Frost: My teeth gritted when it was hard

Marcin Miztalsky, You decided to name your new album “Golden Blocks”. Let’s start this way: How do you remember your family’s belongings?

frost: – It’s a 10-storey maze that, especially in the summer, turns into a big playground (laughs). I remember there were some messy construction sites, because not all the blocks were ready yet. So we haven’t lacked nooks and crannies where we can play. We played soccer – we painted the goalkeeper on the garage door – walked through the trees or ran away from the goalkeeper who was guarding the newly built blocks. By the way, I was recently on this property.


– There are better conditions. It is modern. I will answer on the example of a football field. We used to play on hard ground, now kids play on artificial turf. There is also a skate park. Infrastructure has definitely improved. Although the brutality and danger that accompanied us had their charms.

What did you learn growing up in those days?

– That it is worth developing relationships with friends. Over time, people have become friends that I can always count on. They were very helpful. The fact that friendships have been forged in real estate for years is perhaps the most important thing. Some people just met on the field, others in the halls.

Is it true that you have ever tried to rap?

– Everyone then tried to rap and paste music. My buddies were rappers. You’re more of this guy than chorus singers. I’ve always liked it better. Besides, I quickly figured out how to connect a keyboard to a computer and started making beats. It quickly became my favorite humorous music. Even more so than playing football, which I devote a lot of time to.

The ’90s aren’t always fond memories…

Robberies, combos, and battles were the prevailing order today. I remember when I was walking around other neighborhoods the usual question was, “Where are you from?” or “What are you looking for here?” Unfortunately, they often do not end up with the same questions. More than once I got over her head for a crooked look. I have faced many situations in my life. The guys were very aggressive at the time and were looking for fumes. At that time, the hooligan society was very developed, and his actions were quite extreme. Maybe they have some things on their conscience. Often you can learn about all these procedures by going to your local gym. You can only guess what some of them had in mind. I myself was in the police once, because they wanted me to testify (laughs).

At the local gym, you can also talk about local talent.

– I remember a few of those guys who promised to be really good players or athletes. We had the pleasure of living next to a very inspiring personality, which was undoubtedly Maciej Zielinski – the former captain of the Polish national basketball team. Prominent figure. We felt so proud that we live in the same block of apartments. I had no direct contact with him, especially with his son, but your parents Casta, of whom I am a friend, conflict with him.

Why did you just manage to get out of this neighborhood?

– I was doing my job.

Everyone does what they want.

– I was determined, I was lucky and I really wanted to do it. On my way I met many people who pushed my music the most. This was a ladder. You know, in high school, people from another neighborhood heard about me. Later he heard those who lived in another area… This breakthrough was definitely the moment Majira found my music. Without my knowledge, I sent my demo to Hirek Wrona, who later released my first appearance LP.

Perhaps your participation in the Molesta album was a hack.

– There was a warehouse here called WRO. One day they played support against Molesta. Włodi asked them where they got the chimes from… and forwarded it to me. I sent a parcel to Włodek and the guys chose my only rhythm – “All is well” It is our common number. This cooperation gave me the wind in my sails and my confidence. I bragged about this collaboration with my friends. Before, I was only playing beats to satisfaction. It wasn’t the money that mattered, but the fact that someone wanted to use it for their projects. This moment showed me that it’s worth making music all the time and making time for it. There was an idea that there could be more of this great collaboration in an instant. Over time, she signed a contract with the label. I recorded an album and what happened next exceeded my expectations.

You’re talking about the “Millions of Coins” album. Did you make a lot of money from it?

So much that I can invest in my own studio. I bought studio monitors, another switch, etc. For me, money was really great at the time. In hindsight, I take it different, of course. Today I can say that these amounts were not so amazing. The records were also selling fairly average…

So you didn’t get a million coins (laughs).

– Well, unfortunately not, but later it turned out that it is good to earn money, for example, at concerts or from “zaiks”. The success of the album has created a pleasant working environment for me over time. This money gave me a break and I could only focus on the music.

And before that what did you do?

– I’ve never worked full time. Occasionally, I would hand out pamphlets, sell newspapers, or pour coffee. I got it all. Due to the fact that I was in the theater class, I also earned money from some small animations and shows. And the whole time something was falling into my pocket from my beats.

Why did you fail to act?

– I never bumped into it. I didn’t even go to the exam. I was immersed in music. I had no enthusiasm for acting. And this is a field of study in which you must be 100% convinced. Finally, it was good, because I went to physical therapy and I have a job on my hands. I don’t want to say that acting is a closed topic, because if there was an interesting proposal today to act in a movie, I would be glad to take it up.

What role do you see yourself in?

– I didn’t really think about it, but maybe it would be nice to show some other faces…

Maybe a gangster role? (Laughter)

– Oh, there you are (laughs). It’s always a fun role for a guy.

Are you the man who drives your success or makes you lazy?

Damn, I’ve been crazy for 10 years. I don’t know what boredom is. I’ve turned so much that I’ve wanted to make music all my life. I feel like I’m improving, and I’m doing it better, better, and more consciously. I don’t count on a big label. I make music on my own terms. Playing the rounds is the greatest fun. I’m at the point where I’ve always wanted to be, because we all sell out concerts. A few years ago, I would not have thought that we would sell out the whole of Warsaw Stodoła, and people would still be knocking on tickets. I have a band with brilliant musicians – that’s what I’ve always dreamed of. I used to search for vinyl records with instrument sounds to sample. Today we record instruments live in the studio and in concert. This sneak peak is cooking inside me all the time.

Looks like you had a moment when you lost your soda water.

– Maybe at first. You know, I thought that once I got into this business, everything would go smoothly and anything I released would be successful. However, I quickly check the market. I had to rebuild myself and raised my teeth when it was hard. I didn’t get locked in a guy’s drawer for one hit. I’m pround of it.

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