The warmest place on the Baltic Sea. You will forget worries and nerves

I admit I am one of those people who lose their heads for Oliwa. For several years I’ve been visiting at least once a year, and when I leave, I know I’ll do everything to come back. I appreciate the charm of Gdansk’s Old Town and the other beautiful corners of Tri-City, but Oliwa has managed to steal my heart. It happens that during the vacation, especially if it is short, I do not leave even for a day, although there are many attractions in the vicinity.

After all, within walking distance – the beach or the promenade – Sopot, for experienced pedestrians Gdynia Orofu, and on the other side the pier at Brzeźno and Nowy Port Gdańsk with one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Northern Europe, from which you can admire the port, Westerplatte and the entire Gulf of Gdask. When the weather is favorable, we will see Gdynia and the entire Hill Peninsula.

Although I made it to all of the points above, including the hike from Oliwa in Gdańsk to Orłów in Gdynia (there are nearly 33,000 steps in both directions!), I have the pleasant certainty that it was in Oliwa that I found what I was looking for. What effectively attracts people?

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The shortest and most complete answer is “everything!” , but it is worth dedicating a few words to specific points.

Hidden “behind the back” of a beautiful garden, the Oliwa cathedral, subtly beautiful, invites you to its magnificent interior. It is worth entering it to taste both eyes and ears. Every hour you can listen to a unique 20-minute concert here, and then devote yourself to contemplating silence or prayer. During the festive season, concerts are held Monday through Saturday from 10.00 to 15.00. There are only two on Sundays, at 3pm and 4pm.

In November 2017, Oliwa Cathedral was included in the list of “Monument to History”, which is one of the forms of monument protection in Poland. Although it does not overshadow its massive figure, it is impressive. Both are seen from the outside and from the inside. The cathedral is a three-nave basilica with a transept (the nave perpendicular to the axis of the church – liberated) and a polygonal altar with ambulatory. It has two distinctive slender towers.

Inside the cathedral there are 23 altars of exceptional historical value. Mostly in the Baroque and Rococo style.

My first visit to Oliwa Cathedral was after being inside the austere interior of Gdansk St. Mary’s Cathedral in the Old Town. It is more comfortable in Oliwska. Both are worth a visit. Each one is unique.

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This is one of the parks that is easy to get into, but definitely harder to get out of. In Oliwa Park there are many attractions in which you can successfully spend a whole day, and there are conditions for this. In the summer, it is open from 5.00 to 23.00. And almost everyone can find something for themselves here. However, it should be noted that dogs cannot be brought into Oliwa Park and cycling on them is prohibited.

This huge, green and blue area offers many opportunities to spend time happily, even on Sundays, when there are more people in it for obvious reasons than on weekdays.

The garden, located on the Oliwa Stream, was initially a monastery garden established by the Cistercians. I slept. Today it covers an area of ​​11.3 hectares. In addition to the stream, it has several water tanks (hence the touch of blue), including a small waterfall, a palm house, and countless beautiful old trees in the shade of which there are well-maintained benches and benches. Although the lawn is tempting to put a blanket on it, you should be content with the space of alleys and places for rest. Walking on the green spaces is forbidden, and is indicated on the board at each entrance to the park.

Huge, perfectly cared for flower beds and beds are a wonderful feast for the eyes. Already in May, you can enjoy your eyes with a real riot of colors. There is also a lot of color among the trees. This year, I was especially pleased with the light pink-flowered cherry blossoms, characteristic of the landscapes of Japan, China and Korea, which can be admired near one of the largest flower beds in the garden.

Many of the trees in Oliwa Park have description boards, and it’s a great opportunity to learn about them and take a nature excursion while strolling the park. There are an incredible number of species here. Flap crowns create romantic lines over the alleys and give pedestrians a pleasant feeling of exclusivity. This park welcomes you. It also gives space to take a deeper breath.

When entering the park, it is best to silence the phone and allow yourself to wander aimlessly among the trees. This is the best way to silence your head. We all woke up. Gdańsk Oliwa, and the park in particular, offers excellent conditions for relaxing on the go or enjoying nature in a seated position.

Admittedly, it is in excellent condition. The benches are in good condition, the lawns are perfectly decorated, the beds are weed free. Oliwa Park is a unique place on the parks map. Not only Poland, but the world as well.

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Walking along the streets of Oliwa is very valuable. It is worth making time for them. The area has a number of charming corners. To feel its spirit, it is worth moving forward without a map. With eyes wide open. In Oliwa, you can get lost, or maybe get lost, because time has a different dimension here. Perhaps because I associate it with freedom. Perhaps it is a universal feeling that appears in the places where we spend our free time.

We have different preferences in this aspect. Oliwa has a lot to offer. In addition to well-prepared walking and bicycle paths, in walking distance there is a beautiful and wide beach and another interesting area: Przymorze Małe and Wielkie.

One of the interesting attractions can also be a visit to the Gdask Zoo in Oliwa. There is no time for boredom in Oliwa. However, there are a million ways to rest.

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