each other and I need them. I admit that art is the most important part of my life for me.

Parov stelar: My next question will not be easy – I warn you. employment moonlight love affair find the path OdessaWhich may cause some panic in the public. It’s a very cheerful and lively piece, and as we know, there is a war in Ukraine, Odessa is under fire by the Russian army.

Yeah, I actually got hit in the head because of that. I’ll tell you exactly how it looked. There is a story behind this song. Odessa I recorded a year and a half ago – that’s when I met a boy from a Russian-Ukrainian band Russian gentlemen’s club. his name was George. And I said to him: Listen, GeorgianI will play in Odessa in two weeks, a concert for three weeks, I would like to perform together on stage with a song together. George suggested it later Odessa He explained that it was originally written in the 1930s. I agreed to it without hesitation, I wanted to pay tribute to the city. And we played that song at the time. The people of Odessa got completely crazy and said, “Wow, that’s the energy. Awesome.” It was similar in Moscow, where I played two weeks later. People literally exploded with positive energy. They sang with us. As you know, it was a song that was sung in the old Soviet countries. They explained it to me like this: “Well, Odessa He works in Moscow. It works in Ukraine. Music can really push boundaries. It has nothing to do with politics or anything else. This is for the people.”

Then, of course, we decided to put the song on my CD. And as you know, we have deadlines. The entire album release date has been set in Spotify, Amazon Music It happened six months before the start of the war. And just when we were going to release this song, the war started. We didn’t have a chance to take it off. And the saddest thing for me was that, of course, some said that I work for the Russians while standing next to the executioners. And I wanted to explain: Listen guys Russian gentlemen’s club Ukrainians play too! But, you know, once you start explaining yourself, you automatically feel guilty. .’s photo

It’s time for my last question. You have played more than 1000 concerts in your career. Which one is number one for you?

Recently, I played in France in front of an audience of 100,000. It was by far the biggest party I’ve ever given and it was a really great experience that I will never forget. On the other hand, you played a model in your country, in Warsaw, with a 40-degree fever. At first I wanted to cancel the show, but I saw how many people attended and how excited they were. Then I told my team that we have to perform, there is no other choice. It turned out to be a great performance, I forgot all about my poor health. After that, I slept for two days in a row, but it was definitely worth what I experienced on stage.

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