Galvanina: Intense Flavors, Vibrant Spirit, and Uniquely Italian Style

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An Italian history made of authenticity and enduring values

A century of history began with the artisanal bottling of mineral water from the Galvanina spring on the verdant Paradiso hill in Rimini, where the Roman Baths once existed. Galvanina has developed into an industrial activity over time, maintaining attention to every detail from the idea to the production of bio-drinks. Today, Galvanina operates in more than fifty international markets and produces drinks of the highest quality, successfully promoting the Italian tradition in the world for 30 years.

Tradition and innovation are the key to success

Galvanina’s history is characterized by the constant search for perfection, which can be seen in the care for the quality of ingredients selected and processed with the utmost care. This is also underlined by the creativity in using traditional recipes in an innovative way, as well as the aesthetic sensitivity shown in the unique design of the bottle with the trademark embossed pattern. Galvanina drinks are the result of great care, passion and knowledge, nothing left to chance.

quality and taste unit

The combination of taste and quality is sacred, “because at Javalinen we love to search for the perfect flavor that makes our customers happy. It is a ritual that is part of the brand identity,” confirms Galvanina CEO Fabio Pesiri. The aroma and taste of our citrus fruits: oranges, lemons and tangerines will literally explode in the mouth, giving the palate an intense and long-lasting taste experience capable of transporting the customer to the climate and flavors of southern Italy.

The brand has been awarded many times

The uniqueness and quality of Galvanina drinks are appreciated all over the world, as evidenced by the numerous international awards in Europe and the United States, including awards given directly by customers: “Taste of the Year” in France and Great Britain and other awards such as the Sofy New York Award and six medals Gold for a line of tonics and mixed drinks received in London in 2021. The quality and taste of Galvanin drinks is usually determined by blind testing before an international jury. However, what really matters is the daily response we receive from customers regarding the taste, sweetness and uniqueness of the drinks that are kept in the tasting memory.

Strategic partner for restaurants

Galvanina is unique and adds uniqueness to others. Especially for Italian establishments that want to offer authentic Italian flavours, style and character, Galvanina is their ideal business partner. Beverages that can be served plain or adapted to the style of the building through the way they are served. All of them can be mixed with alcohol to make a classic cocktail or an individual cocktail. For those who do not abuse alcohol, a non-alcoholic blended juice can be prepared by adding slices of fresh fruit or citrus to pre-mixed galvanic beverages. The range of cocktails and recipes that can be realized thanks to the exceptional variety of Galvanina drinks is published on the brand’s website.

Wide range of many tasting experiences

From fruit-based drinks made from citrus juice and pulp, to classic non-alcoholic drinks from Italian and Anglo-Saxon traditions and cold tea. Galvanina drinks feature: full flavour, unique glass bottle with embossed trademark pattern and organic quality certificate. Galvanina is synonymous with luxury drinks.

In the line of fruit-based drinks, the classic flavors of orange, blood orange, lemon, mandarin and red grapefruit are combined with pomegranate, tangerine with prickly pear and blood orange with raspberries.

The line of non-alcoholic drinks “Great Classics” is a tribute to the best Italian traditions: Chinotto, the taste of the “Dolce Vita” gil, produced on the basis of infusion of bitter orange Chinotto fruit and bitter herbal extract; Ginger is perfect for making a classic Italian aperitif; Gasusa, based on a recipe from the beginning of the 20th century, became popular in the 50s of the last century; And finally Cedratta, a refreshing drink made with the aroma of Calabrian cedar.

In appreciation of the Anglo-Saxon tradition, we have also created: tonic with eucalyptus extract; Ginger Ale, invented by the English during the colonization of India, and Ginger Beer, created in England in the 18th century, prepared by Galvanina according to a unique recipe that is also appreciated by mixologists.

Polish translation: Julia Dąblewska

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