Ukraine. Dozens of films showing the devastation of the Russian army

More videos appear on the web showing Russian shipwrecks in Ukraine. The defenders of the country receive new supplies of weapons and successfully eliminate the enemy’s combat vehicles. The Ukrainians also posted a video on the network showing the heavy losses of the Russians who were recently attacked while trying to cross the Donets-Siuersky River.

Ukrainians are happy. “Polish ammunition in circulation has something that no one in the world has”

Ukrainian soldiers praise Polish equipment on the Internet. “The warm-up effectively eliminates the enemy at the hands of our army,” added the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense. Poland…

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The Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, General Valery Zalogny, warns that Russia’s actions pose a threat not only to Ukraine, but also to NATO countries.

The Russians maintain a high density of missile fire, averaging 10-14 ballistic missiles and maneuvering per day – He said. He admitted that by avoiding direct clashes and using such methods, enemies still destroyed blocks, schools, and sometimes entire cities.

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At the same time, the Russians suffer huge losses. According to the Ukrainian leadership, more than 28,000 have been killed since the beginning of the war. Putin’s envoys. The army of the Russian Federation also lost, among others, 1263 tanks and 3090 armored vehicles.

“In this video from Ukraine you can see British Brimstone missiles,” one journalist wrote. He stated that they hit the moving Russian targets with great accuracy.

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“You destroyed him!” – The young Ukrainian boasted who helped NLAW anti-tank guided missile launchers Immobilizing the Russian BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

There was also a video on the web showing what was left of the failed Russian attempt Crossing the river in eastern Ukraine.

A few days after word spread around the world that Ukraine had won the battle to cross the river, there A video showing a detailed picture of the damage. According to many, this is the most brilliant defeat of the Russians since the beginning of the war.

They could lose almost every battalion tactical group out there.

Another recording showing the activity Drones In the fight against the Russians.

Photos of captured Russian equipment were also posted on Twitter by the Ukrainian company border guards.

Russian BMP-2 He was also wounded in the Kharkiv region.

For most of my generation This war will be the central and most important event in their lives.” – admitted the young Ukrainian journalist Ilya Ponomarenko, whose social media profile is watched by more than 1.2 million Internet users.

The Ukrainian mobile unit also struck Russian delivery convoy in the east of the country. As we read, “at least one truck was destroyed.”

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