The assassination of Bawis Adamovich You are a mechanism that eliminates the complaints of TVP

Document by “Wiadomości” reporter Marcin Tolicki and Anna Olzak, broadcast at the end of January on TVP1 and TVP Info. In his 61-minute report, Tolicki mentioned how politicians from the Civic Tribune were critical of the then President of Gdansk. Among other things, the controversy over the number of apartments owned by local government officials. Polish television broadcast excerpts from the TVN24 “Black on White” report on this subject. The title of the document refers to the words of Jaroslav Wasa, who ran for president in Gdansk in 2018 on behalf of the PO. Then he lost to Adamowicz, the founder of PO in 2001.

After the broadcast of the documentary about the murder of the former Gdansk president during the final of the Great Christmas Charity Orchestra, we were informed that the National Broadcasting Board had received complaints. So far, 3 individual complaints have been received regarding the documentary You Are a Destructive Mechanism. Fee: “Physically biased, one-sided, using specially prepared materials; assaulting a deceased person who cannot defend himself” KRRiT Press Spokesperson Teresa Brzynieszka then revealed to

“It is not possible to agree on accusing the opposition and the media of murder.”

Now the National Broadcasting Council has determined that TVP has not violated regulations and will not punish or warn the broadcaster for broadcasting the production. – Analysis of the material showed that the film presents the political path of the President of Gdansk based on facts, including the period of his last election campaign for the local government, that is, the period from 1998 until his death in 2019. The document presents well-known facts described in numerous newspaper articles and reports, as well as actual statements of politicians. In turn, the title of the film was a quote from the statements of the opponent of the Gdansk president in the local elections – Jaroslav Wasa – to inform Teresa Brzynieszka, spokeswoman for the National Broadcasting Council.

The council did not agree with the accusation that the film was supposed to accuse opposition politicians and media sympathizers with Adamovich’s murder. – As a result of the actions, the National Broadcasting Council decided that it could not agree to the claim that responsibility for the death of President Bawi Adamovich was assigned in the film to opposition politicians and the media. Responsibility for the death of the President of Gdansk rests solely with the perpetrator of this tragic act, who appeared in court on a charge so formulated – explains Brzynieszka.

The organizer believes that the editorial office decides which materials should be consulted on the occasion of such a document. – considering that The choice of material and the way it is presented in the film is the sovereign decision of the creators and broadcasters, Which, according to Art. 13 Seconds 1 of the Law of December 29, 1993 on Radio and Television broadcasts the program independently and is responsible for its content, and the National Council has not found any violation of the provisions of the applicable law and will not take further action in this matter, explains Brykczyńska.

Ex-President of TVP: Production authors suffer from amnesia

Jacek Kurski’s predecessor as head of TVP blames the production’s authors without noticing known facts. The production authors also suffered strange amnesia regarding the Polish TV attacks on Adamowicz. It is enough to enter, for example, the password “Marcin Sitek” in a web browser to see how this, fortunately, already exists, an employee – mistakenly called a journalist – at Telewizja Gdańsk follows President Adamowicz step by step and harasss him. I know this environment quite a bit and it was definitely an “Adamowicz order”. Well, the technique of finding hooks and hiding inconvenient facts for TVP is not new now. An example is the “Borusewicz contract”, when the TVP team tried to prove that the vice-president of the Senate was traveling from Warsaw to Gdansk just to walk the dog. The problem is that Borusewicz’s dog is long dead – says Janusz Daszczyński, who sits on the TVP programme.

According to the former head of TVP, the production was created not primarily to attack the late President Gdansk, but to strike the opposition before the upcoming elections.

– I don’t want to speculate much, but I have a different impression on the National Broadcasting Council because I believe it is in the intent of Tolicki and his team, that this film is not about Adamovich at all, but was made to blame the opposition and the commercial media for the death of the former Gdansk president.In the 2018 elections, he started with the support of his “All-Gdansk” electoral commission, the same committee that later supported the current president, Alexandra Dolkevich, in the elections organized after the death of Bawi Adamovich. There is also no mention of how much Adamowicz is respected by the people of Gdansk. How he won six consecutive presidential elections and how every memory of his death is commemorated – assesses Daszczyński.

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The Director notes that the decision of the National Broadcasting Council is a political one. The range of penalties the board can impose on each broadcaster is very wide, though It was difficult to foresee a different decision, unfavorable for Telewizja Polska, given that the council is composed entirely of PiS candidates, as well as the governing bodies of TVP, headed by Jacek Kurski. Six years ago, these were organs of the ruling party, whose main goal is to remain in power, and for this purpose – among other things – to discredit the opposition and free media, whether electronic or traditional. One such tool is – in my opinion – “You Are a Destructive Mechanism” by Tulicki and Olszak. nothing else. And that this is immoral? As you can see after the decision of the National Broadcasting Board – not bothering her – Daszczyński convinces.

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