The most important prizes of Gdansk culture were awarded to Serwis Kultur

Splendor Gedanensis Prize Laureates

Photo by Grzegorz Mehring

The Arbuz Association has teamed up with immigrants, reporter Magdalena Grzybashkovska and painter Agata Novoselska, the 2021 Splendor Jedanensis Prize winners. Anna Czekanovic goes to Anna Czekanovic. The ceremonial gala for the first time was held at the Shakespearean Theatre.

Cultural events planned in Tri-City

After the epidemic is broken, the award ceremony of the city of Gdansk in the field of culture, Splendor Gedanensis can be held again with the participation of the nominees and the audience. From Klub ak, where it happened so far, go to the walls of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre. The ceremony was hosted by Małgorzata Brajner, an actress of the Wybrzeże Theatre.

Another year in a row we are celebrating in turbulent and unstable times. The war in Ukraine does not allow – perhaps no one – to find peace. Moreover, I am grateful to you, the creators, for helping us survive this difficult time, for saving what is most beautiful in humans. Sometimes you ask tough questions, and thank you for that too. Give us joy and hope. Thanks to the museologists, we have these among the nominees today. You care about the past so we don’t get lost in the future. And a big thank you to the sponsors who invest in culture – Alexandra Dolkevich, President of Gdansk, said during the speech. Despite the war, despite the pandemic that is likely to return in the fall and many other epidemics that we cannot predict today – we want to look to the future with hope. Let the culture of Gdansk flourish! And Ukrainian Slava!

European freedom poet. Unique jury verdict

The winners were selected by a jury chaired by Łukasz Bejm, which included representatives of universities in Gdańsk, representatives of the President of Gdańsk, last year’s award winners and representatives of the media in Gdańsk. Prizes were distributed to:

  • The Watermelon Association, Honorata Martin, Emilia Orzechowska and Aurora Lubos, for “Sztuka bez border” artwork electronic auction
  • Magdalena Grzebałkowska, for the book “Wojenka. About children who grew up without warning”, Publisher: Agora Publishing House
  • Agata Nowosielska, for the solo exhibition “Nirvana”, CCA aźnia 2 at Nowy Port

The Arbuz Association deals with art and culture, and works with immigrants and asylum seekers. In 2021, artists working for the association held workshops for immigrants, including on a bus that had been converted into a recording studio. Watermelon has collected nearly 200,000 PLN for refugees from Belarus in the online auction “Art Without Borders”. In 2022, work for refugees from Ukraine continues.

Magdalena Grzebałkowska

Magdalena Grzebałkowska

Photo by Lucyna Pęsik

Magdalena Grzebałkowska is a reporter and author of the best-selling books: “Priest Paradox. Jan Twardowski’s Biography”, “1945. War and Peace” (which received the Nike Readers Award in 2016), “Beksińscy. Double Portrait” and “Comeda. Personal life” . In Wojenka. About children who grow up without warning, he presents a moving picture of war as seen through the eyes of its young participants. The story of the great reporter – without false pity – helps to understand why events from many years ago are still so alive and affect our daily lives.

Agata Nowosielska is a painter, curator and author of texts on art. The paintings from the series “Nirvana” are a reflection of life, they reflect a world full of contradictions, where the boundaries between hideous and fatal seriousness are blurred. The painter stopped time, immortalized the moment, and showed inaccessible and unspeakable things.

Grupa Inwestycyjna Hossa SA has become patron of the 2021 Gdańsk Culture, due to its activities for the cultural development of the city of Wrzeszcz and the dissemination of the history of the region by supporting the co-organization of the Wrzeszcz Architecture Weekend and the publication of the “Architectural Guide to Wrzeszcz”, Publisher: Fundacja Palma. For the first time in the history of the Splendors, the head of Gdańsk awarded a special award at the request of the branch. She went to Anna Czekanowicz for her lifelong accomplishments and achievements in favor of culture. The evening at Shakespeare’s Theater was honored with concerts by talented musicians from Sławek Jaskułke EUROPA 67/21 and NeoQuartet.

The “Splendor Jedenensis” award from the city of Gdansk in the field of culture is the oldest and most important distinction in the field of culture in Gdansk. It is awarded annually to natural persons or an unofficial creative group for outstanding achievements in the field of artistic creation and dissemination of culture, distinguished services in the promotion of Gdansk’s artists and culture among its inhabitants, in the country and abroad.

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