Ukraine. The Russians shot a group of men. Movies revealed

CNN recently released a video showing the Russians shooting civilians in the back. The New York Times has now shown more films that prove the crimes of Vladimir Putin’s army. These photos show Russian paratroopers executing at least eight Ukrainians on 4 March in Bokza, near Kyiv.

Ukrainians are happy. “Polish ammunition in circulation has something that no one in the world has”

Ukrainian soldiers praise Polish equipment on the Internet. “The warm-up effectively eliminates the enemy at the hands of our army,” added the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense. Poland…

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Two videos were recorded by a security camera and a juvenile was seen staying in a nearby house at the time.

You can see at least in the recordings Eight men accompanied by armed Russian soldiers. Some people bow, others keep their hands above their heads. After approaching the fence, the Ukrainians lay on the ground, and among them was a man in a blue shirt.

“This is where the recording ends,” the New York Times wrote.

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Witnesses to the event told reporters what happened next. The soldiers had to take the men to one of the nearby buildings that the Russians used as a temporary base for them. Shots rang. Ukrainian prisoners of war never returned home.

Drone provided evidence

drone recording The next day, March 5, found by the magazine, is the first visual evidence confirming the witness accounts.

You can see it Corpse lying on the ground next to a building occupied by the Russians. You can also see a body wearing a blue T-shirt, the same color as the sweatshirt in the previous shots. Two Russian soldiers watching a dead body.

Finland is preparing for the attacks of Russia. They are afraid of the “Polish script”

The Finnish government has decided to double the number of people trained to serve in the border guards. The new officers will primarily be directed to…

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In early April, a photo of the dead lying in the yard, some of them handcuffed, was among the images that caught the world’s attention after the withdrawal of Russian troops from Bokza.

A multi-week investigation has provided new evidence, including Records prove that the Russian paratroopers carried out the executions Arrested men – writes “The New York Times”.

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Who are the victims?

The journalists spoke to witnesses, investigators, the police, the military, and the families of the victims. All dead men have been identified.

They were husbands and fathers, grocers and factory workers, who lived an ordinary, civilian life before the war. However, due to restrictions on the men’s departure from the country, along with a determination to defend their communities, most of the men joined the various defense forces in the days before their execution. Almost all of them lived a short distance from the square where their bodies were found ”- describes the American daily.

Executors of the 104th and 234th regiments?

A search of Russian social networks and other databases containing the names of soldiers revealed that at least five Russians had clear connections to the 104th Regiment.

Others posted pictures of the paratroopers’ flags online. The preliminary results of the investigation indicate that some of them indicated the location Pskov city (near the border with Estonia) – where the 104th and 234th regiments were located. Both units suffered heavy losses during the first Russian attempt to enter Bokza in February.

As reported in the media, the crime scene looked terrible. Bullets and stairs have completely penetrated the building. On the other side of the courtyard, a few meters from the place of the corpses, there were shells used in machine guns of the Soviet PC series and Dragunov sniper rifles.

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