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The party will take place on May 27. The manor house of Ciechanki Lancuchowskie is one of the candidates in the competition organized under the honorary patronage of the Conservator-General of Antiquities, Voivodeship and District Marshal. Lublin.

The palace, which was in ruins in 2018, will soon become the wedding palace, already serving as a creative work center.

Ex-granddaughter of a court designer

Meetings with painters, sculptors, architects and the media are part of the project implemented under the 2014-2020 Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Programme, which made it possible to renovate two palaces on both sides of the border: Lachertow in Ciechanki and Rejtanówka in Gruszówka in Belarus.

– The plein-air is dedicated to the modernist style, which was implemented by Bohdan Lachert – said Katarzyna Choma, Head of the Department of Local Development and Community Strengthening at the Puchaczów Commune’s Office. Also related to the plans for the future renovation of two other historic buildings located in the Homestead and Park complex, i.e. Driver’s House and Barn, which will complement the activities of the Creative Action Center established in the renovated mansion.

Ewa Lackert-Strijkowska, granddaughter of the architect and also an architect, and jury member of Bohdan Lakert and Joseph Zanajka. It was attended by academics from the Department of Contemporary Architecture, the School of Civil Engineering and Architecture and the Department of Archeology at Lublin University of Technology, as well as architects and architecture students.

How about the driver’s cabin and barn?

– We were moved by the ideas presented – Director Shuma mentioned. The architects paid attention to the practical and economic aspects, as the students presented new solutions to their projects, not forgetting to preserve the historical elements of architecture. Meeting rooms, accommodation rooms, tea room, coffee shop, magazines, media points have been proposed. In the second outdoor, we were joined by landscape architects.

The mayor of Puchaczów participated in the meeting. When asked by the community about the findings from meetings with the architects, he referred to issues related to the next second phase of the works.

– The central issue was to create a combined complex of the palace, the economic part and the park, to combine them into one whole, legible for all visitors, regardless of which aspects they enter or enter, and to make the palace and park complex a center for sightseeing and rest, which would be used by many Of the ideas presented to us, including, for example, the superstructure in the barn – says Mayor Adam Grzyszuk.

Where did the money come from to renovate the driver’s cabin, barn and park?

– We will try to get it, but earlier we have to adopt a revitalization program covering Ciechanki and the park, which is necessary to be able to apply for money to restore the recreational function of the park and renovate these two facilities – the mayor confirms.

As already mentioned, the restored farmhouse will house the wedding palace, which promises attractive views for newlyweds not only from the municipality of Puchaczów.

– The official opening of the palace will take place in June, we are renovating the interior, furniture for the Lachert Memorial Room has already been purchased, and we plan to open the palace to residents and tourists, to become available to visitors in the second decade of next month – announces the head of Grzesiuk.

Let us remind you that the modern mansion in Ciechanki is one of the first projects realized by Bohdan Lachert. It was the seat of the Lackert family. After the war, it worked briefly as a home for the creative work of writers, and later as a vacation home for railway workers. Until the 1970s, it housed the offices of the State Machine Center, after which – intended for social housing – it began to decline increasingly.

In October 2018, the municipality of Puchaczów signed a partnership agreement as part of the 2014-2020 Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Program, thus initiating the project entitled “Restoration of Common Cultural Heritage as a Basis for Cross-Border Cooperation between Youth and Creative Groups from Poland and Belarus”.

The outdoor workshops of our area painters, architects and media already set up here are the so-called soft part of this design.

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