Theater is life. Art will not fade away

We are all innovators and recipients of culture. On May 21 we celebrate the International Day for Cultural Diversity. Cultural Development Day encourages reflection on how the activities of artists and painters can be modified to suit the expectations and needs of the recipients in order to stimulate the development of a culture that connects them more effectively.

We talk to Grażyna Darska, cultural animator and theater instructor at Giżycko Cultural Center for 32 years, who runs Children’s Theater “Imagination” and Formy Tenebris Youth Theater about theater, contemporary challenges, artistic sensitivity, and audience expectations.

Each of us has a share in creating culture and the quality of its reception. Its main fields are: theatre, cinema, dance, music, writing, painting and sculpture.
We shape cultural development from an early age in different elements of our life, in behaviour, attitude, way of being and interests. In general, we are fairly actively involved in widely understood art. We watch movies, go to concerts, theaters, and galleries, read books, and are passionate about the work of writers, actors, and illustrators. Lovely…

Let’s talk about contemporary local theater in a cultural center. Is it hard to create a theater with today’s kids and teens?
Is it hard? You have to have an idea, be able to convince potential young actors of yourself and your concept, and conduct lessons in such a way that these young artists believe what we are doing makes sense.

At present, the participation of young people in the theater is negligible. Everything is due to technological progress. Was it easier to attract young people’s interest in theater and conduct theater lessons 20 years ago when there was no Internet?
I do not think so. What a good time to hit the stage. We will encourage young people to be fascinated by the theatre, if this fascination be with us theater coaches and theater lovers. What I’ve noticed over the years is that young people are more “towards” the alternative, looking for the stage. They also want to create this kind of theater.

Theatrical workshops include, among other things, primary acting assignments, living word culture, theater movement, and the impact of which is the production of performances. What kind of artistic sensitivity among today’s youth?
In general, I think that young people are full of artistic sensitivity. It is worth deepening this sensitivity by participating in various types of artistic activities, not necessarily theatrical. It could be music, art and photography lessons, not to mention reading books.

Children’s theater brings together imagination, children aged 8-11
Yes, this is correct. I really like working with children, I love their spontaneity and their great enthusiasm for improvisation. So far, I’ve worked with them on the final script, but of course we allow ourselves a creative approach to the script and often come up with our own script based on the script, which makes the kids very happy because they feel like they are the makers of the show.
This year we prepared a show called “Crazy backyard” by Dorota Gellner. So far we’ve only played for parents, and we’re planning the premiere after the holidays.

Teatr Formy Tenebris consists mainly of young people from high schools, but there are also people from seventh and eighth grades. Tenebris creates primarily original shows.
Young actors are looking for inspiration in their daily lives and lives. It is a kind of theater that allows young people to express themselves and their relationship with reality through the expression of their words and their bodies. We’re just ahead of the premiere, scheduled for September. We highly recommend it. Title of the play “In Search of…” Text and direction: The band. Technical care: Grażyna Darska

How can you talk beautifully about ordinary things, places we know and people we pass on the street?
The use of the beautiful Polish language, which you can learn, among other things, from masters of the word, outstanding actors who can be found in the theater.

There is no one right way to perceive culture. We learn to feel and understand the world around us throughout our lives, from a very young child. What is the audience today?
It’s hard for me to speak on behalf of everyone. I can tell how much I am a spectator. In short, demanding, not satisfied with the mediocre or cheap entertainment.

What will happen to places like theater in the near future? The beginnings of theater began in ancient Greece and Rome and dates back to 543 BC, so has the real play become forgotten?
I don’t think so at all, because theater is always there, it happens all the time. Theater is life. I think it will never go away, I follow closely what is happening on our stage. Institutional theaters have a large repertoire, not only in Warsaw or Krakow. It is worth following the repertoire of Jaraz in Olsztyn. There is a lot going on in the alternative scene, and there are a lot of theater festivals. Anyone interested in theater will always contact him. There is also a TV theater at your fingertips. I recently watched the movie “Oedipus King” and was very impressed with the direction and acting.

We are pleased to invite you to the stage
Thank you for the conversation
Renata Shchepanek

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