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The seventh podcast by Ida Novakoska dedicated to pregnancy and motherhood is now available on the platform. Their author is Ida Nowakowska, who is a well-known dancer, actress, television personality and young mother. The first podcast prepared by the author in cooperation with Polish Radio for Children can be heard every Wednesday. Today’s episode was prepared for Mother’s Day. We invite you for a very personal interview now.

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– When I found out you were going to be a mother, I was very touched. I found it hard to believe so we bought some pregnancy tests. When we confirmed this was true, we were very impressed. And then I started to feel such a sense of protection. I really wanted to take care of you and show you the way to get through this pregnancy – she said Ida Nwakoska’s motherAnd Adding that her daughter showed these traits from an early age – you’ve always had a lot of dolls and you’ve been very protective of them. And it seems to me that you were very mature and wise at that time. In the final episode, there will also be talks about how the mother of an adult woman changes when she becomes a grandmother.

Young mother’s diet

Ida Novakovska, when preparing a podcast, a young mother turns to experts in various fields with questions that bother her. In these conversations, he wants to dispel doubts and fears and verify the contradictory information available on the Internet. Driven by herself and her experience, she wants to help moms like her with moms first experiences.

The following premiere episodes of the “Parent Zone” podcast will be devoted to topics such as:
How to properly prepare for the position of the child? What is absolutely necessary, what we can not forget, what purchases we can wait for. What is worth remembering when arranging a child’s room for the first time.
Release date 2.06.2021. Guest: Kaja Volnica, author of the Moi Mili Blog.

Preparing for childbirth. What can await us – natural childbirth or cesarean section. How important is the midwife’s role? What is puerperium, what is the most important thing for a woman during puerperium.
Premiere date: June 9, 2021. Guest: Zuzanna Szupryczyńska – midwife.

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I’m pregnant, so what?

The podcast “Parent’s Zone” prepared by Ida Novakovska is aimed mainly at mothers and women planning motherhood, as well as current and future fathers. Each episode will be interactive. On the release date of each episode Facebook profile of Polish Radio for Children In the comments under a specially prepared post, it will be possible to ask questions to the author. More information about

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We would like to remind you that the podcasts “Parental Zone” prepared by the journalists of Polish Radio for Children are also available on the platform. The issues raised in it relate, inter alia, to the following: the upbringing and development of the child. Podcasts have been prepared with the participation of eminent experts.

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