Artwork worth millions. Here are paintings and sculptures that have fetched millions of dollars at auctions in Poland

Art lovers are rubbing their hands eagerly, because on March 17, the auction house DESA Unicum will offer for auction Peter Paul Rubens’ masterpiece “Portrait of a Lady” from the 17th century. The painting has a chance to become the most expensive selling artwork in Poland. Before we find out, the painting will be available for viewing next month, and we’re checking out artworks that have been auctioned for millions in recent years.

The 17th-century “Portrait of a Lady” by Peter Paul Rubens will be auctioned on March 17, 2022 at DESA Unicum Auctions in Warsaw. Experts estimated its value at 18-24 million PLN, which means that it has a chance to become the most expensive painting sold in Poland to date.. So far, on February 18 – March 17, from 11-19 (Mon-Fri) and 11-16 (Saturday) the auction-related exhibition continues. Entry to the exhibition is free.

Additional record sales of works by Polish painters and sculptors at auction houses prove that the Polish art market is in an intense growth phase. Polish art, which has been underestimated over the years, is gradually gaining its rightful place, attracting collectors and investors from Poland and abroad. ”

“Two Married Women” by Andrei Vroblosky – December 2021, during the auction at DESA Unicum “Contemporary Art”. avant-garde classics after 1945″ Wróblewski’s painting was sold for a record amount of PLN 13.44 millionmaking it the most expensive painting in Poland and the most expensive work of art on the Polish market.

The work comes from 1949 as the second in the series “Social Contradictions” i Offering two women with different values. One of them is an elegant, wealthy, young lady with a black dog with a blue bow on her arms. The second is a proud mother – a proletarian with a naked child in her arms.

Installation of “Crowd III” by Magdalena Abakanovic – The hot topic in October 2021 was Magdalena Abakanowicz’s installation “Crowd III” from 1989, which took place during the “Sculpture and Spatial Forms” auction at DESA Unicum Sold for 13.2 million PLN And before it “defeated” Wróblewski’s painting, for two months it was the best-selling artwork in Poland.

The installation consists of 50 figures made of hollow burlap fabric inside. The author tied it with snake skin, and some viewers tied it with horns from coffins or the bark of tree trunks. The figures are 170 cm and each is different.

Painting “Details 407817 – 434714” from the series “1965/1 – ∞” by Roman Obashka8.6 million PLN is the amount for which this painting was sold at auction During the Desa Unicum auction. The artist began his cycle in 1965 covered paintings with rows of consecutive numbers. It was meant to reflect the passage of time. Obachka realized this until his death in 2011.

Sculptures “Kamenando” by Magdalena Abakanovic Another impressive auction on this list belongs to DESA Unicum in Warsaw. A set of 20 so-called sculptural moving figures were auctioned for more than 8 million PLN in 2019. Interestingly, Previously working within the group of actor Robin Williams, who tragically passed away a few years ago. The bronze pieces were built in 1999 at a foundry in Bologna.

Painting “M22” by Wojciech Vangor – The amount of charming work after adding the auction fee was 7.3 million PLN. The image is a mixture of opposing colors that create an optical illusion. This is a visual game that the artist played with his audience. Fangor’s work is so distinctive that it has become known all over the world.

A collection of five works from the Gres Gallery collection of the same artist, this time at Polswiss Art Auctions in Warsaw, was sold for 7.1 million PLN.

The list clearly shows that art lovers are fond of contemporary works and are able to pay huge amounts of money for them. In the list of best selling works, we can also find something from classic works, Jan Matejko’s painting “Saint Stanislaw Rebuke Boleslaw the Bold”, which was sold for 5.5 million zlotys.

Of course, this is not Western sums, since works such as “The Savior of the World” by Leonardo da Vinci are sold for unimaginable sums – in this case, $ 450.3 million or the “exchange” by Willem de Kooning – $ 300 million, but you cannot deny that art in Our country, which is very diverse, has a higher and higher value.

On March 17th we’ll see if Peter Paul Rubens’ “Portrait of a Lady” will top Andrzej Wrobloski in the rankings of the most expensive artworks sold in Poland.


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