Motorola Edge 30 Pro Review

Motorola Edge 30 Pro was christened by the manufacturer as “one of the most beautiful and well-thought-out smartphones of the brand”. So, I check for the amount of truth in this statement. What features surprised me about this model? what I love? Welcome to our Motorola Edge 30 Pro review!

Motorola Edge 30 Pro – Design, look and performance are a big plus

The book is not judged by its cover. The same is the case with smartphones. While the power that is invisible at first glance hidden inside the phone is the most important, let’s face it, appearance often has a huge impact on the choice and potential decision to buy a smartphone. The designers of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro did this perfectly. The brand’s new flagship is simply beautiful. Already at the first contact, its workmanship and elegant beauty can be noted. The backboard is covered in a matte finish, beautifully shimmering in the texture of the sun in a pearlescent finish. the details? Yes, but it is very pleasing to the eye. I tested the version with a silver iridescent casing, but the Motorola Edge 30 is available in two other colors: gray and green.

As for the interior of the smartphone, the creators also “did their homework”. Motorola Edge 30 Pro is the first smartphone in the Polish market with the latest Qualcomm’s flagship processor, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which ensures users up to 20% better overall performance and up to 30% better power efficiency. A modern processor combined with 12 GB of RAM creates a truly powerful system, thanks to which the use of the smartphone with various applications, multimedia and games becomes more fun, faster and smoother.

Usage becomes smoother thanks to Gesture control option is very convenient and well thought out. I am rather traditionalist and have always refused to control gestures. Here, its versatility and comfort finally convinced me. There are more options considered here. For example, the customization option in the settings is great. Yes, the option to customize the display is not new, but until now I had to search for these options in various places on the phone. On the Motorola Edge 30 Pro, I have the Personalization Management Center in one handy place. A small thing, but it makes fun!

Interior matters? Definitely. Fortunately, the look of the Motorola Edge 30 Pro also performs well.
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Interesting and surprising The smartphone case is made of durable glass. Gorilla Glass 5 producers, because we’re talking about it, guarantee that the product is covered with the latest (5th generation!) The smartphone will “survive” a fall (of course with the screen lowered!) from a height of 1.6 meters, which is more or less than the height of the shoulders of an average adult. I admit I didn’t have the heart to test this option, but just being aware of this kind of security is definitely fun.

In addition, the simplified forms of the smartphone (the name “edge” is not at all random here), make the file The Motorola Edge 30 Pro is great and very comfortable in the hand. Its big advantage is also the display – not anything! Motorola Edge Pro 30 is equipped with OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display, which is considered one of the best in the market. What distinguishes it? OLED displays brilliantly reproduce the colors and perfect blacks of your smartphone. They provide greater contrast and, most importantly, are more energy efficient. Another advantage? With Motorola Edge 30 Pro Can be used in the sun – The screen can handle it easily.

A big advantage of the screen is its very large (but not too large or overwhelming) size – you can easily watch a movie on it, not forgetting, of course, that it is still a smartphone, and not a TV screen. And since we’re talking about watching the movie… the sound wouldn’t disappoint us either. Motorola Edge 30 Pro supports the latest Dolby ATMOS audio technology (Even in cinemas!), which provides the highest quality 3D sound. And you can really hear it! Great sound experience The sound from the smartphone is pure and clear. So if you are going, for example, with your friends to a barbecue or bonfire and you are going to play the DJ, you do not need to take any additional speaker with you, you can easily use your smartphone.

The Motorola Edge 30 Pro case is made of the latest generation of toughened tempered glass.
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A smartphone with four lenses makes a big difference. And great pictures!

My guess is that each of us has different expectations for our smartphone. For me, a smartphone should allow me to connect with the outside world in the first place and then act as a great camera for taking pictures and shooting. Without this function, I cannot imagine a perfect phone. Motorola Edge 30 Pro caught my eye with several interesting shooting functions. But about them in a moment. Let’s focus mainly on the quality of the photos. This is really good bending for this due to the built-in smartphone Four high-resolution lens system. So we have a 50MP main lens with optical image stabilization, and a 50MP ultra-wide angle lens, which also plays the role of a macro mode, 60MP Selfie Camera And a 2-megapixel lens to measure depth and background. What does this mean in practice? Great colours, tones, contrast and lighting. A smartphone is as cool as a webcam – videos are smooth, expressive and highly detailed.

Let’s move on to the graphic and movie “flavors”. In this regard, I really liked the many posts.

  1. chopped off It allows us to instantly cut an element from the image (specifically, cut out the rest except for that element) – great if you’re a fan of creating collages.
  2. If you like playing with gifs for example, you will love the fun option cinematographyThis allows an element of the image to be moved while the rest remains static.
  3. very slow motion Allows you to change the frame rate displayed in movies – an electrifying effect.
  4. Selfie group It’s a dream come true for selfie lovers who often have trouble fitting everyone who wants to take a picture in the lens. This function allows you to photograph our “models” separately and eventually combine them into one selfie. With this feature, Bradley Cooper’s famous selfie with Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Brad Pitt will cover more celebrities sitting in the room!

These are just a few of the photo features that caught my attention. There are a lot of them – just like the color filters we can apply to photos.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro is equipped with three different lenses. Effect? Superb picture quality.
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